kemetic proverb

Ancient Egyptian Proverbs

The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness. 

If you would build something solid, look for a fixed point, something you know that is stable, yourself. 

Know the world in yourself. Never look for yourself in the world.

All is within yourself. Know your most inward self and you shalt know god. 

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A person who knows not
And knows not that they know not
Is foolish–disregard them

A person who knows not
And knows that they know not
Is simple–teach them

A person who knows not
And believes that they know
Is dangerous–avoid them

A person who knows
And knows not that they know
Is asleep–awake them

A person who knows
And knows that they know
Is wise–follow them

All of these persons reside in you
Know Thy Self
And Ma’at be true

“Learn to see clearly, learn to wish for what is just, learn to dare what your conscience dictates, learn to keep your intentions a secret, and if, despite all your efforts, today brings no more than yesterday, do not lose courage, but continue steadfastly, keeping your goal before you with determination. Onward! The SEVEN COMPANIONS of the SOUL-the planetary spirits-gaurd the secret key which locks the past and opens the future. Let your efforts be aimed at the CROWN of the MASTER…”

rebelliousssoull  asked:

I've been looking at your blog and saw how uplifting you are to your followers. Lately I've been beating my self up over school and my past relationship. I've even told myself I deserve better but don't go after better. I always settle for less than I'm worth and it's tiring doing the same thing over and over. Do you have any advice? I just honestly want to happy again and be my own great support system.

Solitude is the best advice I can give you, you need to be on your own and that doesn’t mean for a little while that means until you know your life’s purpose and know how to achieve it, which is a spiritual purpose that leads you to eternity not materialism. You need to be in a devoted relationship with yourself and being literal here, you need to separate yourself from negative influences. If you continue to have negative thoughts and Emotions at lease you will know that they are coming from inside and not outside influences then you can overcome it with self will and self discipline, that means reading self help books. Solitude will provide you clarity and comfort within yourself, you will overcome the feelings of loneliness and will not depend your happiness on others. Therefore your happiness will be permanent and not fleeting, dependent on other peoples energy. You need to become one with your own energy, and then become one with the universe, and you know when that happens when you start to love everybody in the world and see their souls just as important as your own. But as the saying goes “you can’t save anyone else until you save yourself” so you need to save yourself. So this year should consist of lots of reading (self help and spiritual books) exercise (Yoga and Pilates nothing to intense as it create more dark energy) healthy eating (low histamine foods) more positive thoughts (reading positive quotes and affirmations everyday, preferably in the morning) self acceptance (being comfortable with your natural self) self love (knowing that your beautiful no matter of external things such as physical appearance) getting enough rest (sleeping early waking up early, yoga, chamomile tea) even a pet will help (especially with anxiety, my baby Thor is a life saver!) working on your confidence from an inner level, and giving the mind something better to do! That is so important I can’t stress, when the ego gets bored that’s when negative thoughts start entering and when they enter you start to act accordingly to those thoughts, for example; if you think your ugly, on a subconscious level you will do things to sabotage any attempts at being more beautiful (I learnt that in the book Change your Life in 7 days)

Spiritual path is the way forward to a better life and eternity! Otherwise if you follow materialism you will keep living incarnation after incarnation the same miserable boring lives until you take the spiritual path back to light. That’s what the ancient Egyptians believed anyway, and Egypt is where every religious belief was formed from even Buddhism. So I’m going with them and following their path, which is so simple I swear! If we where just taught Kemetic proverbs in school Earth would be heaven by now I swear 🙄 anyway hope that helps! Oh! And don’t take life so seriously! Laugh a little especially at the mistakes you make, Learn and Laugh is my motto in life when it comes to mistakes 💗💗💗