kelsie nielson

Sometimes we’re a Kelsi. We love what we do but are always told we’re not good enough. All it takes is the right inspiration to come our way to prove them wrong.

Sometimes we’re a Martha. We love two things but have to keep one a secret. At the end of the day, we can always make room for both.

Sometimes we’re a Jason. We can be really awesome on a court but kind of clueless upstairs. But we’ll always say something to get a laugh out of our friends.

Sometimes we’re a Zeke. We chase after someone who can never feel as strong. But when the time is right, someone will love us for our mean creme brulee.

Sometimes we’re a Gabriella. We may jump to conclusions but our friends are the most important thing. We want what’s best for them and for them to be happy.

Sometimes we’re a Ryan. We spent a lot of time in the shadows of someone but at the end of the day we become our own person. And we’re just as good as they are.

Sometimes we’re a Chad. We don’t really like change but we know what we want. And we’re the most loyal person you could ask for.

Sometimes we’re a Sharpay. We’ve been awesome all our lives but once in a while run into someone who’s better than us. But we’ll always get back up and walk with the utmost confidence.

Sometimes we’re a Taylor. We can be stubborn and too smart for our own good. But when push comes to shove we’ll always support our friends.

Sometimes we’re a Troy. We go all our lives thinking we know what we want only for that to be challenged. But once in a while, all we’ll need is a push from the right person in the right direction.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we are or what we do. We’re all Wildcats. And Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat.

Signs as HSM characters

Aries - Coach Bolton
Taurus - Jason Cross
Gemini - Gabriella Montez
Cancer - Zeke Baylor
Leo - Troy Bolton
Virgo - Ms. Darbus
Libra - Tiara Gold
Scorpio - Sharpay Evans
Sagittarius - Chad Danforth
Capricorn - Taylor McKessie
Aquarius - Ryan Evans
Pisces - Kelsi Nielson