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anonymous asked:

How can you support Kemmy dissing her sunbaenim, whos not even a rapper? A diss is something that either rappers do to each other (for show) or that people do to hurt others.


also nah disses dont always have to be directed from one rapper to another, disses can be directed at absolutely anyone! and “dissing her sunbaenim” tbh no one cares at all the only people still even using this “”“argument”“” are international kpop fans while korean fans don’t even bring it up at all because they live in korea and they know what is going on in korea much better than international fans do, and they dont try to defend or argue or make a huge deal about irrelevant 16 year old rookies, therefore they don’t blow everything out of proportion (because they know the more they talk about kemy or a.kor, the more publicity the girls get! the more you know!)

why do i support kemy, you ask? because kemy is one of the best female mcs in the kpop stream right now, hell, she’s one of the best rappers in the whole korean music stream right now and she’s only 16! a.kor are fantastic and adorable and so sweet and i love their music and style and their mv was bomb, so i don’t understand why i shouldnt support them~ also, i can support whoever i want to however i want to and i don’t have to provide an explanation to anyone at all as to why i do it!

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