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tinyeraqus  asked:

Pst, would you have any recommended reading/documentaries/etc for newer/ish kemetics?

Hey there, I’m glad you sent this ask.

Firstly, I recommend you check out Devo’s stuff. They have a lot of resources listed here.  This will help get you started. They go over a lot of common questions, offering, “god phones” devotee problems, ect, and some big holidays. For a lot of the US folk, Wep Ronpet is coming up. They go over that as well. You may have to dig a little to find it. Then I’d check this out. (For the resources, not saying you have to / should join KO. That’s up to your own discursion.)

Other resources to help learn about the gods include:

This one

This too

(I would like to point out that a lot of sites lack in a lot of information. There’s usually a lot to learn about a specific deity.)

You want to learn about your deity, some of their myths, attributes, strengths, failings, flaws, ect. I’m not sure who you followed so I’m not going to list any specifics, but if you are interested in Set // Sutekh // Sutah I can help you out there. I have some resources for Anubis, and you’ll never have a hard time finding books about Ra, Horus, Osiris and Ma’at.

Other things you might want to learn about:

Ma’at, Isfet, Ra upon his Solar Barque and A/p/e/p, as those are integral parts of the religion for me. You can go farther and learn about The Book of the Dead & the Hall of Judgement. ((You may already know what this if you’ve ever looked up pictures of Anubis & Ammut.))

After you research ALLLL Of that and you’re still curious:

I’d suggest learning about the culture and land the Gods once resided over. (Despite what some people may say, the Kemetic Gods and Politics go hand in hand. Kingship was a BIG DEAL. It can’t be ignored. I have a good book about that if you’re interested in knocking out history and political endeavors, it’s called The Oxford Guide to Ancient History)

Here’s a simplified timeline, there’s often documentaries on YouTube as well. (You’d want to find ones that specifically deals with the religion, as some of the pyramid building stuff tends to get weird and boring.)

There are a lot of aspects of the religion and culture you can learn about. Some things you might particularly be interested in is:

Ami’s copy of the book of the dead. (YT VIDEO)


Ma’at The Moral Ideal in Ancient Egypt : A study of Classical African ethics

The Teachings of Ptahhotep: The Oldest Book in the World

(The Ma’at book can be hard to read, but if you want to learn a bit about it but you can’t work through it I have posted quotes you can find here if you scroll down a bit. There’s also some coffin texts in there as well.)

So I know I rambled a bit so here’s a TLDR:
1. Read TheTwistedRope’s resources. 2. Research what deity you’re interested in. 3. Learn about the big concepts and names in the religion. 4. Learn about moral teachings. 5. Learn about the history & culture of Ancient Egypt.

This is my suggestion, I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with me, but this is what I did / still doing.  

I also have a master-post of all of my tags, if you like what I do. “Kemetic101” might be another thing you should check out.
Anyway, I hope this has helped. If you want even more resources don’t be afraid to ask.