I’ve had to block about five or seven porn blogs just within this week. There were some that I didn’t even know I had.
That’s not counting the handful I’ve had to block within the past couple months as well.

I’ve flagged all the ones that I found. Hopefully staff will do something about it….

I’m so sick of these disgusting blogs, I’m going to start counting until tumblr actually makes a noticeable effort to get rid of these blogs. So that everytime I find that another has followed me I’ll flag it and tell them how many I’ve blocked so far.

As of right now I’ve blocked about 13 in total. Probably more. 

To my followers:

If you guys are worried about a porn bot following you but don’t want to get your eyes burned by clicking it I suggest checking the icon and blog name first.

It’s almost always the giveaway, the icon will either be nsfw or even a selfie (usually of a girl). The name will be along the same lines, or a jumbled mess of letters and numbers. Or the name will be obvious such as two I can remember were called cumguzzler and blowmyocirina

If you find that one is following you block and report.

Check out more info here: x


We love and appreciate everyone who supports Civ. So Mikey, Olan and Na-kel decided to go knock on doors of Civ Clothing Customers all day and give out free tickets for the Roxy this Saturday

It was 100% random none of the people knew they were coming. 

The last girl came outside with her civ shirt on that was tight. 


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Boop -Lat

She’d been focusing on the arcane cube when suddenly she was booped! :OO Kel crinkled her nose and frowned, tearing her gaze from the cube to see who’d done it, her frown turned to a small when she saw Lat, and she was about to say something when the cube decided she’d lost the puzzle and froze her on the spot……………..”Hey.” She sounded offended, finishing her fake reprimand from before as she shook the ice off her, quickly beginning to shiver from the cold. “Not nice..” she pouts, eyeing the spot where the cube had been before it winked out of existence.

Tagged by @ravenclaw-and-proud-to-be (thank you sweet pea, you always tag me in stuff i love it!! 💙)
Nicknames: Kels, Kelsey-Kels (my coworkers a clearly original), Mom
Gender: Female
If I had a cat, I’d call it: I have so many animals names I like. Kettles, Buttons, Dinah, Daffodil, Luna, Poppy, Kiddo, Lavender, I could go on..
Height: 5'9"ish
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Favorite color: baby blue and baby pink
Time right now: 12:42 p.m.
Average hours of sleep: anywhere from 7-10, im one of those people that needs ALOT of sleep and im absolutely useless if I don’t get it
Favorite number: 13
Last thing I googled: I reviewed a dress I got at Hot Topic (it’s so cute it’s this black witchy style dress)
Fictional characters I want as a sibling: oh man, probably all of the gallagher kids from shameless cuz thats basically how my family is anyway
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 blanket and a bunch of sheets, i like a lot of thin layers
And I tag: @meltic-daze @fuckoffandgudnite @fuckyeahspidersfrommars @pinkyscousin @mygolden-stardust @fitzskmmons @xsis-the-wanderer @setaflow @byuhteefullnana @casserolenannerhead @tinyconfusedgay @tryingmywings @ultra-violetttttt @stressed-depressed1997 @ceilingmeetswall @we-all-died-in-paradise @frenchie-egg @palenerdrebel @thnks-fr-th-njrs @hidinginhershadow

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Kel'yen could see it was all taking such a toll on Lat: The work, the move to Dalaran, and all the gloom and death. It just stacks up and leaves the poor wuggins just plain worn out. She knocked and slipped into the office with two mochas from the Legerdemain and a small bundle of one of each of their different cookie types..(something like 10 cookies). "C'mon, it's break time. Finish your paragraph and lets go somewhere." (disheartened ask @kelyenwra)

Lat was pouring over the latest movement report when Kels stopped by. She looked up in a curious manner. “But I need to get this information out there…..for tomorrow…” She interrupted herself with a yawn. “Okay. One break. But this stuff is gonna pile up quickly. I just know it.” She slowly stands and slides over to the door, her eyelids low, but a content smile on her face. “Where we off to?”

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✮- A certain mage girlfriend I hear she's been shipped with

(This feels like @ladyvaleriemalos’ work)
“Kels? I dunno. I’ve known her less than a month, but we seem to click really well. More than anyone I’ve met. I could talk to her for hours about anything….except cookies, apparently.But I can get over that. And I care for her wellbeing. I dunno if I would say I love her yet, but I really, really like her and wanna see if there could be another level to our relationship…..maybe romantic, or maybe just good friends. We’ll see.”