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TMI Time! Everyone overshare!

Gabriel: Sam’s dick is HUGE like not even big in human sense it’s GIGANTIC.

Sam: Gabriel likes to use popsicles as dildos… A lot.

Dean: Cas’ ears are way to sensitive, he damn near cums in his pants when you nibble on them.

Castiel: Dean likes to wear silky women’s undergarments and be spanked.

Adam: Micheal loves it when I ride him.

Micheal: Adam enjoys when i bite him especially on the neck or stomach.

Balthazar: Kevin enjoys when I tie him up as long as I don’t blind fold him anything goes. Hes a fucking kinky prophet.

Kevin: B-Balthazar likes to be told hes loved. Even after we’ve gone a few rounds I tell him I love him he wants to go again.

Crowley:Ohh thats a hard one I don’t know what to say about Robert…

Bobby: Crowley likes to be treated as human.

The fire raged around a young girl, not touching her in the slightest. The smell of burned foliage and smoke filled the air. Four stood one the outside of the flames. A paladin, a pirate, a hunter, and a rogue. They all tried to yell to the girl inside who was curled into a ball, sobbing. She was terrified. A wretched was wandering the Eversong Woods and tried to hurt her. That didn’t scare her as much as when the creature burst into flames then exploded. She knew it was her power. A fire mage is what she was to be. Barely started training and she was losing control.

“Cereen! Come on, baby girl!” Os'Riaal, her step father and pirate captain, called out to her. “Come on! It’s-”

“No! No! No!” Cereen screamed back. Galilia ran towards the flames, desperate to get to her daughter. Maladron grabbed her, struggling to keep the woman from injuring herself in the flames. Lyrevon grabbed the red head and held her tightly.

“Let me go! She needs me!” She cried out.

“Are you insane, Gally?! Those flames would put you in bed for weeks if they didn’t kill you first!” The paladin went limp at the hunter’s words. She could see the platinum blond haired girl curled up ever so often through the flames. Just for a moment, a raven haired man in a robe could be seen then in a blink he was inside the fire. He reached down, picking the girl up.

“Cereen. Calm down.” The girl looked up as the voice spoke, face still stained with tears. She buried her face in Kelthazar’s shoulder, sobbing softly. The flames around them died down, the air even cooler than normal. He rubbed her back and he slowly moved to the quartet. “It’s okay… It’s over now.”

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So how did you guys all get with your partners? Was it sweet or was it drunken sex in a motel room?

Dean: With me and Cas it was just really… Chick flick.

Sam: Me and Gabriel got together after he came back, he told me he didn’t want to waste anymore time and told me he loved me.

Balthazar: I’m pretty sure me and Kevin already answered this.

Micheal: I asked Adam to kiss me one day after we got out of the  cage.

Crowley: Well…

Bobby: Don’t you dare say anything!

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Any plans for kids? For that matter, would anyone but Bobby be a decent parent?



Dean: Lol your so boned.

Castiel: Me and Dean do want to start a family, maybe 3 or 4 kids.

Balthazar: I’m entirely neutral on the subject.

Bobby: Whats that suppose to mean?

Crowley: I believe it means since you pretty much raised the Winchesters we know you’d be a good parent.

Casteil: I believe Kevin would make the best parent out of all of us.

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How did Kevin and Balthazar get together?

Balthazar: After I was resurrected  by God i was requested to look after the prophet so i did. After a while we became closer and then i took the little prophet to bed.

Kevin: Thats a bit vague and vulgar, well i guess he doesn’t want to tell you about the fact he did this huge confession and how he was so sweet and saying how he’d love me forever and how he wanted to mark me as his bond mate.


Kevin: Yes it did.

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Are angels' backs actually sensitive like all the semi-wing!fics say they are?

Dean: Just near the shoulder blades. The first time I touched Cas there he creamed his pants, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Balthazar: Oh you just had to let that out didn’t you Winchester? Now the prophets going to use that against me.

Gabriel: Hey bro, it’s a hell of a lot of fun if you have more control then Cassie does.


Dean: Well Sammy and i have basically been everywhere in America even went to Ireland once.

Castiel: I have been everywhere at any point in in time and have seen the human evolution. But im happiest as long as Dean is here with me.

Gabriel: Wow bro that was so sickeningly sweet i think you just gave me diabetes.

Dean: Like all that sugar already didn’t

Micheal: You Cannot get diabetes from words….

Sam: Ummh whose going to explain this one? 

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Balthazar and Kevin, do you guys get any weird looks when you go out together? Because Balthazar's vessel looks a lot older than Kevin does, and I feel like you'd get a lot of homophobic old women accusing Balthazar of corrupting Kevin.

Kevin: Sometimes. Balthazar usually just flys wherever we need to be. But when he wants to walk with me he likes to be close and holding my hand.

Balthazar: Once an old woman hit me with her purse trying to take Kevin to “Safety”.

Kevin: It was hilarious.

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Kevin can't interrupt? Lovely. I want to ask about kinks, but I feel like that's already been answered. So, for Balthazar, is Kevin secretly a perv or is he really just that... ah, is prudish the word? I don't think so, but whatever. I'm sure you understand the question.

Balthazar: Kevin loves to be taken he is quiet a naughty little prophet.

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So Gabriel, if you're sort of connected/listening out for Kevin, being the archangel on his shoulder and all, do you ever hear more than you ever wanted to hear from your little brother?

Gabriel: No one needs that connection, Balthazar makes the kid scream and is loud himself as well.

hey guys! I’ve got a question for y'all. what do you most enjoy doing with your respective partners? while we’re at what sort of music do you like (dean, we already know you and your classic rock tape collection, tell us something that’d surprise us). has anyone even let our dearest Cas and Michael about the wonders of human music?


Dean: Sam has gotten me to like a song by a band with a stupid name the songs called “No sleep tonight” By whats it called Sam?

Sam: The Faders Dean seriously you cant even remember that?

Dean: Its a stupid name!

Sam: Whatever. Well i like pop music.

Kevin: I like Classical music its soothing.

Gabriel: I dont have a preference just whatever i hear and like is what i listen to.

Balthazar: I hate the noise the apes call music.

Adam: I havent had much time to listen to music lately training to be a hunter takes up all of your time but i do like Deans music when were on the road.

Castiel: Dean has made me sit and listen to all his tapes for the Impala and i find them quite nice.

Micheal: What is enjoyable about human mucus?

Bobby: Music not mucus idjit.