I finally reached 1k a few weeks ago, and it’s almost unbelievable considering the state my blog was in less than a year ago, so I decided to do a follow forever to thank my friends and the people who inspire me, some of which helped me to this point. 

Group Chat Babes: 

adoramuke, artsox, ashtonskiss, bichaelclifford, cute-as-a-button-every-day, heartbreakpenguin, hellagroovy, hemmingsbirdy, hemmosbird, hoemike, hoodcalxm, irishcharm11, louistomlindaughters, mike-ro-wave, my-angels-have-shotguns, officialhairdyemgc, ohana-of-mashed-potatoes, trillioniall

Real life friends and best friends whom I love to death: 

averageabigail, drugsorpizza, kelview, lukelipbiter, musicislove4, reyofgoldenpuppies, todaywassoup, wanderlust-mikey, writeanewone

People I blog about or have blogged about that actually have a tumblr: 

5sos-official, calumthomashood, deefizzy, taylorswift, twentyonepilots

Blogs that don’t follow me back but I love + admire:

all-lime-toe, anarchyaustralia, bassisst, calumfood, calumspiercedhood, chibi-punk, cuntmichael, dragonballashton, faerieclifford, idecidediwasafeminist, kisshood, peachymuke, richboycalum, toolucas. writeme5sos, ziouis

Mutuals I love + see on my dash often:

  • Bold: Favorite blog 
  • Italics: Rad person I am friends with 

5sauceykittens, 5sosexiness, accioirwins, agirlnamedamnesia, allaboutthaaaatbassist, almightycliffconda, ashtrocious, baebhie, benditlikegumby, brandy5sauceson1d, calsshrink, calstraila, calumermaids, calumslapsmybass, calumsthot, calumwifiii, cashtonsnigga, cheesy5sauce, coffeecupashton, cuddlecalm or eunoxia, customcalum, daisythegreat, dammitmichael, disrespectfulashton, djhalsey, everyother5sosurlwastaken, fiftyshadesofwtf, flairpens, floruh, fxxkinghemmings, glamourcals, ha1sey, halseyft5sos, heldontootight, hoodmedown, imagining5sosinmeoops, irwiescoffee, itsfangirllove, kissableirwin, kisslol, illucency, lipringsandsnapbacks, lukepetal, lukessguitarr, lukeswife, lumosirwin, manicpaniclfford, mashtoncliffin, mashtonmental, micool5sos, mikeyass, mimicliffcliff, moist-5sos, poopsos, pornhubhood, prettyinhotpunk, sextashtonirwin, sextuary, snapbackrejects, swallowthegoldflsh, teacupmuke, teenagememorics, thelittlemermike, therejectashtonirwin, theunbecomingofmichaelclifford, tothe-moon-xo, toxic-michael, tragicthrills

Thank you to writeanewone for making the edit <3

I hope i didn’t forget anyone, love you all :))