It’s Important to Remember:
  1. Not everyone views the Gods the same way.
  2. Not everyone worships their Gods.
  3. Many Pagans do not view all Gods as perfect or infallible.  This is actually normal.
  4. Not everyone has the same opinion or relationship with a God.
  5. Not everyone views the Gods as their parent.
  6. Some people have enough parents and are not interested in more.
  7. Some people may have negative experiences with certain Gods and that’s okay, it shouldn’t affect *your* relationship with your God, and you shouldn’t try to force/fix someone else’s relationship with that deity.
  8. Some see Gods like family, but with their own agenda. This is also valid.
  9. Some people are married to their God. This is valid. Even Christianity has Godspousing. It is a thing. Don’t disrespect it because you don’t understand it. 
  10. Not everyone believes that all Gods are 100% tuned into what is your highest good. They are not equatable to the Christian Omniscient/Omnipotent God that knows what is best for all people. 
  11. Some people avoid certain Gods because they feel that God has their own agenda, which may be true.
  12. Not all Gods may have your comfort and happiness as their priority. Some may act against this.
  13. Not all Gods *like* humanity.

Even when you can’t shrine, your Gods love you.

Even when it’s been months since you have done a ritual or rite in their name, your Gods love you.

Even when you aren’t at your best, your Gods love you.

Even when they’re disappointed in something you have done, your Gods love you.

Even when you turn your back to them, your Gods love you.

Your Gods won’t stop loving you for being human.


A short one off comic starring everyone’s favorite agent of chaos. I may have been inspired slightly by recent drama (I have it on good authority that Set enjoys a good drama)

“How did you say the slash mark with your mouth like that”- A/pep probably.

Dollar Tree: Witchy Edition!

I’m currently browsing witchblr and it occurred to me that, as a Dollar Tree employee, I do a lot of my witchy shopping at the Dollar Tree (because I’m poor because I work at Dollar Tree lmao). I feel like Dollar Tree is one of those stores that you don’t really know what all they have unless you work there, or if you go inside and spend an hour or two just wandering the aisles and perusing the stock. So I wanted to share some of my ideas for dollar store witchy shopping, for the financially strapped witches of the world!

Note: I am absolutely not saying that you need supplies/items to be a good witch. The most important part of practice is intent! Your chosen deities will not fault you for not being able to have pretty glass bowls and sweet pea candles. Witchcraft is about the purpose and the intent behind your spells and rituals, not the items you have!

Okay, let’s get started! I’ll update this post as I find new things that can be used, because it’s a weird hobby to go in on my days off and just browse…since I have no life and nothing better to do.


Alright, so I will readily admit that the candles from Dollar Tree are not the strongest smelling candles in the world. The Pillsbury ones, which are some of my favorites, are pretty strong and I love making my room smell like a butter cake. But for the most part, most of the candles don’t smell super strong and won’t smell up your whole house like a Better Homes or Yankee Candle will. However, I think they are perfect for altar use, or just to have on your desk in your bedroom. I do all of my practicing in my room, since I share a student apartment with 3 other girls, so this isn’t a big deal for me. As an artist, color is a huge focus of mine, so when purchasing candles from the dollar tree, I go largely based on color. For unscented candles, we sell a lot of votive and taper candles, as well as tea lights! These are mainly white, but we do have some cute striped ones at my Dollar Tree every now and then. We also have some incense, but I haven’t tried it.

Candle Holders

I’m putting this in it’s own section because we have just as many candle holders as we do candles! I personally love when we start getting seasonal tealight holders in. We get Halloween, Christmas, and winter/spring/summer/fall themed holders in a lot, which are generally kept in the seasonal area at the front of my store and not with the rest of the candle items. In terms of year round candle supplies, we usually have ceramic holders of so many shapes and sizes I can’t even remember them all, as well as metal and glass cups/stands for tealights, votives, pillar, and taper candles. We have star shapes, leaf shapes, round, square, anything you can think of! Come buy candle holders from Dollar Tree!

Altar Cloths

Okay, this was something I actually came across as an idea on Youtube, and I’m kind of annoyed at myself for not thinking of it before! But I also don’t use an altar cloth, so… Anyway, in the kitchen section you can find silk table runners in quite a wide variety of colors. If you’re setting up an elemental altar, we have red, green, and blue at my store, as well as neutral white and brown. I personally would go with the white or cream colors, since my altar is multipurpose and I dedicate it as needed. The runners are 12 inches wide and 72 inches long, so I think they would fit most altars unless yours is super compact!


Y’all. My store here in Rexburg has SO. MANY. VASES it’s not even fucking funny. We sell a lot of glass product, which in turn tells corporate to just keep sending us more, and we don’t have all the shelf space needed for all the shipments we get, so we end up having to stack open-faced boxes in the aisles. It’s pretty terrible, lol. Anyway, if you go on the Dollar Tree website, you can see that we have a pretty large selection as far as size and shape goes. We sell Mason jars as well, which are a favorite of mine. I don’t usually buy these in bulk, so it MIGHT be cheaper to buy your mason jars in packages at Walmart or something, but I buy as I need them, and Dollar Tree is still my favorite for vases and pebble terrarium jars just because their selection is way better imo.


I’m using a fancy word to describe what’s essentially a wine glass, but I have five different glasses that I’ve bought from the Dollar Tree, and I love them. There’s normally a really good variety of color and even shape (stemless, stemmed, margarita, etc). The seasonal glasses are my favorite, because they’re normally decorated beautifully. For fall, the glassware/dishware had autumn leaves, and this year our spring collection glassware was a gorgeous sapphire blue! If you are a fan of liquid offerings/faery libation brews/etc, check your Dollar Tree!

Picture Frames

If you have an altar, it’s pretty standard that you have some representation of your deities on it. My primary deity is Bast/Sekhmet, and I also have some representation of Ptah, and while Bast is represented with a figurine that I saved up for specifically, Ptah is represented by a small 2x2 canvas I did an abstract painting on (since I’m an artist and follow him as the god of the arts). Whether you’re starting out or you just don’t have room for a statue, some people prefer to represent their deities with icons. You can paint your own or print one off from the Internet, but you’re probably going to want a frame to put it in! Dollar Tree has a massive selection of photo frames, usually, and mine even sells different sized photo stands (in different colors!)

Glass Dishes/Bowls

Also for people who like liquid offerings, Dollar Tree has a number of glass salad bowls and crystal-like glass bowls, flat dishes for food offerings, or even just for decoration! They come in multiple sizes as well, so you can get really tiny ones for decor or normal dinner bowls for offerings. The smaller plates can also be used to hold items that you’re consecrating.

Misc Supplies

So depending on what kind of witchcraft you practice/deity you worship/spells you cast/etc., a lot of your general supplies can be found at the Dollar Tree. Here are a few recommendations for pretty basic supplies:

1. Matchsticks, the brand is Diamond and they come in a box of 300

2. Saltines/crackers (I use these as a basic food offering)

3. Nuts/other snack foods for offerings

4. Pints of milk if your Dollar Tree has a fridge section, if you’re meticulous enough to have a separate food stash for your offerings (I know some people who are)

5. Notebooks. I’m not very picky on what my grimoires/books of shadows look like. My current book of shadows is a composition book with a bunch of kawaii art on the front…:D

6. Salt, you can buy a big container of it for 50 cents

7. Other herbs/spices in decent sized containers, if you’re into kitchen witchery

8. If you don’t have an athame and want a knife specifically for carving into candles or something, you can find singles and packs of kitchen knives.

9. I like to decorate my altar according to sabbats, so for decor, the craft aisles have bags of river gems, stones, and aquarium stones as well as a variety of flowers. There’s bags of hot glue sticks if you need them for a hot glue gun (which I use a LOT); ribbons and rolls of decorative mesh, and depending on the holiday they get themed color rolls of these items in as well; there’s garden decor like birds, dragonflies, etc for floral decorating that can be used in a number of ways; bags of sand; foam blocks in multiple shapes of floral arranging; and in fall, there’s always a large selection of autumnal decor to choose from (just be sure to get there early in the holiday season for fall items, as they start being set out in September and sell fast!).

That’s all I can think of right now. As I said, I will continue to add to it as I find new things!

You Only Have To Look

The Gods never left us.

Ra is the prickle in the skin of the reveller on a sun-kissed day, warming them inside and out.

Set is the roaring in the heart of every rioter, whose eyes are opened by the unrelenting fire He burns in their belly.

Thoth is the yearning for knowledge that drives the academic to follow their dreams, pushing them to greater heights.

Sobek is the promise of self-confidence, beckoning the shy ones from their shells, His hand guiding them to being their best selves.

Nut is the unspoken connection between lovers as they sit beneath star-spangled sky, Her embrace lulling them closer.

Sekhmet is the guttural roar in the throat of the blood-soaked warrior who defends what is rightfully theirs, fearsome and strong.

Geb is the whistle in the wind that rustles the hair of the gardener who plows His land and enjoys the spoils of His soil.

Hathor is the maternal love between newborn and parent, Her lips the gentle kisses full of tearful joy that make life so precious.

Ma'at is the courage that spurs the journalist to give justice to those who are otherwise denied, and to expose isfet without fear when they see it.

Anubis is the urge to protect those who are dearest, and to guide them to a life of grace and blessings.

They say the Gods are gone, forgotten, and a world away.

But they are here; you only have to look for them.

(Inspired by @dandthegods.)

habits I’d like to start

🕯burning a candle once a day, either in the morning or at night and set my intentions for that day.

🕯 burn incense more often (Its starting to stock pile but i never use them.)

🍵 drink Tea twice a day.

🔆 throw out everything I no longer need or want (furniture, clothes, jewelry)

🌵 make more space for my plant children

🥑 start watching what I’m eating

📓 finish my cook book and my B.O.S

🎥 post more often to my YouTube channel

🐕 volunteer at my local animal shelter

🍶 clean out all my jars and put new herbs 🌿 in them

💆🏼‍♀️ practice being healthier and a more confident, better me


Finally sharing some new DEITIES art that I’ve been sitting on for some time, after letting patrons view it earlier this year. This set of artwork had been a part of the first “Outfits and AUs” bonus on Patreon – albeit, this isn’t exactly an Outfit theme or an AU, whoops >>

Hybrid forms and features are a canon part of DEITIES verse – every deity is capable of displaying hybrid parts of their sacred animal(s). But the form has limited room to be featured in the main story, so I figured I’d use the first bonus as a excuse to flesh them out a bit. Hybrid forms are also more difficult for me to draw consistently, but a fun challenge to design for the gods. Some notes regarding each of these designs can be found under the cut!

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This is my second commission, requested by @baddiebonemama :)

I hope you and your Patron god like it! 

I know my commissions were supposed to be scketches but I like to put some more effort to my drawings :) I don’t want to disrespect nor the gods nor the customer. 

I do sketches for $4 USD each.
Ask for 1 god/character/person doing whatever you want, I will practice anatomy while working on your drawing. Buy 3 and the 4th is free.
Send me a message so I can give you my PayPal.


Auset: Egyptian Goddess of Life

She stands next to her beloved, regal and beautiful. Great Lady of Magic who shows her love to all. She is the dawn. She is the Wings that Protect. She is the warmth as She breathes Life into those whose hearts are just. The Great Goddess smiles and her Wings spread wide.