kembrell thompkins

Guess who came through in the clutch again this afternoon? Yup, that’d be Tom “Effin” Brady. With two minutes and some change left in the game, down 4 points, Brady threw an ill advised ball that was intercepted. While most Pat’s fans (myself included) thinking that the game was over, the defense stopped New Orleans and were able to give the ball back to Brady and company with a little over 1 minute to go in the game. Brady them connects on three straight “bang” plays to Edelman, Collie, and Dobson, respectively, to move within scoring position. The very next play he connects with undrafted rookie Kembrell Thompkins on a 17 yard touchdown with 5 seconds left in the game to put the Pats up 30-27. What a throw, what a series, what a game. The Patriots, despite having to overcome struggles, are a team that should not be taken lightly. 5-1