kelp bed

The Deep-Below

A #microfiction for anyone who ever feels like they’re sinking…

They called her Pearl, because you could always find her curled up at the bottom of the ocean.

When she was young, she had been a sleepy child and would often drift to the floor of the shallow oceans (that all the mer-pups stuck to) and curl up in a soft bed of kelp.

They had joked that these blankets were her shell. In her adolescence, the elders taught her (as they taught all with the talent for depths) how to forage the fruits of the sea and scavenge the wrecks of the over-water. And she began to experiment with making clothes out of those warm fronds of kelp, so she could carry her shell with her everywhere.

Whether she wore them or not, she always carried a little bit of the depths around in her head. You could see it in the inky depths of her eyes when she would look off into the distance and her friends would know she was not with them, but briefly somewhere far below. Somewhere swathed in comforting darkness.

But her friends in her scavenging pack had patience for these flights of fancy, when she would plan her next adventure in the deep-down. For when she returned, she would bring with her such wondrous stories and souvenirs and it was almost as if they had been there with her.

But there was another darkness that she carried with her. This darkness was a kind of predator that swam through her mind, its rows of teeth made up of all the fractures of her worries. For, as she had grown, she had found the tight pressures of life beneath the waves had crushed her somewhat more tightly than they seemed to for others.

She heard the laughter of the foragers above her with their angler fish smiles, and it dug into her ears in ways it did not for her friends. Her eyes were often wide as she twitched at the approach of social rivals, as her brain screamed “predator”. Her keen eyes, which she could not turn off, saw even her own soft spots and attacked them ruthlessly. “You’re just a silly little pearl with your trinkets and your stories,” it would say to her, “what good are you?”

Later, her friends would tell her that these sharp edges within her were the same things that made her excel in the deep-below - her wide vigilant eyes, her curious, caring and questioning nature. If only she could direct them outwards instead of inwards.

But befriending the predator that lives inside you is not so easily done. It is a process that is accomplished inch by careful, angry inch and sometimes results in being bitten.

And whenever she felt that creature begin to prowl the waters of her brain, she would sink like stone to the bottom of the deepest trenches. There the water would close around her like a shell (or perhaps a vice would be more accurate). It had taken her years of diving to build up that kind of resistance to the pressure and none could safely follow her.

So down there she would hide, alone and safe from either being bothered or feeling like a bother on any other creature.

Eventually, she sank so deep for so long, that she began to lose any feeling that she was connected to the bright worlds of the upper waters at all. She resolved to stay down there and make her home in the deepest dark of the ocean’s crevices.

Some of you will be pleased to know that there is a “but” coming.

You see, she *would* have stayed down in the deep-below for the rest of her life, *but* for two things…

…the first “but” is simply this: that some of the other mer-folk missed her.

They were not so well equipped as she to explore the deeps. They had not grown accustomed to the pressures. They had not built up their bodies to withstand the cold, as she had.

But they were determined. And they loved her. And those with light in their hearts and blind stubbornness in their heads have often been able to achieve the impossible.

So they practiced and they trained and they learned to cover for each others’ weaknesses. And gradually they dived ever deeper.

…the second “but” is that the heavy darkness that swaddled the trenches was not *empty*.

Over time, as Pearl became more accustomed to the different shades and textures of pitch that were the ocean’s bottom, she began to perceive the shifts and rolls of the water. Miniscule shifts in pressure and current that spoke of something *massive* snaking through the space around her.

And, because she was ever curious, eventually her questioning nature overcame her sadness, and she swam towards the movement.

What she felt there was massive and rough and smooth. It twisted as she touched it and pressed a giant sucker against her arm. It began to curl round her, but she was not afraid - something in the hind of her brain knew this for affection.

Then she heard the voice. It was everything and everywhere, shaking the ocean around her and rippling down her skin.


“Uh, hello…” She mumbled.

“HELLO.” The tentacle squeezed her gently. “IT IS NICE TO FINALLY MEET YOU, PEARL.”

“You know me?” She said.

“ALL IN THE DEPTHS KNOW YOU.” A single giant eye opened and glowed in front of her and seemed to float there, connected to nothing. “AND TO KNOW THE DEPTHS IS TO KNOW ME.”

“What are you?”


Pearl did not know what to say. She had never before felt so seen. Or so safe.


“Rescue?” Pearl felt the presence that held her begin to flex and rise upwards.

“THEY DO NOT KNOW ME LIKE YOU DO.” Something in the voice suggested a smile.

Up above, at the point where pitch darkness became simply “murky”, Pearl’s friends were floundering.

They had done very well considering, but a few weeks of practice could not match a lifetime. But they had still dived deeper together than any of them could alone.

As they all rose up, carried upon the Deep-Below’s huge tentacles, Pearl fussed over them and tended to their various injuries and needs.

“Pearl!” They all exclaimed, dizzy from the pressure. “We came to find you, but we found a monster! *And* you!”

“It’s not a monster.” Pearl smiled softly. “It is me.”

And Pearl stroked the nearest tentacle fondly.

“If you say so.” Her friends said, deliriously.

“I do.” She said. “I do.”

Pearl did not live happily ever after. At least, not exclusively. The beast that was happiness was something that she would spend most of her life trying to tame.

But she did live surrounded, both above and below, by love.

And that is not nothing.

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Our November #conservationlands15 Ends with the Top 15 Places to View Wildlife on the BLM’s National Conservation Lands!

1. Steese National Conservation Area, AK. The Steese NCA provides habitat for moose, dall sheep, grizzly bear, black bear, small game, raptors, waterfowl and numerous other species of small mammals and birds. Portions of the Steese NCA are used by the White Mountains and Fortymile caribou herds.

2. King Range National Conservation Area, CA. At the King Range NCA, offshore rocks, tidepools and kelp beds are inhabited by seals, sea lions and a variety of marine birds; California grey whales can be spotted offshore in winter and spring. 

3. Browns Canyon National Monument, CO. Browns Canyon NM visitors can spot iconic mammals such as Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, black bear, mountain lion and elk.  Fishermen enjoy Gold Medal Trout waters, with a consistent standing stock of 60 pounds per acre. 

4. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area, FL. Despite its urban setting, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ONA is home to a wide array of wildlife, from osprey and snowy egret to bobcat to west Indian manatee.

5. Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, ID. The deep canyon of the Snake River, with its crags and crevices and thermal updrafts, is home to the greatest concentration of nesting birds of prey in North America – and perhaps, the world.  Some 800 pairs of hawks, owls, eagles and falcons come each spring to mate and raise their young.

6. Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, MT. The Upper Missouri River Breaks NM contains a variety of wildlife habitat types, supporting 60 species of mammals, 233 species of birds, 20 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 49 species of fish. The river provides habitat for one of the six remaining paddlefish populations (and perhaps the largest) in the US, as well as the endangered pallid sturgeon and shovelnose sturgeon. 

7. Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, NM. The Río Grande del Norte NM is comprised of rugged, wide open plains  cut by steep canyons. Several species of bats make their home in the gorge, which also provides important nesting habitat for the endangered southwestern willow flycatcher. Large mammals find their winter homes on the plateau alongside a population of rare Gunnison’s prairie dogs. 

8. Black Rock High Rock Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area, Soldier Meadows Area of Critical Environmental Concern, NV. Soldier Meadows Area ACEC was designated to protect the desert dace, a threatened fish listed under the Endangered Species Act. The desert dace are only known to occur within the hot springs in the Soldier Meadows area and nowhere else in the world.

9. San Juan Islands National Monument, WA. The diverse habitats found on these islands provide a refuge for countless species of mammals, birds, and insects, including the island marbled butterfly, which was once thought to be extinct. 

10. Deep Creek Mountains Wilderness Study Area, UT. The Deep Creek Mountains WSA provides crucial habitat for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, mule deer, elk and pronghorn. Found in several streams in the Deep Creek Mountains is a rare insect, the giant stonefly, which is only found elsewhere in watercourses flowing to the Pacific Ocean. 

11. Ferris Mountain Wilderness Study Area, WY. The Ferris Mountain WSA is known for ecological diversity along with outstanding geological and recreational characteristics. Pine marten, blue grouse, and snowshoe hare take up residence in some of the patches of old growth forest.  

12. Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, OR.  Harbor seals are often on the coastal rocks and can be seen caring for their pups in spring. During winter and spring, the area offers outstanding whale watching opportunities. 

13. Paria Canyon Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, AZ. The remote and unspoiled, 280,000-acre Vermilion Cliffs NM offers opportunities to view endangered California condors.

14. San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, AZ. The San Pedro Riparian NCA contains a Globally Important Bird Area which attracts thousands of birdwatchers from all over the world each year.

15. Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, OR. The Cascade-Siskiyou NM is the first national monument in the United States set aside solely to protect biodiversity. 

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Too much sadness so instead imagine a lair where most of the hatchlings get exalted

Imagine proud parents hatching a nest of ridiculous looking children, imagine them rejoicing that they are strong and healthy and perfect for serving their deity

Imagine parents bringing their fresh hatchies to the leader and boasting that they’re perfect warriors

Imagine large families getting disdainful looks from the rest of the clan for selfishly keeping so many of their babies

Imagine newly grown dragons excitedly thrashing their way through the kelp beds, taking a beating along the way but knowing that in the end they’ll become strong and go to serve their deity

Imagine hatchlings placing bets to see who can accrue the most wealth to leave behind for their families

Imagine exalting as a joyous event, one that dragons look forward to, and one that they are only rarely called away from, either to lead, to protect their clan, or to take up some other profession

little mermaids love tail closed rp


vincent sighed sitting in hsi  cave messing with the water curants   humming softly  as he did . he sighed  as his pets floated around eels  and   a little cat fish  sleeping on a bed of  kelp he sighed as he   sat on his shell. befor ehe sensed something or rather someone getting clsoer to hsi cave slowly   he  blinked holding his shell necklace   and smirked slightly sending his eels off to spy  on who  ever  was  there he watched his orb as the figure apeared he blinked and blushed slightly before shaking it off and smiling  at it

notn psa

I’m gonna leave a little friendly reminder here because I’m sure there are some people out there who don’t know this.

Guys. Don’t farm the high level venues during notn.

For every one match you play in the mire, kelp beds, etc. you can play multiple in woodland path, because rather than taking up to five shots to knock out one enemy, you can one-shot these guys. Sure, the drop rate may be lower, but when you’re playing more than three times as many games, these odds mean nothing.

Put it this way. I farmed the mire for five hours and got one chest. Since then I’ve been in the woodland path and so far I’ve gotten seven chests. Not to mention you’re getting about a zillion times more loot this way because you’re playing that many more games #cashmoney

So yeah! I’m sure someone has already made a post like this, but anyway, hope this helps someone out!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I don’t use eliminate, which is an argument to be made. However, eliminate still takes a while to charge and at some point you will miss, whereas in the woodland path you can just scratch your life away without even a chance of being hit if you get dodged because you’re 99999 times faster.

NotN enemy locations
  • I bet I'm not the first one to do this but having one more going around can't hurt, right?
  • Woodland Path: Painted Marionette
  • Scorched Forest: Snarling Mimic
  • Sandswept Delta: Unlikely Alliance
  • Forgotten Cave: Animated Statue
  • Bamboo Falls: Ensorcelled Volume
  • Waterway: Ectoplasmime
  • Arena: Magic Mirror
  • Rainsong Jungle: Wooden Marionette
  • Boreal Wood: Spellbound Tome
  • Crystal Pools: Opposing Forces
  • Harpy's Roost: Deadly Reflection
  • Mire: Living Statue
  • Kelp Beds: Jawlocker
  • Golem Workshop: Jawlocker

I’m doing a giveaway to celebrate collecting 400 familiars! 

Prize A is a gem marketplace familiar of the winner’s choice 

Prize B is a Mantarune, one of the boss familiars from the Kelp Beds 

Prize C is 100 gems to spend on familiars from the marketplace - that’s one fancy familiar, or 20 Baldwin fodder, or anything in between! 

Three winners: First winner gets their pick, second winner picks from the remaining two, third winner gets the final prize. Winners will be drawn in 24 hours, rollover from the 11th to the 12th 

To enter: reblog this with your username, ID, and a familiar you want but do not yet have!