So quick backstory, I got a stronghold for Aerasuni and designed it like a Jedi Academy where I like to believe she has a gaggle of kids she teaches how to handle their emotions like a well adjusted person and encourages them to explore their abilities and find what works for them and isn’t a fear mongering judgmental asshole who shuns people for daring to Have An Emotion ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION, THE JEDI COUNCIL?????


Anyway, I got Aerasuni a little Jedi Academy on Coruscant and it’s cute and I have a couple padawans and one of those Kel Dor Jedi masters and I wanted to put Senya dropping Arcann off at the front desk because SOMEBODY’S gotta teach him the empathy song and Aerasuni’s pretty patient but there’s no Arcann decoration


I was also really hoping they’d release some of the children npcs as stronghold decorations because Aerasuni’s school needs KIDS and I wanted to put Arcann in the classroom area surrounded by like ten actual children because if Tallia isn’t gonna rip his face off and put it on her mantle then the path to actual friendship requires that she be allowed to be at least a LITTLE BIT MEAN to him okay

 I’ve earned this

Tallia has earned this

let me send Arcann to kindergarten goddammit

anonymous asked:

please stop changing your name!! I keep thinking people are stealing your art and running to snitch!!

omg;;;;;; thank u for snitching for me tbh i really appreciate it;; like…. genuinely, i really do;; and my b my b, i’m planning on keeping all my art-related URLs and nicknames the same from now on!! 

and as a heads-up! name-wise i go by kellin, kel, or kyungmin! most of my usernames are hooleydoodley, heykyung, or babytretij! otherwise, there is a solid 95% chance that anyone else posting my art is not me!!

“phil ur falling asleep again”
“i am not”
“u do it every time!!”
“im just resting my eyes”

every friday night phil proposes a movie marathon. every friday night phil immediately falls asleep