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It is kind of interesting how Ajin and Tokyo Ghoul’s main characters differ tho:

Kaneki Ken: raised to be hurt rather than hurt another, he’s raised with way too much empathy which ends up hurting him time and time again but he still genuinely cares. It makes him a slightly Mary Sue character (the type that always falls victim to tragedy but most everyone loves for their kindness) but we still sympathize with him every step of the way, to the point that you feel bad for not being as kind as him.

Nagai Kei: raised by a seemingly apathetic mother and absent father, with a bad relationship with his very sincere sister, Kei consistently comes off as slightly fake. He’s a little to flat emotionally and too self-centered almost all the time where he always puts himself first. Care and concern for others seem to come as an after thought, but one he constantly reminds himself for like he knows he’s supposed to care but just doesn’t. It’s unclear whether that’s a conscious decision on his part or if it’s just a personality flaw. 

Summary: Kaneki Ken is too human to be the monster he’s been made into. Nagai Kei seems to be too monstrous to be the human he wanted to be.

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What's your opinion on creek?

Overdone, overhyped, and the fans are way too fixated on “It’s ‘canon’ so we win :)))))” and are honestly, for the most part, just rude.

They are fake boyfriends canonically. Why is this so easily looked over when they’re in an argument with another shipper.

And now literally 4/5 fics are “Craig/Tweek was tired of faking it, he wanted things to be real with Craig/Tweek”

I just keep hoping for a flood of style fics to happen, honestly. I know wishin’ for a K2 boost is a complete pipe dream but I can always go for some style. Even though their fics are just as cliched as creek’s when I think about it…

Ah fuck there’s no winning here is there.

Like Imma be real, even if the show had made it so Ken and Ky were the ones who got together, I’d be just as annoyed with the influx. Like yay for content I guess but they’d be trapped in the same damn cliche roundabouts as the big two and that’d just be so damn lame and irritating. But creek fans are just too happy that they’re the only ones who can say ‘lol we’re the canon ones’ so they don’t notice that they’re churning out nothing but the same thing over and over and endlessly praising one another for very mediocre storytelling like ¾ of the time.

But ya know what, it makes ‘em happy and I’m glad they’re all happy. I just wish it wasn’t all that was on goddamn Ao3 at all times and that I didn’t have to blacklist it on this site because it’s so ridiculously and overwhelmingly shuffled around.


Ken, Ky and I continue. 

April Fool’s Part 3 (Calum Hood Smut)

Requested: Yes 
This is for, thanks for requesting <3
could you please write a part 3 of april fools ??? it was literally amazing
Definitely do smut but you could add some fluff cause it’s always nice :)
Plot: Getting official with Calum and rewarding him in your favourite way
Word count: 1.735
Links to part 1,2 and 4 are at the bottom 

You pulled up your Levi’s and buttoned it up as you smiled back at Calum who was still resting in his bed. You were just about to leave his house from one of your recently frequent hook up sessions, before his mom came back from her late shift at work. You picked up your book bag and were ready to head of home, as Cal’s muscular arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you back against his naked torso.
He softly pressed his plump pair of lips against your which lingered into a short passionate kiss.
“See you tomorrow, love” His hot breath tickled you ear, as he whispered his goodbye.
You took one last glance at him and answered with a pleased smile before you left his room and closed the door behind you.

It’s been three weeks of secret dates, random hook up sessions and loads of texting, since your first time with Cal at April Fool’s Day.
You both didn’t really interact in school though, because you thought it would be better to keep your fling a secret until you both decided where all of this would lead. The only time you both showed your attraction to each other on school ground, was during the daily hook up sessions in the back of Cal’s car whilst lunch time or sometimes even after his football practise, if his mom didn’t have the late shift at work and you weren’t able to go to his place.

The day after your last hook up was a very special day for you; today you got your acceptance letter into Australian National University. Although you normally wouldn’t approach Cal in the hallways you were way to excited to keep the news from him or tell him over text. As soon as you reached the school grounds, you stormed through the entrance and headed towards Calum’s locker, where he was chilling every morning with his other bad-boy band members and some of the girls of the cheerleader squad.
The minute his eyes caught your radiating ones, a small smile formed on his lips, before he gave his attention back to Michael, Luke and Brittany, the head cheerleader.
“Calum” You yelled, waving your letter in the air.
His eyes grew wide as it became clear you weren’t just walking by his group like normally.
“Oh my god look, loser girl tries to interact with us.” Brittany laughed hysterically at you, her voice dripping with despisement.
“I don’t try talking to you, it would be pointless anyway, I try talking to Calum, who actually can hold up a conversation other than about make-up and breast jobs.” You fired back, standing up for yourself in these halls of hell for the first time in the last 4 years.
Loud laughter escaped Michael and Luke’s lips, sending accretive glances at you for your more than true remark, Cal giggling slightly to himself and some of the students strolling in the hallways, stopped to track your argument.
Even if Brittany didn’t know about your affair with the school’s bad boy, it somehow gave you more self-confidence and belief in yourself.
“Wow the nerd got a voice. At least I know how to use make-up, if you want to, I can give you lessons. Maybe that would help hiding your ugly ass face.” An evil smirk was placed on her face, as she left you standing there dumbstruck at her blank beastliness.
“Woah Brit, calm your tits. That goes a little too far, don’t ya think?” Luke stood up for you, always being the most caring one out of the gang of players. Calum on the other hand just looked down to his hands fiddling with an unlit cigarette, avoiding your gaze and denying you any help.
“Oh come on Luke, as if any of the boys would actually talk to that loser. What have you got there anyway?” She mocked while tearing your acceptance letter out of your hands and studying the peace of paper. “Nerdy girl got accepted into ANU. Maybe you’ll find somebody who actually likes you there.” With those last words she tore the paper in two, causing tears forming into your eyes.
Calum finally looked up, proud being present in his eyes at your achievement, but seeing your watery eyes and sad face he couldn’t keep it in anymore.
“Brit shut the fuck up and leave my girlfriend alone.” With a deep dangerous voice Cal growled angrily at her, wrenching the crinkled pieces from her hands, as Luke and Michael’s eyes widened in surprise and incredulity. Whispers and sounds of astonishment made their way through the now filled hallway at Cal’s announcement.
“You’ve got to be kidding?” Brit asked disregardful, eyeing both you and Calum who had put his arm around your back in the meantime.
“Just back the fuck off” Those were Cal’s last words, before he ignored Brittany completely and gave his full attention to you.
“Are you okay baby?” He asked while whipping your tears away with his thumb, lowering his lips against yours, pushing you against his locker softly.
You nodded your head throughout the kiss and a smile formed on both of your lips, as you heard the other student’s whispers start getting louder behind you.
“Did you really mean it when you called me your girlfriend?” You asked Cal with the biggest smile ever on your face after the both of you broke apart.
“Yeah,… I mean only if you wanna be officially my girlfriend?” He replied shy and insecure all of a sudden.
“Of course you idiot” You laughed into his neck, holding you boyfriend tight “I think somebody’s deserved a reward tonight”
“Why wait until tonight?” Calum smirked at you, before pulling you with him, away from your still amazed classmates into one of the less crowded parts of the school.

Carefully Calum opened the door of a random classroom, checking if somebody was in there. After he knew the coast was clear he pulled you inside and pushed you against the closed door, which he locked with his right hand while kissing you roughly.
“I’ve missed my girl since yesterday evening” He hummed into your ear while shoving his hand under the fabric of your summer dress. His hands soon started to caress you through your panties, shoving the thin material aside and gliding his thumb up and down your wet folds. A loud moan escaped your mouth as he started circling your clit in slow motion.
You bit your lips to prevent further moans slipping out your mouth and thus getting caught. Completely aroused from your boy’s skilled fingers, you unbuttoned Calum’s black ripped skinny jeans and shove them down to his knees. The tent in his underwear was enormous and you began palming him through his boxers, before you also tore them down. Deep sounds of pleasure were being heard from Calum as you let your hands glide up and down his shaft, your thumb smearing over the small amount of pre cum, lingering at the top of his head. You brought your thumb to your mouth and licked it clean while staring into Calum’s eyes full of lust.
“That’s enough babygirl” He growled before letting go of your heated core and turning you around. You were now pressed against the cold wall, Calum pulled down your panties and pushed your dress over your hips.
“Did you already start the pill baby?” He asked while pushing his trousers down a little further, to create a bigger moving space. You nodded your head and he pumped himself a few times before gliding his dick up and down your core to get slick and pushing fully into you with one hard thrust.
It was the first time for the both of you without using a condom and you groaned in pleasure at the new feeling of his silky and hot shaft thrusting into you without a condom separating you.
Calum pulled your head around and shove his tongue into you opened mouth while picking up his speed. He pulled nearly fully out before shoving his dick into you again, massaging and stimulation every inch of your sensitive flesh. He drove you insane with his plump pink lips on yours, his kisses wet and animalistic.
His hand wandered under the material of your dress, shoving your bra to the side, massaging your breast roughly, twitching your nipples between his fingers, exactly how he learned you liked it.
Your moans became louder and louder, Cal’s breathing getting heavier as his deep penetrating thrusts got sloppier and his head wandered to your neck kissing you there, sucking on your skin.
You felt Calum getting closer to his orgasm and let your hand wander down to your pussy, circling your fingers over your clit.
You were still working on yourself, as Calum suddenly lifted your right leg, your bent foot being pressed between you and the wall. The new angle allowed him to get deeper into you with each new thrust, your sweaty and wet bodies clashing into each other every few seconds.
You felt the familiar knot of lust form in your stomach and soon waves of pleasure were flooding through your beaming body.
Your walls clenched around Calum’s dick as he shot his load into you and rode out both of your orgasms.

After you both calmed down a bit Cal pulled up his jeans and afterwards bent down to pull up your panties for you again. He arranged your bra and dress again and softly caressed your cheek.
“Hands down the best sex we ever had” He said smiling, while taking your still wet hands, licking it clean from your liquids and interwining your fingers after.
“Let’s get out there and face that bunch of idiots. I still have to properly introduce you to my bandmates” Calum laughed, wiggling his eyebrows in a funny way.
With one look in the mirror next to the blackboard you realized your tousled hair and the bright purple hickey on your neck.
“Damn Cal, I look like a mess.” You groaned, trying to place your hair over the hickey and hide the big mark.
“Well… at least now they know you are my mess.” He placed a soft peck on your lips, shove your hair behind your ear, took your hand in his and opened the door to face your new lives… as a couple. 

Thanks again for reading loves :) Please let me know what you think and send in more requests if you want to !  
Love, K. 

Part 1 x.
Part 2 x.
Part 4 x.


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The idiots celebrate valentines by basically having a bedroom marathon with excursions to other areas of the house BUT one year Shelia is intent on them having a dinner with the family. Ken and Ky arrive in a disheveled state and pawing at each other under the table. Gerald probably tries to distract Shelia long enough so Ky n Ken can sneak to the restroom and bang one out before appetisers. Also convinced Shelia they can leave before the main course cause they got their own main course yknow

Gerald is Ken’s best wingman. and Kyle’s too but Kyle does not flaunt this fact but will still reap the benefits

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Ken n ky go to dance lessons to learn to dance proper for their wedding. Kyle is going through hell bc he is not moving in rhythm but he's trying so hard but Ky steps on kens foot over n over. Kenny's ok with it but the instructor is annoyed not bc of Kyle's missteps but every time he mutters a swear word leading to the most saccharine words of support from Kenny and him holding Kyle a lil BELOW the waist and a lil CLOSER than before

At a point after the instructor finally boots them out when there’s a grinding element added, you’d figure Kyle would suggest just hiring look-alike actors with wigs to have their first dance so they can sneak off and attend far more vital marital duties