kelsey found a job!

Blank Space Part 1

Kelsey Banman was in her final two years of high school, when she got the news that her mother, and recently divorced, had found a job overseas.

This left Kelsey with one of two options. She could either go with her mother and be homeschooled while on the road, or she could go and live with her uncle, who wasn’t really her uncle.

Given the two options, and after thinking them over with heavy consideration, Kelsey chose to pack her bags and all her belongings, say goodbye to her mother, and move across the country to live with her uncle.

It wasn’t as if she was upset by leaving home and living with her uncle, because she was rather excited.

Her uncle, Bilbo Baggins, was a family friend from years back. He was one who grew up with her mother and they were the best of friends. When Kelsey was born, bilbo was not only there for the birth, but was also named honorary uncle and guardian.

As Kelsey grew up, without her father ever coming by, Kelsey grew to know Bilbo as more of a father than anyone. She came to him for advice and counsel, help and support. She went to him when she was scared and needed a shoulder to cry on.

She loved her mother and loved going to her mother for help, but her uncle bilbo had a special and unique take on the things she needed help with. The kind of things she couldn’t go to her mother for.

Like the first time she had sex, or the first time she got drunk and needed help with the hangover. Everything she needed, she could turn to bilbo for. And in return, Bilbo talked to her about as many things as he could, as long as it didn’t cross the line.

“Kelsey! We need to go! Your uncle will be waiting for you on the other side of the country and if you don’t hurry, the ice age will come before you!” Kelsey grinned and grabbed the last of her bags and threw it over her shoulder before gunning down the stairs, two steps at a time.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were rather excited to live with your uncle.” She rolled her eyes and blew her bangs out of her face.

“I’ll miss you mom, but between living with uncle bilbo and homeschooling, I’ll take living with him. Besides, he said he has a new boyfriend and I am not missing the opportunity to give him a hard time.” Kelsey beamed up at her mother and bat her eyelashes.

“Within reason, Kels. Don’t go too far.” Kelsey stood aside and let her mother walk out their front door and the she turned and looked into the house that she grew up in.

It was a bittersweet moment, leaving her home and her mother, but she deserved this opportunity. She deserved the chance to be happy, and hopefully find a good man.

It has been too long since her mother went out on a date and Kelsey knew she needed to. It wasn’t as if she never tried, because Kelsey’s mom was a babe, but she didn’t have luck.

It seemed like every man she went out with either mistreated her, or got uncomfortable when they found out she had a daughter in her teens.

And before that, before she was a teen, Kelsey’s mother was too preoccupied with raising her and having a career to date. Or so she said.

“Kels! Come on! I wasn’t joking about the ice age coming before you!” Kelsey bit her lip and pressed her hand to her lips and then pressed her hand to the doorframe of the house.

“Just saying goodbye.” Kelsey took a deep breathe and then turned on her heel, and after shutting the door behind her, ran towards the car.

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