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✨ beginner polytheist tips✨

I notice a lot of new polytheists and aspiring devotees asking what to do to find their deities/feel closer to them/talk to them/etc, so I thought I’d share somewhat in detail what has helped for me when I chose to put my faith in them - aside from prayer and divination

🌱🔸 make plans/rules for yourself and follow them. habit forming is a stepping stone to worship. for me, if I don’t do anything else faith-driven, I at least ring my chime. It doesn’t have to be so obvious, try to work it into your normal routine

🌱🔸just about anything can be an offering! buried offerings are my biggest but writing, brushing your teeth, self control, treat yo’ self, baths, your blog, video games with character select any video games, photos, playlists - you name it. if it makes you think of them, it honors them

🌱🔸on the other hand - if you feel they are stubbornly distant, study them more, try new offerings, look elsewhere. do you have pop culture icons that remind you of someone without inherently representing them? has something at the store been catching your eye? dig deep, follow your gut!

🌱🔸if they do at all, they will not likely present predictably. they have shown themselves to me through physical objects, in birds, in the sunlight between the blinds, in baths, the melodies of my heart, and I suspect endless other variations. but never once did i expect it

🌱🔸 rainfall can be an excellent tool for communication. speak/pray to your deity and listen to the shift in the weather for responsive gestures

🌱🔸 new moons are good for being noticed! light candles to illuminate yourself, talk to them full moons are good for noticing them! turn out/dim the lights and let yourself be overwhelmed

🌱 🔸can’t bury/burn food? don’t like throwing away offerings? your deity might prefer that you eat it for them! if you have strange cravings or see something new, indulge! even if you don’t like it, you tried it for them and tbh that’s just as special

🌱🔸if you’re having trouble branching out, ask your current deity what they think of other gods you are interested in. pay attention when you reread their summaries, was there someone who stuck out this time? don’t forget, the lore is not a set in stone representation of their behavior/interactions with others but it’s important to still be mindful

🌱🔸 if you are trying to use divination, ask your tools what they think of your deities/reach out to a third party diviner some readings might be more willing (and more helpful!) than others.

🌱🔸 if you can’t lucid dream/astral travel (like me) give daydreaming a try! concentrate on what it would look like if you had a meeting spot with your deity. picture what you would wear (if anything), how large or small they are, setting details, lighting, etc. then lose yourself in that world during mediation, chores, walks, right before bed, whenever you can zone out

🌱🔸 if you still can’t, fake it til you make it. improvise with nature sounds, sit in the dark (if you’re okay with that), watch optical illusion gifs, anything that can get your mind creating. take notes on your theories and keep track of what you’ve tried.

🌱🔸 limited supplies? pick from what you’ve got save old jewelry for charms, grab your spare crystals, trinkets you’ve held onto for years, and you can use divination - or my personal favorite “just guess” what they might like. interacting with their item could help form those bonds

most importantly- keep them in your thoughts! you don’t have to do any of these things at all to connect with or find your deity. in fact, I have tried all of these countless times and still not reached some in particular. you might find your own method along the way and that’s all the more special.

remember that whomever they are, they love you already and they know you’re trying

The Evolution and Adaptation of Witchcraft in the Modern World.

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I keep seeing people bitching and being gatekeepers about pop culture witchcraft but here’s the thing, in order for something to survive it must adapt and that’s what witchcraft is doing, it’s adapting to fit our modern times. And I’m not saying the old ways aren’t valid anymore because they still are but the craft is evolving because in order to survive and keep going it needs to.

If you practice the old ways, that’s cool, you do you. If you are using the modern adaptation of witchcraft, cool. If you’re doing both, fantastic! But don’t discredit shit because it doesn’t follow your path or it isn’t “the traditional way!” It’s also toxic as fuck to tell someone to do the path of witchcraft you want them to do because that’s being a controlling, manipulative asshole.

Hell, if technology didn’t advance those people wouldn’t be able to make a tumblr rant about modern witchcraft.

Witchcraft evolves to survive like everything else but it can still keep its old elements. And I won’t be arguing with anyone about this because I’ve made my point and if you can’t see my side then you’re not worth the time.

Have a magical day ya’ll.

  • Me: *takes a deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone who has ever spent 5 seconds around me: Yes, you love your gods, we know, you love your gods so much, they are the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love your gods, we KNOW, you love your gods you fucking love your gods ok, we know, we get it. YOU LOVE YOUR GODS

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Tell me about Tefnut! :)

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Heck yeah! I present you with a fine blend of historical information and SPG/UPG*.

Tefnut and Shu are the Twin Lions, the children of Atum or Ra (depending on whom you ask and when), spat out at the beginning of Creation. They are gods of the atmosphere; Shu is the air and Tefnut is the moisture and the heat. As a consequence, they are inherently intertwined and inseparable—there is water suspended in the air, and air dissolved in water. I see their union as an archetype of perfect compatibility and perfect love.** They also sometimes are represented in hawk form, which makes sense given that they are atmospheric deities.

Because Tefnut is the Lady of Moisture, and a lioness, and a pure and vengeful Eye of Ra, I see her as a Shield and Protector. She is the atmosphere that protects us from the rays of the sun; with Shu, she is the blanket of air and moisture that wraps around the earth and keeps it warm enough to support life.

Because of her associations with heat and rain, SPG has her associated with storms and lightning. I also think of her as a Purifier, who cleanses through both fire and water. Also, she is referred to as a purifier in the Heliopolitan temple to their Ennead (although she is not unique in that respect; Netjeru are named by the dozen in purification rites afaict). I pray to her in my personal purification/cleansing rites.

Tefnut permeates life on earth. As the primeval Lady of Moisture, she is in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the ground we build on, and the food we grow in it–our very bodies, and our very lives. She is immanent, and yet has a distinct Personhood beyond her diffuse presence throughout our lives and our planet. I adore her.

Thank you for the ask! If you want to know more, let me know. :D

* Lemme know if I wasn’t clear which is which.
** Totally not sure how supported or contradicted this is by the surviving myths. It’s hard to find info about Tefnut. I’m willing to be disproven.

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Hey if you're around and not busy and stuff, can I ask for you to weigh in on a thing? Someone named xoxogarnet is kicking up a fuss in the spirit companions tag about how "relationships" with spirits are fake and impossible and letting newbies think that they aren't is dangerous. And you've always got such well-thought-out opinions, as well as this being an area of expertise for you, I think you would be a good influence on the conversation.

First I want to say thank you for asking me this off of anon. Since most folks ask for input while on anon (which I will no longer oblige 9 times out of 10, just fyi for those reading.) So thank you for that.

I’ve flipped through the thread, and it definitely is a dumpster fire from start to finish. For those who don’t feel like looking at the original, here are some choice bits…

Dating Spirits, is NOT a thing. You are not dating a God, you are not in a committed relationship with an angel or demon, or anything that falls under the spirit/entity category.
You aren’t creating “children” either, just thought forms/tulpas/entities that may or may not develop free will.

THIS IS NOT HEALTHY. This is TOXIC and everyone who is doing this is either being taken advantage of by something darker or are willfully misinforming other witchlings of how to abuse Spirit Work!

I have seen my fair share of ridiculous claims in the magical community but to all the witchlings and Spirit Worker’s new and experienced, THIS IS BUNK. Its not what Spirit Work and Companionship is about.


Seeing run of the mill entities in ‘relationships’ with people is alarming as well because I fail to see how it takes the place of a living person. The human body craves touch and I don’t mean just ‘sex’ and other sexual activities, I mean hugs, hand holding, pats on the back, kisses, snuggling, tummy rubs, etc! You simply can’t have that with an entity not on this plane! Its why I keep saying this  is so unhealthy, because it IS.  You can’t start your life with a Spirit, a spirit can’t take you to dinner or drive you to the doctor when you’re sick, or push you on the swings at the park.
No matter how you slice it, a 'relationship’ with a spirit is just an affectionate friends with benefits type of deal, it doesn’t fix or replace the need for a real living partner. 


These kind of unhealthy emotional attachments just helps people and spirits take advantage of casters who don’t know any better and I was noticing that the vast majority of people doing this are brand new or a few years in and this is not helping these new witchlings experiment with their Craft, SAFELY. 

And i know that you had asked me to weigh in on the conversation, but I’m of the mindset that OP will likely not be persuaded into any sort of other thinking. Given that the thread has over 100 notes as of right now, I don’t expect that they’d be willing to listen to anything I say.

However, for those who are interest in spirit work and/or spirit relationships, I can say this much:

OP is not wrong in that it’s not something that everyone has to do. It’s also not something you should just run into without thinking it through and quadruple testing your discernment. I understand their concern, as it is a good way to wreck your life if you’re not careful.

However, OP is assuming a fuckload about what people in these relationships think and how they advise people who are interested in non-corp relationships. And I think they’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater in a lot of their responses. Assuming a lot, and bordering on ableism in some of their responses (or more accurately, who they’re agreeing with in the responses.)

I think anyone who is in a non-corp relationship knows that it’s not easy, that its not always fun, that these entities are not around to help you with things. That you can still get lonely because a spirit is not a physical being. that doesn’t invalidate the relationship, though. Nor does it mean that non-corp relationships can’t add to someone’s life.

I have been in a physical relationship with someone for about ten years now, and I never set out to get a man harem, but let me tell you, my menz add to my life in a way that my physical SO can’t. Similarly, my SO adds to my life in a way that my non-physical menz can’t. My non-physical family enriches my life in many ways and anyone who says otherwise can Fight Me.

I guess the overall takeaway is that OP’s posts are filled with “been there, done that, stfu” because nothing they’ve said is not anything I haven’t heard before. All of their crying and whinging and pearl wringing is old news that won’t stop ppl from forming these relationships, nor is anything they’ve said going to prepare someone for being responsible and informed about any sort of relationships they form. Its all of the most frustrating elements of these conversations rolled into one thread.

TL;DR: I’m sorry that people assume so much about consorts and spouses and that everyone has to put up with this fuckery on the regular. You keep doing you and just be sure to be smart and responsible about how you form these relationships and everyone can take a long walk off a short pier <3

*rolls away*

To all the people out there with lovers and mates, husbands, wives, spouses, or soul linked friends that are Gods, Goddesses, Deities of any sort, sprites, sprites, faeries, or fae, entities or elementals, I fully support you and your relationship and you are so cute as precious and amg I love it. Your relationship is just as valid as anyone else’s. 💞

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I know you're not really a kemetic blog, but I find this less intimidating. Do you have any advice or suggestions for someone drawn to Kemeticism but intensely repelled by reproductive imagery/metion, fertility with these metaphors, etc? There's something about the pantheon that draws me... but like so much of mythology, there's so much that keeps me out as a pretty uncomfortable ace. Thanks.

Oh boy that is a problem, the Egyptians sure loved their sex imagery haha

However, not all gods are related to sex in anyway and there’s more to fertility gods than just sex.  For example, my main goddess is Renenutet and she can be considered a fertility goddess. However, as far as I’ve seen, there is very little that connects her to sex or anything like that. At most, she does have connections to the development of unborn infants but anything about copulation or genitalia is seemingly absent from her mythology. Any mentions of her “fertility” is only related to crops and harvest. And this is similar for a lot of other gods. 

However, even the more sexual gods have non-sexual sides to them. You could focus on those god aspects and myths instead. I’ve seen asexual people who work with sexual gods before so maybe poke around the community a bit and see if they have any suggestions :>

It might be hard to completely avoid it, especially as different myths intertwine multiple gods, but you’re not required to make it a part of your practice or anything. 


Netjeru E-Shrines

I have made several Netjeru E-shrines, if anyone is interested. They’re not polished up real nice yet, but I’ll get there. The top ones are the deities I work with or am familiar with most. The bottom ones are deities I’m trying to get to know better:
















i seriously am trying to think of ways to increase my chances of actually seeing kemetics fucking up/being racists or antisemites so i can address it but tbh other than looking through the #kemetic tag more regularly and encouraging people to come to me if they see something there’s not much?? i can do??

unless i’m seriously expected to hatefollow racists and otherwise continuously go to the blogs of people i know are complete fuckheads for the sole purpose of starting drama

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I don't know very much about Kemetic things. Please teach me one of your favorite things?

Of course! I’ll list a few!

In terms of Myths, I think the Book of Thoth myth is my favorite so far.

I really like the idea that to the Egyptians the scariest thing wasn’t burning in hell for all eternity in torture, but rather… ceasing to exist. I kind of find that beautiful in a weird way. 

I love the way that the egyptians saw beauty in death and it was such a large part of their culture.

But I guess those aren’t really specifically kemetic!

I find my altar time, in which I sit in front of the bookcase with the shelf that has my anubis set up on it, to be quite relaxing. Like it sucks all of the negativity and stress out of me, and makes me feel refreshed. I enjoyed finding all the items to put on my altar, like a kemetic scavenger hunt! 

In terms of actions, I really enjoy the not so usual offerings, unlike food and drink ones (which theres nothing wrong with those!! I do those too!), for example for Anubis I occasionally go and clear the leaves or garbage off of some graves, fix the flowers that may have fallen over. 

So I suppose my favorite kemetic thing is just the worship in general. If you wanted some specific info you can for sure browse my #reference and #kemetic tags at your leisure! I also recommend @cheshirepirouette @jordfast-lokispouse is another lokean (I assume you’re lokean by your avatar pic excuse me if im wrong) that is currently learning more about kemeticism too I believe! @heofspeckledplumage @transcendentthrone And so many other blogs that it would be CRAZY to tag them all. But if any other blogs want to comment or something that’d be cool with me!

Hope this answered your question!

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hey, set. I have seen in some pictures (beautifully drawn btw) that you have a ring that matches nephthys's. and in a family portrait I saw that you were holding her. Do you love her?

((Thank you!! And oop– I assume this was meant for DEITIES blog? I’ll answer this here tho and reblog it there in a sec–
Also… you’re a perceptive one B'Db nice catch ))

SET: “What, you mean THIS–?”

“Yep, it’s my wedding band, and Nephthys has hers as well~ With that said…”

Well of course I love my wife. You didn’t really expect I’d admit otherwise, did you? I mean…”

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You have any resources for someone interested in kemeticism?

Ah, kemeticism! I had a bunch of resource stuff saved on my hard drive for this when I was interested in it. Like 30+ documents that I made notes on. :p

Most of my resources were obtained from @thetwistedrope and [their Wordpress blog] which has [an amazing list of resources], including [this starter guide]. Seriously, I highly recommend you scour both of those. Thetwistedrope also has an amazing [Kemeticism tag on their Tumblr blog], which does link towards a lot of their Wordpress posts, but also contains other answered asks with other useful information. Really go through that; there’s a lot, but there’s some amazing stuff in there that I won’t be including because it’s really damn specific and doesn’t really cover the basics.

There is another Wordpress blog called [The Kemetic Roundtable], which contains many people’s discussions on various aspects of Kemeticism, how they perceive it, and how they go about it in their own practices. 

I will do my best to find some Tumblr content for you too! I can’t really declare to their “accuracy,” because I only did a bit of studying into Kemeticism, and I guess UPG also needs to be taken into account. So, just, you know, the grain of salt thing and all that!


@idi-the-noof​ seems to be another decent blog for Kemeticism stuff. Same with @basttjamheri. @satsekhem also looks solid.

(Any other Kemetic blogs, please feel free to sign off here if you’re okay giving advice or pointers, etc., or just okay to chat or share resources or whatevs!)

“Magic” and Rituals and Things to Do

I also recommend poking around in the [kemetic fandom tag], because it is a thing and sometimes it is an amazing thing. But, according to another anon, it can also be a prolific anti-semitic and anti-black bigotry thing, so just be wary of that. (Thank you, whoever you are, for letting me know that!)

I hope that helps you, and best of luck on your journey! :D

Ah. Well. It was a matter of time before I drew a preliminary reference for the chaos serpent, and this one was long overdue.

The last time I drew this guy was for that one response with Set from a while back. For those unfamiliar with the mythology, this “overgrown snake” that Set refers to would be Apep – the demon manifestation of darkness, destruction, and primordial chaos. Also know as Apophis (tho I’m debating whether or not to swap to his greek name to match the other characters, but I’ll decide later).

As for his design, which is subject to change as the project develops: I was aiming for a color scheme saturated with black and red, but that didn’t look overly similar to Set. Since I classify him as a demon in story – who are often hybrids of different animals in DEITIES verse – I’ve borrowed inspiration from multiple categories of snakes, including pythons, mambas, and vipers. His size and appearance can vary a lot, but he has the capacity to grow to enormous proportions, as shown above. He also radiates a high amount of unfiltered chaos energy, though how he’s able to manipulate it is still a WIP.

Overall, Apep is planned as the “big bad” of DEITIES Project – the enemy of Ra and a constant threat to all deities  – but exactly how he’s involved in the plot is still being worked on as I draft the story. So it remains to be seen what sort of havoc the serpent aims to cause for the deities this time…

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