#SFV “Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash” oneshot sketches at #PAXprime2015

Do drop by @udonent booth 4241 for sketches and signings by @vostalgic and myself and for some limited show exclusives.

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N: N will have to document this experience because the first spoken ‘daddy’ will only happen once. So, he’d run and get the camera, but unfortunately his kid would have reached the daddy quota for the day and not repeat himself or herself anymore. When that happens, N might be a little bummed, so he’ll go get a pen, paper, and stamp ink and write down the day and time and then stamp his baby’s foot on it. “Wait, honey, hold him for me! I need to get the video camera.”

Leo: Leo would be so happy he’d pick him or her up and twirl them around in his arms before asking him or her to repeat it. His face would almost crack because he’d be smiling so hard, and he’d think about it the whole rest of the day. “Say it, again? Please.  *Tickles baby* That’s right! I’m your daddy. Ah, I love you so much. “ 

Ken: Ken’s going to be really surprised, but then again the baby could be saying he or she is hungry. So, he’d pick his kid up and bring them to you and use funny antics to get them to repeat themselves. After you confirm that the kid is actually saying ‘daddy’, he’ll be so excited to the point that he’ll throw his kid up in there and twirl them all around. “D-A-D-D-Y! Daddy! That’s me!” 

Ravi: Ravi will need your confirmation as well, so he’ll run and get you in an excited state. He’ll then pick up his child and sit them on his lap and just stare at them until something happens. But with his luck, the baby won’t comply. “She said it earlier! I promise. It’s no pressure sweetie, say it again!”

HongBin: HongBin will be that parent that will halfway hear the word daddy, so he wouldn’t be sure if that was what was really said. So, he’d just stare at his kid like ‘Pardon’ and after what seems like forever of no talking he’ll go about his business. Later, when he’s bathing his child or feeding him and they’re behaving to animatedly they’ll say daddy, but that’s only because HongBin is covered in soap or baby food. “Ow! My eyes! But, she said Daddy!”

Hyuk: Hyuk would be really happy and would be similar to Leo in getting the baby to say it over and over again. In order to get the baby to repeat it, Hyuk would introduce the reward system and give the baby toys or extra food. “Yeah! That’s my name. It’s about time, too, after all those diapers I have to change.”

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Since I didn’t know when I would be seeing VIXX again I took it upon myself to print out as much of my fanart as possible. I printed most in really compact sizes so they would fit in the small box I made. I even printed out that really long ravi post I made for his birthday and folded it up. Also printed the other VIXX member’s birthday drawings as well as the Boys’ Record bookmarks and Christmas ornaments I had done. Oh and some stickers! I used the Ravi stationary to pour my heart out;; I srsly hope they liked it.