kemp muhl


Matthew Gray Gubler seems really sketchy to me.

He dated model Kemp Muhl in 2004. They made their first red carpet appearance when Muhl was 16 years old.* Gubler was 24. They made their final public appearance when Kemp was 17.

Gubler’s next public relationship was with actress Kat Dennings in 2007. When they began dating, Dennings was 20 while Gubler was 26. They broke up when Dennings was 21.

Finally, Gubler dated model Ali Michael from mid-2010 to early 2013. Michael had just turned 20 when they started dating; Gubler was 30. Michael was 22 when they broke up.

* This is assuming the date of birth given on Muhl’s wikipedia page and elsewhere on the internet is correct.