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I always told myself that “black girls don’t need make up and weave to be beautiful, but if they want to wear it, that’s their business”… but I recently found out, that the women in Egypt wore eyeliner to keep the sun light out their eyes (football players use this trick today), & the ancient Egyptians regarded beauty as a sign of holiness. They believed that when they wore make up, they would have the protection of the gods. Even the statues had wigs, and the higher the status of a person the more make up, clothing, and the longer their wigs were. No wonder black women be feeling/looking so godly when they get dolled up. We created cosmetics, even tho we don’t need it. 👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿🙌🏿😻❤️👀😜 #BlackQueens #Makeup #KnowYourHistory


Women cry during the funeral for those killed in a Palm Sunday church terrorist attack in Alexandria Egypt, at the Mar Amina church, Monday, April 10, 2017. Egyptian Christians were burying their dead on Monday, a day after Islamic State suicide bombers killed at least 45 people in coordinated attacks targeting Palm Sunday services in two cities. Women wailed as caskets marked with the word “martyr” were brought into the Mar Amina church in the coastal city of Alexandria, the footage broadcast on several Egyptian channels.
(AP Photo/Samer Abdallah)


Lamenting Mourning Women
Tomb (TT55) of Ramose
c. 1411-1375 BCE, Thebes.

They have been pushed back to the bush ages and told that’s where they have always been, and that hunting and gathering has always been their way of life. That’s a lie. They are writers, builders, explorers, architects and of the people that invented silk some 4,500 years ago. All of this has been stolen from them. And that’s just the beginning.

Even their connection to Buddha has been stolen from them. And all these people running around saying “Namaste” are contributing to the erasure. In a similar way, Western Eurasians tried this with us in Africa when they tried to erase 10,000 years of our history in Kemet.

This same tactic is being repeated right across Melanesia but people have no agency to stop it. Likewise a similar tactic is being used in the Indian territories and the Andaman people have no agency to stop it. In the so-called Middle East the story is that the only way black people could have ever been in the Middle East is if we were brought there by enslavers, and to this day this nonsense is still in history books.

African scholars have been doing their best over the last 100 years to get accurate information across to our people. Many of them were ignored, shut out of academic circles and shunned by the mainstream media. Most of them died penniless. Dr. John Henrik Clarke often told the story of when he travelled to schools to speak to black children many of them would laugh when he told them that Queens and Kings of Egypt were black. When presented with the truth of our history, they would all start laughing. Imagine laughing at your own erasure. That’s kind of sad right? But you know what’s even sadder? When you now know the truth and do nothing about it.  

"Black" His-Story Month


First off, Its stupid to categorize anyone by skin color because if thats the case MLK, Malcolm X, Tupac, Obama, rihanna… including myself and maybe even you would be a brown person. I know Dominicans and Indians who are my complexion but we don’t call them black because “black” is not a nationality.

Secondly, “WE ARE NOT AFRICAN AMERICANS”. The US Census beaureau states that only 5% of slaves in america came from Africa… That’s because WE WERE ALREADY HERE in America which our ancestors called Amerruk meaning “Land in the west”. we were the Moors and also the Olmecs. We built pyramids and mounds and statues all over the country before all this slavery bullshit.

There is no history with out us because all human beings on the planet was so called “black” so ain’t no month to celebrate our history because we are all history.

Our history goes back millions of years but you only know his story and not your story.

Not to offend no one with the truth but “White people” aren’t colors either.

“The Caucasian race is a younger race so they have much less history here on the planet. When they teach you about cave men in school they are talking about the Caucasians who lived in the Caucasus Mountains in Eurasia.

We were already establish and we actually helped civilize the caucasions because once they were freed from the mountains (yes they were freed from the mountains but that’s another long story) . They had no knowledge of reading, farming, etc and that’s when all these black plagues and shit started happening.

Then all these greek mythology and evolution bullshit stories started popping up and now its being taught to us instead of the truth.

I dont want to make this too long so yea just start looking this up if you want to know more.

STOP calling yourself black, words are powerful and they create our reality.

I love all people because at the end of the day were all Hue man beings

but black history month is bullshit. we are history. :)

-Kryst Vega

If you’re in the Baltimore area this September, be sure to check out the amazing Michal Roxie Johnson in this wonderful one-woman show written by Tim Hogan about Pharaoh Hatshepsut, one of history’s most enigmatic rulers. #FemaleKing #AmbitionIsDivine (at Baltimore, Maryland)

The world’s most popular Superhero currently is Superman arguably. A Hero with incredible powers that was sent here from a different planet and helps protect  the Earth’s people. Its not an accident that he is depicted as a White Male, but what many don’t know is that he is based on Heru of Ancient Kemet. Heru is considered to be the worlds first story of a superhero. A Black hero at that. In fact, the word “Hero” is Greek and is derived from the name “Heru” along with “Horus” and “Hercules” as well. Every strong man hero was believed to be initially taken from the story of Heru. People will say Superman is based on Jesus not realizing that Jesus was based on Heru as well. The story of Superman is clearly based on Heru more than anyone else. Here are a few of the comparisons.

Heru’s powers emanate from the sun, he is an aspect of the Sun (Ra) and Superman gets his power from the Earth’s Sun. Heru could fly and had superhuman strength, power, speed and endurance, so does Superman. Heru came to Earth with his mother to escape destruction, Superman was sent to Earth to escape the destruction of his planet. Heru fights for Truth, Justice, and Righteousness, Superman does too (Although he never saved any Black People). Heru is considered as an Angel of God and therefor he is from the house of God, Superman’s Real name is Kal-El, from the house of “El” meaning God. Heru’s body was compared to Steel, Superman is the “Man of Steel.” Those are just a few of the similarities between the two, there are more. You shouldn’t be shocked though, Africa civilized the world and a lot of Africa’s culture and history  was stolen or  hidden while being claimed by Europeans, which still happens to this day. Don’t be fooled, We are the originators. #Salute Post By: @Champion_Us

Queen Iset 

Iset was a secondary wife or concubine of Thutmose II. Iset was the mother of Thutmose III, the only son of Thutmose II. This statue  of Iset made from black granite by Thutmose III after his father’s death, the king honored his mother by preparing this statue for her.

Although in these later instances Iset is referred to as “Great Royal Wife”, during the reign of Thutmose II the great royal wife was Hatshepsut. Thutmose II died in 1479 BC and, after his death, Hatshepsut became regent for the young king Thutmose III. Thutmose III became the head of the armies of Egypt as he grew up.

Her son Tuthmosis III depicts his mother several times in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. In KV34 there are depictions of the king with several female family members on one of the pillars. His mother Queen Isis is prominently featured.

Queen Isis is depicted behind her son on the boat. She is labeled as the King’s Mother Isis. In the register below the boat Tuthmosis III is shown approaching a tree which is a representation of his mother Isis. Behind the king we see three of his wives: Queens Merytre, Sitiah, Nebtu and his daughter Nefertari.

18th dynasty, Reign of Thutmose III, 1479–1425 BC. Cairo Museum.