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Phoning It In

Roz’s mood grows worse by the hour after repeatedly forgetting to take her radio earphones off before standing up to leave the booth, yanking them jarringly from her ears. To make matters worse, Frasier can’t stop bragging about his bespoke new wireless headset, while simultaneously refusing to allow anybody else to try it on(”I’m sorry people, but these form-fitting earpads have been tailored by the finest Swedish artisans to fit only my auricles.”) as he walks freely around the station, ultimately forgetting to take it off during a trip to the men’s room and loudly broadcasting his activities to all of Seattle, while a paralytically whiplashed Roz cringes on the floor several feet from her console. After a successful dynamite fishing trip, Martin and Duke begin discussing what other routine activities could be improved by the high explosive. By the end of the day, most of McGinty’s has been destroyed, as well as numerous parked cars outside and the subway tunnel running underneath it, but the boys have almost mastered dynamite billiards, dynamite darts, and dynamite toilet plunging. Niles desperately attempts to hide the fact that he’s allergic to Daphne’s new perfume, bolting across the room to violently sneeze every time he subtly sniffs her hair.


I’ve always liked the notion of meeting the great figures of history. But then I think, what if it’s like high school and all the really cool dead people don’t want to hang out with me? Mozart’ll tell me he’s busy, but then later I’ll see him out with Shakespeare and Lincoln. -Frasier (1993-2004)

Another Review for the Underrated Media of the World:

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So, I just finished watching “Trollhunters” on Netflix.

This is yet another Dreamworks show that I am sad to say is a Netflix exclusive… the other massive robot-sized lion in the room being “Voltron”, and heck, I’ll even throw in the additions to “How to Train Your Dragon”.

Like all Dreamworks shows, expect stunning visual animation. Like—not to the level of a major movie on the big screen, but I got a lot of Pixar’s “Big Hero 6″ meets the 30 second original teaser trailer of “Miraculous Ladybug” vibes from it. Regardless, it is beautiful animation as always!

And surprise surprise, Guillermo Del Toro’s name is ALL OVER this show!  Like I was just saying for “The Book of Life”, GDT is basically everywhere these days, and he seems to specialize in the world of the fantastical that is sprinkled with a bit of darkness. 

This show features many famous voices, such as: 

  • Anton Yelchin (✝) who was the voice of the main character, Jim Lake Jr. This was one of his last roles before his death, and knowing that now that I’m watching this has definitely added some sadness to the show.
  • Kelsey Grammer who needs no introduction if your life is filled with the TV show Frasier and also X-Men movies (like my childhood was).
  • Also important to note that if you want to hear Steven Yeun (AKA Keith from Voltron, Glenn from the Walking Dead, or Avatar Wan from LOK) play a complete and total buttmunch bully character named Steve…then I highly recommend this show to you!

Trollhunters is filled with magic, action, suspense, a little romance *wink-wink*, the occasional feeling that someone REALLY ought to get decked in the face, and of course, a lot of addicting intrigue that will keep you hooked and leave you wanting to watch the next episode.

If you have a Netflix account and a free weekend, I would recommend you give this show a try because it may just surprise you at how much you will actually enjoy it!

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What’s the sexiest thing about Lilith?
Kelsey Grammer: Oh, her ass.
Bebe Neuwirth: No, no… not about me. He’s asking about Lilith.
Kelsey Grammer: But it’s all in the same package!