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I'm really trying to stay on top of current trends in the academic library field without having a ton of money to go to national conferences...what are your favorite blogs, listservs, tumblarians, etc. to follow or even websites to get news from our community? I feel like I'm always behind...or following things that are more just noise than good sources of trends. When I was in library school it was easier but now not as much. Thank you so much!

Two pieces of advice before I recommend a few blogs:

  • There may be local conferences in your area that are more affordable than national conferences. For example, where I live, there’s an annual one-day conference on library instruction called CCLI. These types of local conferences — with no travel costs, hotel costs, and a lower registration fee — are more feasible for those with a limited budget, but still supply a ton of value. They connect you with local professionals, you learn trends relevant to your area, and often learn about forthcoming jobs before they hit national listservs.
  • Find a local mentor you can sit down with might help, someone who doesn’t work at your institution (if you’re employed). Getting someone’s perspective, who works in a different environment, is a good way to know what’s going on more broadly. I had lunch yesterday with the librarian who mentored me when I was an intern and it was tremendous — and made me realize I should do that more often.

Here are a few blogs to keep up on (very much a partial list, there are other blogs I also read):

Full disclosure: one of these is my boss. Some of the others are my friends. I am not bias-free. Who is?

Tumblr division, academic librarians (again, partial — I follow well over 500 total tumblrs):

Some of these are professionally focused, some are not, but I enjoy following them all. I enjoy the mix of personal and professional on tumblr.

I also follow a lot of public librarians (you can good ideas to port over!), institutions, and submission blogs like Librarian Wardrobe. You can browse the tumblarian list for both institutions and individuals to follow.

You should also check in on C&RL, the open access journal of the ACRL, and C&RL News, its non-peer reviewed outlet.  I also like the OA Communications in Information Literacy.

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kellymce said: Are those the ones we vote on? Share the link! 

It is! Submissions are open until March 1. Then, I guess the voting starts. I’ll definitely share the link! 

lecieltumultueux said: Ohh can you tell us what about?

Of course! I’m going to present about empathy in the library. I’m using the term “empathetic services” which includes bibliotherapy, the library as a safe space, collection development, programming, just being there for patrons, and lots of other examples. Librarians provide empathetic services everyday to patrons, but no one really talks about it on the job or in MLIS coursework. It’s an invisible service. I’m going to about what empathy looks like in the library, why it is so invisible, why it’s important, how it supports the work librarians do, and how to provide these services within professional guidelines.

It’s part of my dissertation area, but in that I’m focusing on how librarians use empathetic services to support cyberbullied teens. Thanks for asking!