Visiting the city of Oulu with icelandic sheepdogs. Well I actually live in this city but I don’t hang out in downtown that often. We took pictures with some well-known sculptures in Oulu. The first one is called “Tiernapojat” also known as Epiphany singers. The second one is called “Toripoliisi” also known as The Bobby at the Market Place. Dogs’ names are from left to right: Kelmi (means villain in finnish), Myssla, Lina and Noa. 

After spending two days of waiting in the hotel lobby - where the Seleçao stays - 10-year old Kelmy Ahidan was able to break through security and embrace his idol: Neymar. 

Neymar - and part of the team - appeared on the second floor of the hotel and drew the attention of about ten fans who were there to see the players. Security prevented people from accessing, but after hearing shouts of “Neymar! Neymar!” the boy Kelmy ran up the stairs.

A security guard on the second floor still tried to avoid the boy’s access, but Neymar told the security to release him and took a picture with him. Happy with that his mission was accomplished - and after two days of waiting - Kelmy proudly showed the photo he took with the idol. “Neymar is the best,” he said. And the boy from Peru said he would cheer for Brazil and predicted a win for the team: "It’s going to be 4-0 for Brazil,“ he predicted | 15.11.16.