kelsi nielson

Sometimes we’re a Kelsi. We love what we do but are always told we’re not good enough. All it takes is the right inspiration to come our way to prove them wrong.

Sometimes we’re a Martha. We love two things but have to keep one a secret. At the end of the day, we can always make room for both.

Sometimes we’re a Jason. We can be really awesome on a court but kind of clueless upstairs. But we’ll always say something to get a laugh out of our friends.

Sometimes we’re a Zeke. We chase after someone who can never feel as strong. But when the time is right, someone will love us for our mean creme brulee.

Sometimes we’re a Gabriella. We may jump to conclusions but our friends are the most important thing. We want what’s best for them and for them to be happy.

Sometimes we’re a Ryan. We spent a lot of time in the shadows of someone but at the end of the day we become our own person. And we’re just as good as they are.

Sometimes we’re a Chad. We don’t really like change but we know what we want. And we’re the most loyal person you could ask for.

Sometimes we’re a Sharpay. We’ve been awesome all our lives but once in a while run into someone who’s better than us. But we’ll always get back up and walk with the utmost confidence.

Sometimes we’re a Taylor. We can be stubborn and too smart for our own good. But when push comes to shove we’ll always support our friends.

Sometimes we’re a Troy. We go all our lives thinking we know what we want only for that to be challenged. But once in a while, all we’ll need is a push from the right person in the right direction.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we are or what we do. We’re all Wildcats. And Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat.

Musical Theatre Roles from Lowest to Highest (female range)

(Many of these are up for interpretation to an extent, but I’ve included the vocal range to the side for reference!  The ranges are based not only on the high notes, but the low notes, timbre, and what part the actress sings in group numbers.  If you feel a character is way out of place, or think I’ve put the incorrect range, send me a message!  (I may have been going a little bonkers by the end of putting this post together, so just let me know!) 

Don’t know your vocal range?  Check out this video for help figuring it out!

You can find the male counterpart to this post here!

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okay, so i HAD to make this post to confirm my suspicions about pixelberry’s artwork.

the first set of photos:

  • avan jogia is rydan lykel
  • dwayne ‘the rock’ johnson is keo
  • eddie redmayne is sebastian

the second set of photos:

  • daniel henney is prince liam
  • viola davis (as amanda waller on suicide squad) is to cpt. dana beckham

the third set of photos:

  • harry shum jr. (as mike chang on glee) looks similar to tyler
  • ashley benson (as hana marin on pretty little liars) looks similar to madeleine

the fourth set of photos:

  • robert downey jr. (as tony stark in the marvel cinematic universe) was inspiration for rourke
  • max greenfield (as wilson schmidt on new girl) was inspiration for jamie brooks
  • santiago segura (as gustavo acosta on scream the tv series) was inspiration for zig

the fifth set of photos

  • ryan hansen (as andy on two broke girls) is a reminder of european guy
  • olesya rulin (as kelsi nielson on high school musical) is a reminder of aurynn amanth
Signs as HSM characters

Aries - Coach Bolton
Taurus - Jason Cross
Gemini - Gabriella Montez
Cancer - Zeke Baylor
Leo - Troy Bolton
Virgo - Ms. Darbus
Libra - Tiara Gold
Scorpio - Sharpay Evans
Sagittarius - Chad Danforth
Capricorn - Taylor McKessie
Aquarius - Ryan Evans
Pisces - Kelsi Nielson

When you first imagine a Carmilla High School Musical AU...

It’s really easy to picture Laura as the shy, smart new student Gabriella and Danny as the sporty hunk Troy. And of course Carmilla and Will would be the Sharpay and Ryan evil brother sister duo. That was my first idea, too…. BUT Who’s Perry? Who’s LaF?

Consider this instead:

  • 5'2" basketball star Laura Hollis as Troy Bolton, captain of the East Silas High girls’ varsity team under the guidance of coach Papa Hollis.
  • Intelligent and introverted Carmilla Karnstein as Gabriella Montez who moves schools a lot because of her mom’s job and just transferred to East Silas.
  • Basketball bro AF Brody Kirsch as Chad Danforth who is Laura’s BFF for life as they’ve known each other since they were little playing basketball on the coed elementary team when they were like 5.
  • Smart and sassy Danny Lawrence as Taylor McKessie who totally hates basketball and Kirsch and all he represents because the teams steal money away from the academics.
  • Bossy organized teacher’s pet Lola Perry as Sharpay Evans who runs not only the drama department but the entire school on her own schedule because she’s convinced she knows what’s best.
  • Loyal submissive quirky LaFontaine as Ryan Evans who follows Perry around like a lost puppy because that’s all they know and they really do like performing in plays with Perry even if Perry is a little hardcore sometimes and they don’t agree with everything she does.
  • Genius musical composer JP Armitage as Kelsi Nielson who kinda hates Perry becacuse she turns down all his ideas for her own, even though LaF and Laura and Carmilla think he’s a smart guy.

And then imagine all of the ships. Because that is the fic I’m writing.