kels draws

“phil ur falling asleep again”
“i am not”
“u do it every time!!”
“im just resting my eyes”

every friday night phil proposes a movie marathon. every friday night phil immediately falls asleep


We got these asks quite a while ago but I really liked them! Finally found the time to draw something. Sgt and I had talked about what opposite/villain Heir and Hemo would be and look like which basically can be summarized as:

Heir: Practical => Impractical, Serious => Flippant

Hemo: Sexy => Cute, Tsundere => Yandere

So something like a sexy magician Joker Heir with an adorable, yandere Harley Quinn Hemogoblin.



T’is the season to find someone to smooch with dammit!! ….Unsuspecting (but willing) passerby pups or others~ 

So ye….Tres found a smoochie-buddy for the season from Pup…I mean Sheut ( @peppermint-kel ‘s )

featuring Very Flustery Shock-Ocu….ohnooo~~