Transmission for Gypsum Opalhand

Dr. Opalhand,

I don’t know what kind of strings your friend pulled with the Guild powers that be, but by Kemos, they worked. I wasn’t expecting to have a new tank with your specifications available until mid-week at least, but as I understand it, one is already on its way to you. One of the better models, too. When Mr. Ivuneq wakes up, tell him he’ll be sporting Shades of Grismara’s hottest spring fashions.

I jest, but in all seriousness, I wish you the best of fortune with the surgery and resulting recovery. Incidentally, I served as a committee member when Mr. Ivuneq was defending his dissertation. Such a long time ago, now, but I still remember it. He has a brilliant mind and a good heart, and his death would deprive our galaxy of one of its brightest stars.

Do keep me informed when you can spare the time.


Dr. Constantin