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It is kind of interesting how Ajin and Tokyo Ghoul’s main characters differ tho:

Kaneki Ken: raised to be hurt rather than hurt another, he’s raised with way too much empathy which ends up hurting him time and time again but he still genuinely cares. It makes him a slightly Mary Sue character (the type that always falls victim to tragedy but most everyone loves for their kindness) but we still sympathize with him every step of the way, to the point that you feel bad for not being as kind as him.

Nagai Kei: raised by a seemingly apathetic mother and absent father, with a bad relationship with his very sincere sister, Kei consistently comes off as slightly fake. He’s a little to flat emotionally and too self-centered almost all the time where he always puts himself first. Care and concern for others seem to come as an after thought, but one he constantly reminds himself for like he knows he’s supposed to care but just doesn’t. It’s unclear whether that’s a conscious decision on his part or if it’s just a personality flaw. 

Summary: Kaneki Ken is too human to be the monster he’s been made into. Nagai Kei seems to be too monstrous to be the human he wanted to be.

Break-Up Baby Part 12 - Requested (Luke)

Some of you asked for another part so here it is :) Enjoy!!

You best read the other parts first: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11

You open the door, walking out not looking at him. You pull the door close behind you and walk into the hallway, but you don’t get far. You let your back rest against the wall and let your head till back. The tears in your eyes make you sight blurry. “(Y/N)?” you let your head drop to the side. “What’s wrong?” you shrug and start crying harder. You want to keep it together, but you can’t with Ashton. “Babe no, come”, he wraps his arms round you and pulls you through the hall until you reach his room. He sits you down on the bench at the end of the bed. You can’t see what he’s doing, cause you can’t focus on him. The only thing you see is the image of Luke standing in front of you, saying those words. “Here”, you feel a cold glass getting pressed in your hands. “Drink, you’ll feel better”, you take a sip, immediately shaking your body your whole body. You expected water so didn’t think about getting this strong taste in your mouth and the burning feeling through your body from the alcohol making its way down to your stomach.

“Oh wow”, you shake your body once again and bring the rest of the drink to the back of your throat. You take a couple of deep breaths, letting the liquor calm your nerves. “Thanks”, you turn to Ashton who’s sitting next to you.

“Thought you could use something strong”, he wipes away the tears from your cheeks with the ends of his long sleeved shirt.

“You thought right”, you smile a little but the tears break out again.

“No, please (Y/N), we were past that. Do you want another?”, you shake your head no, getting drunk wouldn’t solve anything. “Come here babe”, he wraps his arm round you and you let yourself fall into his side. He gently brushes his fingers over your hair and arm. He lets you sob for a while before he speaks with a soft tone again. “Can you tell me what happened?” you open your mouth but only sounds come out, you can’t form real words yet. “Is it something with Acer?”, you shake your head no. “The girls? Fans?” you keep shaking no. “Luke?” he sighs and you can finally nod yes. “What did he do?” you take a deep breath and clear your vocal cords.

“Do you ever feel like you wish you could disappear?” he nods yes. “I want that now, I wish I could get away right now. Just start fresh, not having all this drama”, another tear dangles from your face. “Or lose my memory, that would be great to right now”

“It wouldn’t, think about all those amazing things you’ve experienced and you would’ve forgotten them all”

“Maybe”, you hum. “Then what about live my life again, start again from zero”

“You need to stop and think about what life you are having and living”

“I know I’m complaining and being ungrateful, but that’s all I want to do right now Ash”, you free yourself out of his arms and look at him. “Can I just feel sorry for myself for one moment?”

“Of course you can”, he tells you but you know he doesn’t want you to do it. “Now tell me what has happened”

“We were talking”

“Talking or fighting?” he raises an eyebrow.


“Seriously”, he asks like he can’t believe that you and Luke can have a civil conversation with each other.  

“Yes Ashton, we couldn’t fight cause Acer was sleeping in the same room”

“Yeah see that makes sense”, he giggles a bit and you can’t help but smile.

“So we were talking, always about the same things, and then he asked me to marry him”, you heart starts to beat faster again and tears stream out of your eyes again. “And I just walked out”

“Wait. He asked you to marry him and you didn’t answer, you just left?” his eyebrows are standing high on his forehead.

“I didn’t say anything, I walked out and left him standing there”, you let your head fall into your hands. You think about Luke how he must be feeling and you feel a stitch in your heart. “It’s all a mess Ash, my feelings, my thoughts. I can’t handle it all anymore, it’s all too much”, he strokes your back.

“I think you’re making it all to difficult”

“Oh do you?” you feel that you’re getting annoyed. You look at him and try to stay calm.

“Do you love him?”


“And you do want to be with him”, he sees you’re in doubt. “Not thinking about the things that have happened”


“So, it’s very clear to me”

“But it’s not as easy as you let it seem. Ashton, I can’t forget about what happened and I cannot not think about what can happen”

“Why not take a risk? You guys are made for each other”

“I can’t just take a risk Ash, it’s not just about him and me, I have this little person to think about”

“But what could be better for him then his mommy and daddy together?”

“Nothing, but what if we don’t work out. I don’t want to bring him into an off-on again relationship”

“I think you think too much, just follow your heart”

“I can’t just follow my heart, my heart is confused too and I have to think this much”

“We have different opinions about this. I know what it is to not have a real family growing up”, his eyes drop.

“Acer has a real family Ash”, you take his hand in yours. “Even if we’re not together, he’ll still have his dad and mom who will be there for him”

“Can I do anything for you?”

“No, I’m just going to get into bed and try to sleep”


“I know I will start thinking again and I’ll probably start crying again”

“Do you want me to stay with you?”

“No, it’s something I have go through alone”

“It will be better tomorrow”

“I hope my thoughts will be straighten out”

“I hope so to. You have to give him an answer soon”

“I know”

“He doesn’t deserve not to know. He’s a good guy, you can’t keep him in the dark”

“I know Ash, I know”


Part 13

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do u think at ken n ky's wedding reception like while everyone's sayin mazel tov n congrats n all that like stan n cartman r both there like 'so that was nice n all but was the tongue fucking part rlly necessary'

Isn’t that their usual response to anything centered around the idiots tho?

*I Don't Hate You* Justin Bieber Imagine

requested by anon: “Can you write and imagine where the reader and Justin ‘hate'each other, but they both have a crush on each other, then they get dared to go on a date by a friend and they end up having a good time and end up sleeping together xxx thank youuuuuuu”

Word Count: 610

If you want a part 2 with the smut request in my ask box <3

I’m sorry anon that it’s up so late, I have lots of projects in school to finish before tomorrow -.- but I hope you enjoy !

Y/n’s POV: 

 Justin Bieber, an arrogant ass who thinks he’s better than everyone else. Also, he uses girls just to fuck them, I can’t stand him! I don’t care if any girl would drop their panties for him, not me…actually, I would. I have the hugest crush on Justin, I mean he’s an assbutt but he’s so perfect. I never knew why he hated me, ever since we met 1 year ago, he’s always hated me. Kylie, Kendall and I planned a girls day; going to the mall etc. I put on something cute, but simple just in case Justin might be there, I mean a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. As soon as I’m done, I step into my Range Rover and start blasting “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande. Ten minutes later, I arrive at Kendall’s humongous mansion.

 "Hey Ky, hey Kens" I say as I hug Kylie and then Kendall. When I hug Kendall, I see a familiar body frame peer out of the master bathroom; it was Justin, looking as sexy as ever.

 "Ew. Who invited this here?“ He said emphasizing "this”. 

“Haha so funny.” I sarcastically retort. 



"Whor-” Kylie interrupts him before he can say anything more. 

“OK. Let’s go y/n.” As soon as we get to the mall I ask, 

“Why does Justin hate me so much?" 

"I’m not sure, he hasn’t told us why.” Kendall says sympathetically. 

“We dare you to ask him on a date.” Kylie replies. 

“What in the fuck are you smoking?” I give her the most disgusted look ever, even though I actually wanted to.



 After girls day 

 Justin’s POV: 

 Y/n was looking so cute today, I’m such an ass, she thinks I hate her. The reason I’m such an ass to her is because I don’t wanna get hurt, no, not again. I feel really bad for being rude to her, but she’s rude to me. I mean I get why she hates me. I get so intimidated by her that’s how I started being a dick to her, because she’s so gorgeous. As i’m drowning myself in my thoughts, the girls walk through the door.

“Hey Justin.” Y/n says. Gosh her voice.


“Will you go out with me?” I was taken aback by her words and just stood there.

“uh…sure. ONLY because I know you’ll never actually get a boyfriend.” Gosh why am I such an ass!

*The date*

Y/n’s POV:

Justin would be here any minute, luckily I was already ready so I wouldn’t have to rush. Speaking of Justin he’s here.

“Hey……woah” he eyes me up and down and bites his lip.

“So….where are we going?” I question as we step into his ferrari.

About 20 minutes later, we arrive at some fancy restaurant up town.


“So….” there’s just awkward silence between us.

“Listen, y/n, I don’t actually hate you. I actually like you, that’s why i’m on a date with you. The reason I was so mean to you, is because I didn’t want to get hurt.”

“Justin….I like you too. I thought you hated my guts..” I smile, and then Justin grabs my hand.

*At Justin’s Place*

Y/n’s POV:

Justin slams me against the wall as we rush into his house, he starts kissing me living wet kisses on my neck. I moan in pleasure.

“mmm, baby. Lets go to my room” He whispers seductively.

He carries me up to the room and slams me on to the bed. He strips me of my shirt and starts leaving soft kisses from my neck, to my boobs and all the way down to my heat. You know what happens next.

That was one of the best nights of my life ;)

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Look at it this way Nori it could be worse. You could have a sister and next thing you know you're arguing and getting cursed out by her just because you wanted to borrow a dress. Example: Auntie Ken and Ky.

A sister would’ve been the end of me, however if down the road Saint decides to change gender I will fully support him and his journey. I feel like I need to say that because of the whole Caitlyn thing. 

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stan ken n ky sharin an apartment with only one bathroom so there are times when the idiots are held up in the shower messin around (to CONSERVE WATER stan i thought you were all about the ENVIRONMENT) and stan is just beating on the door like 'pls i just wanna brush my teeth n put neosporin on this cut why you guys gotta be like this' which ofc ken n ky dont notice over the shower n the moaning

Stan you pussy who the fuck uses neosporin goddamn bleed out the possibility of infection like a goddamn man

These are the reasons the idiots won’t let him in. He has to learn how to be a man.

thecorruptedquietone  asked:

So we kno Stu does NOT approve of Kenny and Kyle's relationship but Carol would be chill abt it. Like the idiots are messin around in Ken's room and carol just swings open the door like 'Kenny ya gotta take the trash out' Ken n Ky just stare in shock and carol goes 'well after yer done with yer lil friend' then shuts the door. Kenny's just staring for a minute like 'I want to forget that moment' so Kyle just kinda pulls him back down to remind him of other PRESSING matters if u kno what I mean

What could be more pressing than the trash needing taken care of that is vital for a home staying afloat Ken do your chores

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ike speaking at ken n ky's wedding and p much planned it so he got hammered first then goes up like "so im glad my brother's happy with this asshole but let me tell you what I HAVE ENDURED" and it devolves into a lengthy detail of all ike had to hear and probably ends with kyle dragging ike off stage while ike's screaming "oh and my BAR MITZVAH wanna know where THEY slipped off to durin my torah porition?! HUH?!"

Their peers that they invited just spend the whole time nodding sympathetically. At some point while Kyle is still just staring in confused shock and Kenny is grinning because he’s so proud of all their pre-marriage accomplishments, Stan hits the edge where he’s yelling agreements and add-ons.

Ike drags him up with him and together they recall the story of the horrible experience where they both needed Kyle for an emergency that he was more than aware of and knew he’d be needed, only for them to burst in to see what else but a tongue up his ass.

After their ejection from the stage, they spend the rest of the wedding warning people not to let best friends fuck around and one-upping each other with their tales of woe.

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What are your views on dubcon when alcohol is involved?

Man that is such a finicky line honestly for me, as it is a shit-ton of other people. Depending on situation ofc. If one is drunk but the other is sober, no. That’s just an immediate no the sober party knows better end of story. With the exception I think of pre-established rules given for such a situation. Which I say with total bias because I love me some drunken sex. I may be in the idiot minority here but hey, I like what I like. However, when both parties are intoxicated I think that’s when we start delving into the wire-walking.

Like, aight, let’s grab us some SP examples here. Let’s say it’s Ken and Ky post-relationship beginning, they’re both p out of it and not quite all there. But they have an established consensual agreement and understanding of each other. Don’t get me wrong you’re still risking a decent amount depending on how you get. Like just plain gettin’ laid all vanilla like? Fine, chances are you’re a-okay. Gettin’ into some rougher stuff? Dear lord please do not. Overall you’re still walkin’ a fine line there but at the very least there’s trust that’s there even without the sobriety.

Let’s say it’s pre-relationship. Now this is where my bias and torn-feeling really sinks in. I love stories like that, I absolutely do. Morons not knowing the other has a thing for them but the alcohol brings it out and they go into it because inhibitions are thrown into the wind? Love that in fics. Because it’s fiction. However… in real life… not so much. Truth of the matter is someone could really get hurt. Someone could have the alcohol not reminding them to wear a damn condom or underestimating how much strength they’re using or whatnot. There’s no pre-established limits, which can still be implanted and remembered just enough when intoxicated and a consenting couple can still show restraint. Given I speak from experience so I may be wrong when it comes to some people. It’s not ideal we’ll give it that.

People just hooking up or one of them not having any amount of yearning for the person outside of intoxification? No no no no no no. I do not like this. Risk is high, regret is high. It’s just a really messy morning-after situation that can take so many bad turns ya know? Depending on the people involved, that can slide it from dubcon into noncon on both parts and it’s just not a good idea.

Overall my view (for others) have always been ‘please don’t do this while drunk I want you to be safe’, but I’m hypocritical in that I’m one of those people who’s totally good with levels of intoxication so long as I’m with a long-term partner with whom I’ve established consent rules and know one another’s boundaries.

Just follow my rules, kids: If the other person can’t name five state capitals or a pre-determined safe word for this exact situation that you request within three seconds, don’t bang ‘em. Drill that notion into yourself enough and you’ll remember it no matter how trashed you get.

disclaimer: don’t actually follow my rules please do what makes you the most comfortable.

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tbh I would love to read a fic when Ken and Ky break up. Of course they'll get back together but it would be interesting on how everyone reacted, and if the two will end up with someone else. And how Ken and Ky interact in the aftermath.

I had a fic like that planned out but I cancelled it and I kind of regret that I did pft.

Eventually I’d like to come back to the concept because no one likes making my boys suffer like I do.

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Ken n Ky dry humping on Kyle's couch like messily making out so close to flat out fucking when Shelia and Gerald get home. Idiots pause out of fear ken is sure he's gonna Die by Shelia's hands but neither of them rlly notice just say hi to the boys n walk upstairs. Ken n Ky just stare in awe wondering how tf they're in the clear. Then Ike who watched this all from the kitchen storms out and starts yelling REALLY???? bc honestly there was no cover up they were Caught

I mean with Ike’s luck he probably had a gf over once and kissed literally her damn cheek or something and Sheila came tearing through like all the way from the garage to put them on opposite ends of the couch and give them a full-on sex ed lesson when he’s heard it all from her a million times already so he’s bitter.

Specially when Ken n Ky walked through heading up to Ky’s room and Ken, without thinking, gave them lube and condom brand recommendations, much to Kyle’s horror. Sheila thanked him for his input.