Maddie opens up about Cheating rumours
Maddie discusses her relationship with Jack. Disclaimer: Please refrain from commenting hate on any of the girls, remember they are still growing and learnin...

I am really proud of my girl, finally she is addressing all this shitty rumors Maddie is the type of girl that usually ignores everything but this proves she is maturing and growing up and the polite way that she did is amazing, she shows that you don’t have to be upset to address a situation that is bothering you so I am really proud of her.


You are the Protector of the Small. You see real people in the humans and animals overlooked by your peers. There will always be work for you."—The Chamber of the Ordeal to Kel 

Keladry of Mindelan from Tamora Pierce’s Tortall series. Finished this one up a month ago but have been slow to post. I think my favorite part of this one was painting the birds and the rough thumbs, she was fun to pose out. The patterns in the bg were influenced by Japanse patterns since Kel is from the Yamani Islands. Next one on my list is Daine, hopefully will get that done soon!