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lovemea-malia  asked:



1: Age Group
   For fic tbh whatever, I know a lot of people in fandom are underage and are exploring and figuring out what they like, etc. Plus not all my stuff is explicit, and some of the stuff that is still isn’t porn so. As for original stuff that will likely all be explicit as well, so an adult market audience.

2: Genre
   Usually fantasy, sometimes science fiction.

3: Big Idea or Detail Oriented Outlining
   binch i cant outline for absolute shit. I guess big picture but like…. ?? the biggest possible picture, almost to the point of being useless lmfao. someone help me.

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Your name is THRAIN HYDRAE and swimming through your veins is probably your favourite colour, FUSCHIA.

You’re a strong advocate of OPEN QUADRANTS and believe that no one should be limited to ONE PERSON PER QUADRANT (if only because you don’t want to be limited yourself). However, you don’t really enjoy when your friends are in any relationships because you VALUE THEIR FRIENDSHIP and don’t want to BE ALONE in the end.

You aren’t a follower. If anything, you try to BE THE LEADER in any situation because you are a strong, independent fuschia-blood who don’t need no leader. In your own opinion, you make one hell of a leader.

Something you really don’t like is FLARPING. You think it’s VERY CHILDISH and just a lame excuse for HURTING PEOPLE. Not saying that you don’t enjoy seeing someone in pain, you just don’t think that FLARPing is a good reason to do it. Besides, why would anyone wanna pretend to be something they aren’t? You just don’t see the appeal.

Your trollhandle is unwarrantedAccord

(I’m starting to write intros for the fantrolls my friend and I are making for a fansession. Thrain doesn’t have a quirk yet, and her last name probably isn’t going to stay.)

(Skirt, horns, and face originally from here)