kellymce said: Are those the ones we vote on? Share the link! 

It is! Submissions are open until March 1. Then, I guess the voting starts. I’ll definitely share the link! 

lecieltumultueux said: Ohh can you tell us what about?

Of course! I’m going to present about empathy in the library. I’m using the term “empathetic services” which includes bibliotherapy, the library as a safe space, collection development, programming, just being there for patrons, and lots of other examples. Librarians provide empathetic services everyday to patrons, but no one really talks about it on the job or in MLIS coursework. It’s an invisible service. I’m going to about what empathy looks like in the library, why it is so invisible, why it’s important, how it supports the work librarians do, and how to provide these services within professional guidelines.

It’s part of my dissertation area, but in that I’m focusing on how librarians use empathetic services to support cyberbullied teens. Thanks for asking!