this was just supposed to be a sketch but then I got carried away….a lot…but anyway I think this is the final design for my take on a Kelpie. I wanted it to be more monster like than they are usually depicted since they are demons that….disembowel children. At least in most cases. There are some nice ones in legends too so I wanna see how far I can take designing maybe like, different forms of them and stuff. As well as HOOMAN forms?? I dunno we’ll see.


The Kelpies

I finally took myself to go and see the Kelpies up near Grangemouth today. They opened in April this year, and I’ve been very slow at getting myself over there. Partly because I’m still a bit nervous about driving… I shouldn’t have worried though, because the journey was fine, and it was absolutely 100 million percent worth it. They are incredible! I loved every moment of being there, despite forgetting my gloves and freezing my fingers off.

These marvellous 30 metre tall steel sculptures were designed by Andy Scott and represent the lost industry of Falkirk and Scotland, but also the progress of modern society. He has a variety of other pieces dotted about central Scotland ( so if you’re nearby you might already be familiar - I actually drove past Arria at Cumbernauld on my way to see the Kelpies.

To find out more about how they were made, or their history, take a little look at these sites:

And if you get a chance to go and see them, don’t hesitate! You won’t regret it in the slightest.

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