ken & barbie


Barbie y Ken: mitad humanos, mitad muñecos.

Literalmente, porque tienen tanta carne como plastiquete in the body.

Ya sabéis la pregunta…

“Remember this, okay? Some things are worth dying for, and the only thing worth dying for is you, Karla. I’m going to give you my life, okay? I’m going to give you my soul, my energy… It’s an undying love. I’m taking it with me to the grave. You’re my best friend, you were always my best friend. Born a bastard, die a bastard. God, I love you, Kar. I love you so much if you can please forgive me, okay. Please, I really wasn’t that bad. I really, really wasn’t. I just tried too hard; I tried to be macho, too domineering. I thought these were qualities that were important to be successful. But I forgot how to cherish and to love… And now you run scared from me. You don’t have to run scared no more, okay? Never again, Kar, do you have to be scared.” - Paul Bernardo threatening suicide in a recording he taped of himself reading aloud a letter he wrote to his estranged wife, Karla Homolka.


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Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka Video Transcript

Karla Homolka: I loved it when you fucked my little sister. I loved it when you fucked Tammy. I loved it when you took her virginity. You’re the king. I love licking your ass, Paul. I’ll bet Tammy would have loved to lick your ass. I loved it when you put Snuggles up her ass.

Bernardo could be seen reaching for his drink while Homolka continued to fondle his penis. She did it for several minutes, but he never climaxed. He took a sip from his drink, glancing at the back of her head.

Paul Bernardo: How did you feel?

Karla Homolka: I felt proud. I felt happy.

Paul Bernardo: What else?

Karla Homolka: I felt horny. It’s my mission in life to make you feel good.

Paul Bernardo: This is why I’m gonna marry you.

Karla Homolka: Sköl to the king. I’m glad you made me lick her cunt.

Paul Bernardo: Are you a fully fledged dyke?

Karla Homolka: No, I’m not.

Paul Bernardo: You were having sex with your little sister.

Karla Homolka: That was different. It was my little sister.

Paul Bernardo: Love in the family. Do you believe in that concept?

Karla Homolka: You know I had fun doing it. You know I liked it.

Paul Bernardo: What did it teach you?

Karla Homolka: Well… we like little girls, I like you to fuck them. If you’re gonna fuck them, then I’m gonna lick them. All the little girls.

Paul Bernardo: What age should they be?

Karla Homolka: Thirteen.

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Karla Homolka and her partner Paul Bernardo successfully concealed the murder and rape of Karla’s younger sister, Tammy, but the grieving older sister broke down when her parents asked her to pick out a casket for Tammy.

“Fuck off!” Karla screamed, and ran out of the room. Around this time she also began to talk about having children with Paul and becomimg more isolated from her family.

Its been said that Karla’s violent reaction was a result of delayed remorse or merely stress; perhaps Karla could not bear to see her dead baby sister, knowing full well she and her husband were responsible. This contributed to the overall decline of Karla’s defenses and enabled her to assist Paul to kill again.


Can we appreciate the fact that barbie had all the originally male roles in the film and ken played his part wonderfully. (Edit for people who want to make this into a role reversal joke)

Isn’t it great how this shows that Ken is comfortable taking the supporting role in their relationship and he isn’t intimidated by the fact that barbie is more successful and powerful in their world than he is. I love it because it teaches girls that you don’t have to be your partner’s supporting role just because you’re a woman and that it men can take the supporting role without being emasculated. Powerful woman don’t have to step down from power  just to find a partner, because true love is even if your partner is doing better than you are you can still love and support them no matter what. 

When alive, Britain’s most abhorred woman, Myra Hindley, repeatedly denied that any of the volatile murders she and her boyfriend Ian Brady committed resulted in her feeling sexual gratification. Hindley did, however, admit that she and Brady “became further bonded by the blood of our victims” and that she performed her best, most satisfactory sexual acts in the short periods of time subsequent to the murders.

“Karla Homolka is a person who is highly articulate, intelligent, egotistic (if not narcissistic), and someone whose behavior cannot be entirely explained on the abuse she recieved from Paul Bernardo.

Moreover, despite her ability to present herself well, there is a notable moral vacuity and lack of empathy for her victims, as well as a predisposition towards psychosis….”

- Psychiatrist notes on Karla Homolka.