kelsey the shinx

Let’s get to know the gang, shall we?

Luke the Piplup has a careful nature, is often lost in thought and likes bitter food. I imagine him as the silent protagonist, who has a lot of soliloquies in his head, and is a bit of a badass when pull comes to shove.

Kelsey the Shinx has a modest nature, is mischievous, and likes dry food. She better be fucking modest, she has done nothing to be proud of. I can imagine her fucking up on purpose just to mess with me. I’m keeping an eye on you, Kelsey.

Dot the Kricketot has a jolly nature, is strong willed, and likes sweet food. Even though she’s the newest member of the crew, I see her as the mother figure to the other two, who’s upbeat and nice, but can put her foot down when needed. I feel as though if Dot bites the dust, the other two will vow for swift and violent revenge.