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stumbled into the attention of gods you never really believed in until they had their talons and claws deep inside you, scratching and marking you as theirs in a way as ancient as humanity itself

you spend hours scribbling down the counsel of gods who touch your soul, meditating on broken, disjointed whispers and images surfacing from the depths of your mind, the gods’ divine counsel flickering in and out like a faulty lightbulb in a dimly lit room, you struggle and strain to find meaning through the strobe-lighted, dusty air

in another time you might have been called holy but in this age you are only called strange. you are a relic from a different time; the devotee new and improved, now with an iPhone and automobile. your crystals and incense and tarot cards sit next to DVDs and Pokémon merch, you provide offerings of Coca-Cola and potato chips, all the riches of a modern era where the gods are all but forgotten

‘sacred' used to mean gilded and quiet and sterile, unreachable -to commune with the gods was a privilege for the wealthy and powerful- but now the earthly perks are gone and so are the limitations. the gods select who they please, from under the high school bleachers smoking a joint or sitting in the pews during Sunday morning Mass, from the gutters or the libraries or sitting alone in a cheap bug-infested apartment late into the night, they find you and let you know those old stories are true, they are here 

and oh, do they ever have plans for you.


I’ve read many posts about gods in the modern era but where are the posts for the humans they snatch up?


inspired by this post; was the inspiration for this post.

Birthday Spell!!!

I was wanting to share a little birthday spell taught to me. My birthday was May 15th (YAY TAURUS) 

What You Need:

  • Needs to be on your birthday
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Seed (could be a particular flower related to your wish, or herb you can cook into something when fully grown.)
  • A flower pot or something to grow it in, and soil
  • Envelope (The paper, and envelope should be small enough to fit into the pot unless your planting outside.)


  1. When its your birthday write your wish on the paper you have selected. The paper itself can be related to your wish in terms of color or material. (Ex.Red=Love, Green=Money ect. ect)
  2. Place into the envelope, and concentrate your energy, and intent to channel inside of it. Visualize the wish outcome, and it being fulfilled. 
  3. Place under the soil
  4. Plant the seed, and take care of it to help cater to its growth. (Some plants you water everyday, some not at all, pay close attention to these types of things, and do your research.) 
  5. Once the plant is in full bloom, your wish will come true.

Things to keep in mind:

When it comes to spells, all aspects of the spell is important. Color, material, dedicating, cleansing. Keep this in mind when choosing the seed to plant, and what properties that come with it. 

Here is a little thing on gardening if interested.

(Click Here)

You know what would be so nice?

To have a local pagan temple where anyone could come and worship. Like with lil shrines for different paths like a Wiccan shrine, a Kemetic shrine, an Asatru shrine, maybe even a lil jinja if you have a Kannushi/Miko who could probably maintain it. And each path has an expert there to perform rituals and give classes on paganism and different paths

And there’d be books an altar supplies availible for sale there and lots of donation classes on paths and other things like yoga and meditation and ecstatic dance and reiki and tarot and all kinds of things. 

Just a place for pagans and whoever else wants to to come and have a space to pursue being spiritual and just have a place to breathe away from every day life. 

That would be so nice

Pagan SelfCare Reminders:

You don’t have to worship every day, holiday, or fullmoon. Sometimes getting burned out is okay. We all need time to recharge.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as it is sincere.

Just because it works for everyone else, doesnt mean it will work for you. Do what resonates with you. You will connect more that way.

You dont need fancy statues or things to practice. All you need is in your soul.

You are not less of a devotee if you are unable to do things that most devotees are able to do

You are not less of a devotee if you live in a family that disapproves of your practice

You are not less of a devotee if your mental illness makes it hard to keep up with rituals/offerings/meditation/prayer

You are not less of a devotee if the path is new to you and you are anxious about getting things right

We are all human

We all make mistakes

As long as you sincerely seek, your Gods will understand. You’re one of their kids. They’re willing to allow one of their kids to catch up if they need to.