ken and

i wanna talk Ken

i wanna know why he leapt to ‘killer angel’.

I mean…….. angel.

In the comparative Dirk-Todd conversation, Todd says 'you really are some sort of Holistic Detective’ - which is the term Dirk used. But Bart’s never called herself an angel. She’s bemused by the term, in fact.

But Ken calls her angel. A proper, old testament, slayer of evil angel. Ken has been looking for this proof, this proof that something otherworldly, protective and righteous, exists.

For someone who is so able with technology, that has a less-than-legal past, he leaps to religion, to faith.

She is what he has been searching for - proof of divine retribution. His angel. And he isn’t scared. He doesn’t run - despite the fact he’s probably broken enough rules, committed enough sin, to deserve retribution himself.


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When S.E.E.S. was selecting a weapon for Ken
  • Mitsuru: You can't give Amada-kun that! It's not safe!
  • Akihiko: It's a sword. It's not supposed to be safe.
  • Mitsuru: He's a child!
  • Akihiko: It's educational.
  • Mitsuru: What if he cuts himself?
  • Akihiko: That will be an important lesson.

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