These blogs rule

Hi everyone. I’ve wanted for a while to make known some of the tumblr blogs that I think are really excellent for various reasons, that I urge you to look at, read, and follow the hell out of.

Lachrimaestro: Drawings, self-deprecation, sensitivity, smarts. This is one of my very favorites – the drawings and the doodles are simple and lovely and say much with little, and the bits of writing are likewise so simple and sharp and get at the biggest things in the dayest-to-day.

kels fjord: Literary miscellany and small stories here and there, plus Moby Dick, Anne Carson, and others. From a woman who’s paying close attention to words and books.

Sadybusiness: Some years ago, I covered a conference on virginity at Harvard for the Boston Phoenix. Sady Doyle was a panelist. I liked her spirit. She blogs with candor and with funniness and it’s not always about feminism, but sometimes it is, and I like reading what she writes.

A Year of Soup: I’ve talked recently about the greatness of this blog about soup and also about more than soup.

W.W. Norton: I highlight the Norton blog because I am grateful and proud that they’re going to be publishing my book.

This Is My Body: There are food blogs. There are millions of them. This is not one of them. This is writing – such writing – about food and family and the sanctity of the meal and the layers of emotion and meaning in breaking bread that get forgotten and obscured in our rush. It is also written by the person I’m in love with.