Pretty odd stuff
  • Jon Walker came up with the line ‘sugarcane in the easy morning weathervanes my one and lonely’. What does it mean Mr. Flip flop man?
  • Despite the fact that he only plays Nine in the Afternoon these days, Brendon’s favorite song to play live used to be Mad As Rabbits!
  • It’s well known that the line ‘reinvent love’ in Mad As Rabbits refers to a poem by the gay French poet Rimbaud, where he says he doesn’t like women, so love should be reinvented. However, Ryan’s girlfriend at the time, Keltie, believed the line was about her telling Ryan to reinvent himself. Miscommunication? Lying by omission?
  • In the booklet, Brendon and Spencer have thanked ‘That Green Gentleman’ lmao. That Green Gentleman is.. well.. weed..?
  • At first glance, the songs seem to be happy love songs, but if you examine them, quite a few talk about cheating, fighting and breaking up.
  • Funnily enough, Ryan wasn’t always a beatlesfucker. It was Brendon who grew up listening to the Beatles. Ryan got into them as an adult, a while before the album.
Akit egyszer ennyire szerettél, arra mindig picit máshogy fogsz gondolni. Ha el is engeded vagy túllépsz rajta, mindig valahogy többet jelent majd. A nevéről ő jut majd eszedbe, évek után is fel tudod majd idézni az arcát, pontosan fogod tudni, mit mondott neked és melyik nap melyik órájában. A véleményére valahogy mindig kicsit jobban adni fogsz, bizonyos helyzetekben rá gondolsz majd először. Ösztönösen védeni fogod mások előtt, ha kínoznának sem mondanád el a titkait. Ha meglátod, ugyanazt a hatást kelti majd: biztonságban vagy vele. Ha valakit ennyire szerettél, az érzés soha nem tűnik el teljesen.
  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: On Aug. 30, 2007, Ryan’s 21st birthday, he and his girlfriend at the time, Keltie, went to Pete Wentz’ club in NYC to celebrate Ryan’s big day. Because Ryan was the oldest in Panic!, none of the rest of the band members were of age and were unable to attend the party, so they all flew back to California because on Sept. 1, they would be performing in Seattle. Everything is fine and dandy and Ryan goes home with Keltie afterward, but in the morning, he was gone. According to one fan that was fortunate to get a picture with them, Ryan had flown from NYC to Seattle overnight while Keltie was sleeping. The fan said that they saw Ryan and Brendon in a restaurant together, alone, and also said it was raining when they went to get a picture with them. We know this to be true because Ryan is wearing the exact same outfit he wore to his birthday party – he didn’t even change his clothes. Many people wonder if the popular Panic! at the Disco song, “Northern Downpour” was inspired by this event, Seattle also being one of Ryan’s favorite cities in the world, with lines like, “I missed your skin when you were east, you clicked your heels and wished for me.” Although it could be just pure coincidence – Ryan flying to Seattle to the show two days early, in the middle of the night after his birthday, but it’s considered #ryden lore among fans purely based on how curious it is that Ryan would fly cross country, overnight, to his one and lonely, Brendon Urie.
  • psychic: what the fuck

Submission: here’s something cute: This is Keltie, a katahdin sheep I’m helping to socialize for a contact area at the zoo. She hates children, but lives for treats. So I’m thinking, kibble sacks in the shape of toddlers? Oh wait… probably not the best idea actually 🐑👶😉

Training the sheep to chew on children would certainly be entertaining, but probably not appreciated. xD

what im thankful for:

•ryan ross
•ryan ross again
•george ryan ross III
•son of george ryan ross II
•ex boyfriend of brendon urie
•ex guitarist and main lyricist for panic at the disco
•grr III
•George Ryan Ross The Third
•owner of a small beagle named dottie
•ex boyfriend of helena vestergaard
•ex boyfriend of keltie colleen
•30 year old with brown hair and hazel eyes living in LA named ryan ross
•writer of hit 2005 album a fever you can’t sweat out
•ryan ross