Wedding Vows
Wedding vows Some people believe in love at first sight but for me its love at first thought
Your name has been lying in the bed of my thoughts for so long I’m starting to forget mine
Every time you do so much as hold my hand it’s like you’re etching your
name deep into my heart
I’ve noticed since we’ve been together I’ve gotten more laugh lines
not because you’re funny but because you fill me with so much joy that
I can’t help but smile for every waking moment that I think of you

When I say I do it’s an abbreviation of I do love you more than life itself
I do want to hold you in my arms forever
I do want to be one with you
Your words are the fuel that keep me going. Some call you my partner
I call you my musician.
Your heart is the bass that keeps time for my melody of love and
together and together we harmonise to the best ballad.

Love is like a bed of roses, it looks so beautiful but the real pain
of emotion comes when you lay on it daily
So I promise that I will hold onto the rose you give me tightly just
so I have the real proof that our love is real and it hurts
With love comes pain and with pain comes something to overcome
And with that gives me a reason to call to your name again

Your name is like the last sweet in the packet, I keep it on the tip
of my tongue hoping every taste bud will get a chance to experience
something so beautiful and eventually give into the temptation of
swallowing, praying you stay within me forever.

I give you this ring as a symbol of my marriage
Endless. Priceless. From me to you.
I am the ring and you are the finger that fills me up.
You are my other half.
You are my all.

I swear to lay my life down at your feet daily, hourly and every
waking second of my life.
I swear to love you as I love myself.
I swear to love you and even when death us do part I swear I will talk
to you daily and lay the rose at your grave
I swear to still love you, when the thorns are still pricking
I am an incomplete puzzle and you complete the perfect picture
Sure we have our chipped corners and scratched surfaces but you know
what I swear ill always consider you as perfect
I swear to love you and I swear our love will endure forever. Kemi Adeeko
THE BALLS MUSIC: UDDY - Kembo (Produced by Blaq Jerzey)

THE BALLS MUSIC: UDDY – Kembo (Produced by Blaq Jerzey)








General Uddy is back, with the first of its kind Afro-Makossa praise
jam rendered in Congolese and Calabar (Efik) languages.
On this brand new one, which is produced by the supremely talented Blaq
Jerzey – the Esama of beats, General Uddy features Congolese born and UK
based gospel singer, Papy Messages.
Laced with beautiful vocal delivery and catchy hooks, Kembo is a…

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Okay, so this past week has been THE BEST WEEK EVER! I don’t want to face the music of going home, but alas it will be necessary. Tuesday I went out and bought myself a yukata. It’s blue and pretty and I’ve got the Obi too…which I have no idea how to tie, but that’s what youtube is for. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of me wearing it yet…so you’ll have to wait until after next weekend when I go to the yukata festival!

Then it was mostly studying, but Friday after class I went for lunch with a Japanese friend, Yuki, and then I went to Kenbo, which was our cultural experience for the week. Kenbo is a samurai sword dance…and it is AMAZINGLY fun. I want to buy all the things and practice this at home, so hopefully that will be possible because it’s real exercise and it’s immeasurably fun. So clearly I’d do it every day.

Anyways, the weekend hasn’t even started yet, tomorrow morning I’m headed off to Tokyo! 

Tip: Vintage Kembo Stoel

Superblij ben ik met mijn nieuwste aanschaf via Marktplaats: een vintage Kembo stoeltje. In de jaren 50 / 60 werkte Kembo samen met Gispen en dat is goed te zien aan het ontwerp. Deze variant heeft een prachtige abrikooskleur en is een warme toevoeging aan mijn interieur. Er zijn verschillende modellen op de markt voor redelijke prijzen (50-250 euro afhankelijk van de staat). Ik vind zelf dit type met de houten leuningen het mooist.