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Múltiples juegos de Kemono Friends Games están en proceso además de la nueva aplicación

El nuevo juego para móviles será parte del “Proyecto G” de re-lanzamiento de la franquicia  

El reparto del Anime para televisión de Kemono Friends reveló durante su transmisión especial de “9th Kemono Friends Hour” en Niconico Live el miércoles que múltiples nuevos juegos están en proceso, y no son el ya previamente anunciado nuevo juego para móviles de la franquicia. Sin embargo, el reparto todavía no reveló en que plataformas llegarán los nuevos proyectos. 

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Catching up on September 2016 releases from One Peace Books!

Kuma Miko Vol. 1 by Masume Yoshimoto. Machi is 14 years old and has spent her whole life in the Touhoku Mountains as a miko. Raised alongside a talking bear, Natsu, she knows nothing of modern life. But she’s enthralled with its mysteries and determined to figure them out. Natsu attempts to prepare her for the trials and tribulations she will face entering the fast-paced city in this comical coming of age story of a backwoods girl in Japan. $11.95 MSRP

You can ask your local comic shop to back order this item for you using Diamond Distribution order code JUL161775

lobo-loco812  asked:

How many Solatorobo art books are there? It's hard to keep track

There are three official Solatorobo artbooks

the Tail Concerto 16th Anniversary Artbook

and the Red Data Children light novel.

There’s also quite a few fanbooks which are endorsed by CC2 themselves and include some official art from the LTB staff.

In 2011, CC2 started selling these fanbooks

And in 2014 they complied them into the Solatorobo Fan Book Complete Collection

In 2013, CC2 started their Anthology Project which included the Solatorobon fanbooks

and although not completely Little Tail Bronx, the Kemono Books. Solatorobo’s artist, WAKA has contributed.

Recently, CC2 has seemed to have replaced The Kemono Book with the Kemono Magazine. There doesn’t seem to be any LTB content, but I feel like it’s worth mentioning.

Currently I am working full-time on a graphic novel production, which is why I haven’t posted for the past month or so. More information will be released about it when possible, but for now here’s a small teaser. To all my watchers & rebloggers, I hugely appreciate your patience & support in the meanwhile!


Whew! this took a while…

This is partly the reason why i haven’t posted as much sketches here on Tumblr for the past few days. (the other being work haha)

This is for the CyberConnect2 Kemono Book 3 Twitter contest! 
It was super last minute, since it is due on June 9, and i found out about it on June 2 during hell week at work. I really wanted to work on this so i dug up ideas and old sketches i could use to make the pic and I was SUUUPER LUCKY to find an old composition from 2008, and decided to paint and edit on from there!

I rarely render things with background let alone crowd shots! Had to sacrifice a lot of sleep to finish this. 

But man it felt good to do a big piece like this. I hope can make time and have more energy to make more images of this level. Specially super happy for my friends who helped me in making this pic through feedback!

I also included an animated gif progression of the pic for those interested!

Now the long nervous wait begins! @___@

Also you can find me on twitter!