kelseys crazy

nanbaka theory time:

*disclaimer (i haven’t read past ch 25 in the manga so this theory may be totally irrelevant at this point in the story)

so this guy

Mitsuru Hitokoe is an elf

“wtf are you talking about kelsey are you crazy?” you say

look first off the “Elf” that we know and have been calling capital “E” Elf only says this to introduce himself:

“I’m Elf. The Elf who was in charge of you.”

implying that there might be more than one so called “Elf” which makes sense because he claims to not know who Musashi is when Jyugo snaps at him about it

(which by his expression seems more in a “idk wtf ur talking about” than a “haha i know acting like i don’t remember will piss u off more and i’m evil”)

so why Mitsuru you ask?


so what?

look at everyone else’s ears:

in conclusion: wtf is going on reveal urself Mitsuru!