ken black

I feel really sad and mad about the fact that everyone’s treating Dirk like he’s some kind of an insane annoying orange. I mean yes, he can be like that, but he’s not here just to solve you problems, he’s a human being too. So hug him when he wants to and be kind. He’s not rude on purpose, how about the fact that he never ever had friends before and just spent two month being a subject of some fucked up goverment experiment????

Quick thoughts about season 2 episode 2

Ok I feel so bad for Vogle because he has the saddest face but I’m stoked that Amanda is so bad ass.

The Mage is the quirky bad guy who killed the manager who didn’t want to deal with sketchy people anymore and the sketchy people are that rich family of Wendimoor who are mining the sacred land of other people and the wet circle is some kind of portal?

The Mage is also the boy !?!?

Suzie is going to be a bad guy. Possibly the baddest bad guy.

Alan Tudyk as Priest is awesome (loved him as the villain in Dollhouse).

I miss Bart.


The universe will make you a part of this whether you are complicit or not. You are now a vital part of the investigation.


Is this slicked back hair some kind of new trend i wasn’t informed of?


feathers and a life that remain in obscurity


it’s kinda nostalgic