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in which lucas chooses maya instead

ok this is dedicated to the light of my life @georgesfeeny and basically it’s if lucas chose maya @ ski lodge instead of riley (don’t worry though riley’s not like heartbroken etc. etc.) and it’s essentially pure wish fulfillment but kelsey wanted lucaya kissing so :)

She sat there, looking at him. All she wanted to do was look at him forever, draw him, hold him, kiss him. But she had to say goodbye. It was the only thing left to do to save everything. So she steeled her heart to push him away. “We all know you chose somebody,” she said. “We all know what’s the right choice.” Because it was the right choice. They’d be happy together, and wasn’t that what Maya had always wanted? Lucas and Riley happy, and now they’d have that. “And we know it’s the only choice you could possibly make.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before, really,” he said, and Maya swallowed. He sure as hell wasn’t making it any easier to say goodbye. “I just talked to Riley, Maya.”

“Oh.” So he’d beaten her to the punch. She forced a smile. “Finally figured it out, huh, huckleberry? You two… you’re gonna be good together.”


“I’m really happy for you guys.”

“Maya.” She forced herself to stop talking and look at him. “We talked and we came to a mutual decision that this hasn’t been what either of us has wanted for a really long time.” She felt her heart leap up into her throat.

“What do you mean?”
“I mean that we decided that we work better as friends, not trying to force a romance that neither of us are feeling anymore.”

“I thought - I was gonna tell you to go to her. I was - I don’t know, I-” Maya desperately tried to form a coherent sentence. She squashed down any bit of hope that was itching to come to the surface. She’d already prepared for his rejection. What use would it do to go back on it?

Lucas looked down, wringing his hands. “I get it if this isn’t what you want anymore, Maya. I get it if you still like… Josh, or if you just don’t want this anymore. But, for what it’s worth,” he looked up, “I choose you, Maya. You’re the one I want.”

Maya sucked in her cheeks, reaching out to touch him. “I thought… I want this, too. I want it. I do. I want this,” she said in one breath. And then, before she even knew it was happening, she was kissing him. She didn’t know who initiated it, she didn’t know how long it had been going.

She felt herself tense up and then dissolve into him, until she couldn’t even tell where his touch ended and hers began. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer like he was the only thing allowing her to breathe. His lips were chapped, and he tasted like Christmas, until finally she pulled away.

“I’ve wanted to do that for…. forever,” she breathed.

“Me too,” he said, grinning. She felt exhilarated, invigorated, renewed, like she had been sleeping under snow for centuries and spring had finally come. Lucas tore his eyes away from her, focused on a spot above her head. She followed his gaze to where Josh was standing, arms crossed.

“Maya? I thought we talked about this,” he said. He didn’t seem mad, just confused, and Maya forced herself to stop smiling, though it was hard with the taste of Lucas still on her lips.

“I was wrong. I mean, I lied. I thought… it doesn’t matter now, does it?” She turned around and flashed Lucas a smile. “I was wrong.”

When she turned back around, Josh was walking away, jaw clenched. There would be time to deal with that later, though. There would be more than enough time. Right now, all she wanted to do was sit here with Lucas. She could look at him forever.

Me: *loading knives into the dishwasher*

Me: Our children are going to rebel against us by moving out and starting houses where they can actually keep knives sharp

Alicorn: They totally are

Me: Either that or they’ll have their own knives in the kitchen that we’re not allowed to use. Actually, I hope they can do that, rather than waiting to move out.

Alicorn: Yeah! We can get them sharp knives for Christmas. Merlin, do you want sharp knives for Christmas?

Kelsey: Maybe don’t get the baby sharp knives for Christmas this year.

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“This is my friend Davey. He has a lamp collection.”

Is this some inside joke that I’ve been missing out on? I’ve seen text posts about Davey and lamps. I still don’t understand. Help me, please.

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Top Three Ships – Sherlolly, Reylo, and Kanej or is it Kinej? (From the Six

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Name | Hannah
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Zodiac sign | sagittarius (don’t know much more but i downloaded a natal chart yesterday and want to look into it further)
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Favorite flower | forget-me-nots
Favorite scent | freshly baked apple pie
Favorite color | moss green, purple, violet
Favorite animal | cats
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | i love english breakfast tea, ostfriesentee and hot chocolate but i don’t like coffee

Average sleep hours | ten at the moment i’m a lucky student on holidays
Cat or dog person | cat
Favorite fictional character

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so i’m just gonna go with my favourite fictional witches here. hermione granger, ginny weasley, luna lovegood and tonks from harry potter, sally owen from practical magic, mildred hubble from the worst witch, ruby and rowena macleod from supernatural

Number of blankets you sleep with | usually two
Dream trip | at the moment i’d love to go to scandinavia for a bit, but idk i would also love to go to venice once. but like. without the other tourists. also new york city but i don’t want to go to the us at the moment. 

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i love all of them but i’m scared the feelings not mutual lmfao like i’m scared that they hate me which i know isn’t logical bc we’re mutuals but also like … i know plenty of people who are mutuals w/ people they don’t like and it always scares me im one of those ppl … 

also like every time they reblog the posts that are like “Come and talk to me!!! Become my friend!!!! I want to be friends with all of you!!!!” i’m always like hahahahhaahhaha yeah right u mean everyone BUT me lmfao like … why would u want to do that

also im always 90% terrified that im annoying them lmfao like i always like my mutuals personal posts bc i want them to see that someone saw it but like i’m terrified i come off creepy and that’s another why they don’t like me lmfao

but anyways i love my mutuals and if they don’t feel the same way then great

Meet the New Boss Part 7

Summary: You find yourself faced with a difficult decision after your near mistake with Sam.

Warnings: all the angst.

Word Count: 1300 (ish)

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You rolled over with a groan, trying to shield your face from the sunlight filtering through the windows. At first you weren’t sure what had woken you, but the banging at your door brought it to the front of your mind. You sat up quickly; too quickly as it turned out, and the room started to spin, your stomach churning.

You forced the sickness down and stumbled to the front door, only to find Dean standing on your porch. You sighed and rubbed your forehead, a headache was hitting you fast. You needed more sleep.

“What do you want?” you asked, irritation laced into every syllable.

He took a deep breath and you noticed the grocery bag in his left hand, the contents of which looked to be for making pancakes. “I brought breakfast. Can we talk?”

You took a minute to really look at him and came to the conclusion that you probably didn’t look any better than he did. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Dean.”

He visibly sagged, the hopeful spark leaving his eyes before you had the whole sentence out. “Look, Y/N, I’m sorry, okay? I never meant for any of this to happen, and-”

“Well, it did, didn’t it? Look at what we’re doing to each other!” you hissed, struggling to keep your voice down. “You know, I thought I loved you, Dean! I had– you know what, nevermind. I can’t do this right now. I’m hungover, and I’m just so pissed off that we wouldn’t get anything accomplished. I’ll talk to you on Monday.” You shut the door before he could say anything else, praying he didn’t knock again; or start yelling. You weren’t sure which would have been worse.

To your relief he left, the throaty engine of the black muscle car revving angrily as he pulled away from the curb. You leaned against the door, fighting back tears and trying to convince yourself you were doing the right thing for both of you.


“Y/N!” Meg glanced at the clock. “You’re late,” she muttered, her eyes moving to the closed office door.

“Yeah, I’m not staying,” you declared, handing her an envelope. “Will you give this to Mr. Winchester?”

“Sure.” She was dying to look at it, you were sure of it.

You noticed a box on your now nearly empty desk. “This all my stuff?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, setting the envelope on her desk. “I gathered it all up for you.” Her eyes darted to the office again. “I was told to call him out if you showed up.”

“Fine, call him out. I’m leaving anyway.”

At her panicked expression you changed your tone of voice. “I’m sorry. That was a terrible way to say that. I still love you, Meggie. I’m just going across town to another printing company. Mr. Shurley has offered me a job, and to get such a gracious offer on such short notice is unheard of.”

“I understand, Y/N. I’ll just miss you.”

You gave her a sad smile. “Yeah, me too. It’s just better for everyone this way.” You hauled the box into your arms, surprised it didn’t weigh what you thought it would. “But I’m still your Maid of Honor! You’re going to see me a lot, whether you like it or not.”

Meg laughed loudly, her head thrown back. “Okay, well you better go, before he hears us having a good time out here.”

“Thanks again, Meg. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

~~Dean’s POV~~

The sound of laughter made Dean’s head snap up from the ledger he was balancing. The pen hit the paper and he lurched out of his chair, headed for the office door.

His heart sank when he saw Y/N’s back disappear around the corner. His eyes darted to her desk, which was clear of anything that didn’t belong to the company. “Why didn’t you call for me?” He demanded harshly, leveling a glare at Meg.

“She was upset enough as it was, Mr. Winchester. I wasn’t about to add to her stress.” She held his gaze, apparently unfazed by the threat of his temper.

“Did she say anything?” Dean asked. He barely held onto his professional tone, smoothing a shaking hand over his white button down shirt.

“Not much, she did leave this for you, though.” Meg held out an envelope, and Dean recognized Y/N’s neat handwriting.

“Thanks… I guess.” He muttered angrily, slamming the door to his office. With trembling fingers he ripped the top of the envelope, pulling out two sheets of paper. One was labeled ‘Mr. Winchester’, the other labeled ‘Dean’.

“Fuck….” He dropped into his chair, opting to open the formally addressed letter. Of course, a letter of resignation; he had been expecting that one. He tossed it onto the desk, eyeing the second letter marked ‘Dean’.  

I’m sorry, I really am. I just can’t do this any more. The sneaking around is driving me crazy and on top of everything; you’re married. I just can’t do it. I’m not mad, I’m just done.
I wish you nothing but happiness, and I hope everything works out.

Fuck!” He roared, ripping the letter in half. He balled his hands into fists to keep from destroying his office again, leaning back in the leather chair. “Fuck….” the last word was barely audible, just an exhalation of breath from his lips.

The ringing phone brought him out of his misery. “Dean Winchester speaking.”

“Dean!” Abby’s chipper voice floated through the phone and he fought the urge to throw up. “Don’t forget, tonight is the charity auction, and we already R.S.V.P’ed!”

How could he forget when she was reminding him nearly every other day? “I’ll be there, Abby.”

“Wear the maroon suit, with the black button up. It looks great on you.” A short pause as she spoke to someone in the background. “So, how’s that slut of an assistant you’ve got? I trust she works hard.”

A white hot rage coiled in Dean’s stomach and he drew in a deep breath through his nose. “Just fine. She’s a great worker.” He forced himself to be nice; with Abby you never knew when you were being recorded, which was how he found himself in this mess in the first place. “Both of my assistants work hard.”

“Great!” she exclaimed. Her mock enthusiasm only fueled the hate fire in his belly. “So I’ll see you at 7? Our place?”

He swallowed back the rage. “Fine. Look I have to go. I have work that needs done.” He angrily slammed the phone down and went back to the ledger, the numbers swimming in front of his tired eyes. After a few minutes of staring at the same line, he put his head on the desk. There was no way he could get any work done in this state of mind.

He felt trapped, lost; like there was nothing he could do anymore. He wanted to tell Y/N, to tell her everything, but anymore he couldn’t see the point. He loved Y/N so much, but with Abby keeping him as a pet, she would never believe him. She had her version and didn’t even want to hear his; that he was sure of.

What was left for Dean to do? He could give up everything he had for an intern who might not even take him back, or he could go with the flow and let Abby jerk him around his whole life. No.

He was going to tell Y/N, no matter what.

Meet the New Boss Part 6

Summary:  You run to Sam for comfort after facing Abby, and Sam decides to take action when it comes to what he wants.
Warnings: Angst, almost smut. Language.
Word Count: 1929
A/N: this entire chapter is from Sam’s P.O.V.

Sorry this chapter is so short! I felt the need to get another chapter written and this was short and to the point!

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Sam watched quietly as Y/N seethed, her rage evident in (y/e/c) eyes. She ordered two more shots of tequila, downing one as soon as the waitress set it on the table. She was ominously quiet, her cell phone constantly vibrating against the table.

“Y/N…?” Sam ventured, unsure of how to soothe her.

“Yea, Sammy?” she grinned at him. It shouldn’t have sounded so good when she said his name, but damn if he didn’t find his thoughts wandering to how it would sound as she moaned it into his ear, their naked bodies sliding together as he– Sam shook his head, chasing away the impossible fantasy.  

Sam wanted to say so much; tell her how badly he wanted her, or ask what had happened with Dean. He settled for being nice. “I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

She downed the second shot and grabbed the waitress, ordering whiskey. “Yep, just fine,” she smiled, but the gesture didn’t reach her eyes. Her phone vibrated again and she ripped the back off, pulling the battery and dropping all three pieces into her purse unceremoniously. “That’s better.”

Sam took a drink from his own glass and felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He ignored it, knowing it was Dean. “So, what happened?” He was dying to know why Dean would think she would run to him.

“Abby,” Was the only word Y/N had to utter. Sam knew exactly who she was, and why she had shown up at Dean’s office. They were married, after all.

Sam nodded his understanding, draining his glass and ordering beer. Y/N ordered another whiskey. “I know she can be…difficult.”

“Shower sex is difficult, Sam. That woman…” she trailed off, and Sam noticed that her words were starting to slur together. “That woman is evil.”

“Well, the whole state of Kansas would probably agree with you.” Sam couldn’t help but chuckle. At her wide eyed confusion he elaborated. “She’s the state senator.”

“Ew,” She groaned in response, raking a hand through her hair. Her look of disgust went back to hurt quickly. “Why would he lie to me, Sam?” Her voice was barely audible over the sounds of the bar, which was filling with people just now getting off work.

Sam took a deep breath, not wanting to say the wrong thing. Truthfully, he didn’t know why Abby wouldn’t just sign the divorce papers and leave Dean alone, but he knew it had something to do with her campaign trail. “I don’t know, Y/N. He’s in a tight spot,”

“Yea, I bet he is.” She grumbled sarcastically. With difficulty Sam stopped the laugh from escaping his lips. He didn’t comment further, just watched silently as she finished her drink, deciding that it was time for her to get home.

“Come on, you need to get some rest.” Sam stood, tossing some money onto the table for their drinks. Y/N followed, a heavy sigh leaving her lips. Sam smirked and tangled his fingers with hers, relieved when she didn’t pull her hand away.

The cab ride seemed long with only the scent of Y/N and the bar confined in the small space, invading Sam’s every sense. It didn’t help that she was leaning on him, although he doubted she could help it, he did take up most of the backseat. By the time they got to her house Sam had worked himself into such a state with the thought of Y/N that he found it difficult to get out of the cab.

“Sam!” Y/N slurred as he opened her door, an adorable giggle falling from her lips. She tried to climb out of the cab and Sam had to catch her before she busted her face on the pavement.

“Where are your keys?” Sam kept her steady as she dug through her bag, producing her keys with a flourish. Sam snatched them out of her hand and swooped her up bridal style, her smaller frame warm against his chest. “When’s the last time you ate a decent meal?” He wondered out loud. It was almost too easy to lift her.

“Sam, don’t ask stupid questions.” She muttered, burrowing her face into his neck. Her breath ghosted across his skin as she breathed out a laugh. “What does it matter? You eat enough for both of us!”

Sam chuckled, shifting most of her weight to one arm so he could get the front door open. “Y/N, you just need to get some sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning.” Sam kicked the front door shut and dropped Y/N gently on the couch, where her head lolled against the armrest.

It took him a few minutes to find aspirin, setting a couple pills and water on her bedside table. When he came back to the couch to get her he thought she was asleep, until his hands slid under her and she blinked sleepily at him. “Come on, off to bed.” He lifted her off the couch, carrying her down the hall to her room.

“Sam,” She giggled, caressing his face. “Sammy, do you know how attractive you are?”

Sam gave her a tight smile, using his shoulder to shove the bedroom door open. He set her on her feet, where she swayed but remained upright, clutching onto his biceps tightly. “You alright?” He smoothed her hair back from her face and she beamed at him, his heart constricting painfully in his chest. “Fuck it,” He leaned over, closing the distance between them to capture her lips in a hungry kiss, his arms snaking around her waist to hold her to him tightly.

She moaned against his lips, her breath tainted with the sweet taste of the whiskey she had been drinking, making Sam want her more. He walked her backwards until she fell onto the bed, Sam landing on top of her. He used one of his knees to nudge her legs apart, cradling himself between her thighs as her hands clutched at him, her fingers tangling in his hair. Sam wrapped an arm around her waist, dragging her farther up the bed as his lips moved to her neck, then to her chest.

Sam was already so hard it hurt, and the fact that her hips were bucking up against him was only making it worse. He growled and slid his hand up her shirt, soft warm skin sliding smoothly under his palm. Her hands flew from his hair to the buttons of his shirt, deftly popping them open one by one. His hips rocked into her of their own accord, her small moans pushing him to move faster. She breathed his name, a satisfaction exploding in his chest as his hips pistoned, his fingers clawing into the soft skin of her ribcage.  

He pulled her up against him, pulling her shirt over her head and tossing it onto the floor. She had his shirt pulled down over his shoulders before he came back to his senses. He ripped himself away from her, chest heaving as he leaped from the bed.  She sat bolt upright, her lips swollen and wet from kissing him, her cheeks a blazing pink. “What?” she asked, out of breath. She grabbed the blanket and covered her chest.

It took all of Sam’s will not to walk back over to her and fuck her into the mattress, Dean be damned. “I can’t do this,” He gasped, shaky hands trying to fix his shirt.

Y/N’s eyes welled up and she ducked her head, no doubt so Sam couldn’t see her tears.

He rushed to her side, careful to avoid too much touching for fear of not being able to stop. “Look, Y/N,” He paused, not sure how to proceed.

She drew in a shuddering breath. “I’m sorry, I just kind of threw myself at you, I-”

Sam cut her off, grabbing her shaking shoulders. “God, no! Please. This was all my fault! I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you like that. I just-I want you so much, you have no idea, and I just let my moral compass go a little off center, and I’m sorry. I know you don’t want this, though. Y/N, Dean does care about you. That much is evident. Last week when you weren’t talking, he was a wreck. He barely ate or slept.” Sam scrubbed his knuckles over his jaw. “I’m not saying he’s the best, or he was in the right here. I’m just saying that maybe you should talk to him, and see where it goes from there.”

She nodded, and he took that as a good sign, even though her eyes were still swimming with tears. “Please get some sleep, you look like you’re about to fall over.”

“Ah yes, the side effects of your sexual prowess,” she giggled, a hiccup escaping midway through. Sam smiled, his thumb trailing across her cheek. It wouldn’t take anything just to lean in and kiss her goodnight, but he refrained.

“I gotta go, okay? Before I do something we both regret. Can I trust you to go to sleep?” Sam’s eyebrows furrowed in concern. Y/N nodded again and laid back on the pillows and he stood. “I left aspirin and water for you, I’m gonna go sit in your living room until you fall asleep.” He looked towards the door, then back to Y/N, who’s eyes were shut, her breathing even. “That was fast,” He smiled at down at her, closing the bedroom door after shutting the light off.

Sam had locked the front door and was halfway back to the street, calling a cab service when he saw Dean from the corner of his eye. “Dean? What are you doing here?”

Dean was drunk, that much Sam could tell. He went ahead and called the cab, not seeing Dean’s car anywhere nearby.

“Just came to see Y/N/N.” Dean slurred with a stupid grin. His smile faltered when he realized Sam’s shirt was unbuttoned.

“Look, man, maybe now’s not the right time. You’re drunk, she’s asleep, just let the heat die down.” Sam held up both hands when Dean swung at him, easily deflecting his drunken punch. “What the hell, Dean?”

“So, you think just cuz we fought you could screw my girlfriend?” Dean was enraged, and shouting. Sam’s eyes darted to the dark houses, not wanting the neighbors to witness this.

“Dean, it’s not even like that and you know it!” Sam spit back, his own temper getting the best of him. “You’re friggin’ wife showed up at your office! She was hurt and felt betrayed! What was she supposed to do?” Sam saw the bruise on Dean’s jaw and let out a rude laugh. “She punched you?”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Yea! It hurts, okay? Doesn’t change the fact that you’re sleeping with Y/N!” Dean lunged at him and Sam sidestepped him. “You’re just pissed because you want her and I have her!”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Sam roared, suddenly not caring if the neighbors heard. “You have her and you don’t even deserve her! Why don’t you try telling her the damn truth? She deserves that much, at least!”

Dean sagged, suddenly looking very tired. “I love her, Sam.”

Sam saw real anguish in Dean’s eyes as he stared at his best friend. Sam watched the cab pull up and park by the curb. “If that’s how you really feel then you need to fix this. And fix it now.”