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You are the Protector of the Small. You see real people in the humans and animals overlooked by your peers. There will always be work for you."—The Chamber of the Ordeal to Kel 

Keladry of Mindelan from Tamora Pierce’s Tortall series. Finished this one up a month ago but have been slow to post. I think my favorite part of this one was painting the birds and the rough thumbs, she was fun to pose out. The patterns in the bg were influenced by Japanse patterns since Kel is from the Yamani Islands. Next one on my list is Daine, hopefully will get that done soon! 

“phil ur falling asleep again”
“i am not”
“u do it every time!!”
“im just resting my eyes”

every friday night phil proposes a movie marathon. every friday night phil immediately falls asleep

anonymous asked:

Every time you guys post a picture with the characters and their eyes showing, all I can think is that they are real damn pretty eyes. I think I am in love with eyes and nothing hurts.

Hey Anon. Just assuming you are talking to me and not Panic, thank you~! (Unless you are talking to Panic; feel free to direct praise to their blog, since they don’t come on this one) Since you love eyes, here are some eyes for you:

A few RMWT canon characters, but mostly just random eyes. There you go. I drew these just for you, Anon. I hope you like them!

Larger version of the eyes «here on photobucket»


nitethekitten  asked:

Listen do not feel bad about drawing Kel cartoony so much of his fan art is serious and edgy and while there's nothing wrong w that it(he's a villain after all!) was so refreshing to see a goofier cartoon version of him I love it so much god bless u

thank u!! i love the little quirks they added to his personality in wow and hearthstone, really makes you forget how much of a bad guy he actually is

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Have you considered posting some of your guy’s work on welovefine? I feel like you guys have the fanbase and notoriety to make it happen. Plus a hemo and heir body pillow would be 👀👀👀

Nnnnnah. Maybe if that site had come like three or four years ago when we were at the height of our popularity, but our pace slowed down so considerably that I’m p sure those days are loooong in the past. But if it’s an Heir body pillow you’re lookin for, we already made one of those(art courtesy of @bananaramses):