the signs in the office

Aries- Karen

ambitious, determined, confident, direct, a little selfish and competitive, not afraid of confrontation, natural leader

Taurus- Jim/ Darrell/ Stanley

super chill, gives zero fucks, seems to slack off but is actually a hard worker and very good at their job, good sense of humor

Gemini- Kelly

loves to talk and gossip, tells lies to get attention, secretly very smart, prone to mood swings and impulsive decisions

Cancer- Holly/ Pam/Erin

makes bad jokes, has a goofy sense of humor, warm and nurturing presence, sensitive (especially to criticism) and prone to making fear-based decisions, family-oriented (yes, even Erin- she longs for parental figures)

Leo- Michael

treats the office like a stage, loves attention, performing, and children, very open and demonstrative in love

Virgo- Angela

uptight, judgemental, hypocritical, loves small animals, vegitarian, super competent and analytical

Libra- Andy

longs for a partner, pathologically seeks approval, intelligent, indecisive, low self esteem, good singer/musician

Scorpio- Dwight

can completely devote himself to something (company, job, Angela, Michael), secretly very sensitive, a little paranoid and power-hungry

Sagittarius- Merideth

warm, generous, loves to drink and party, ridiculously honest, does what she wants, doesn’t care about what other people think

Capricorn- Jan/ Ryan

serious, sarcastic, cold, intelligent, career-oriented, bad at romantic relationships and commitment

Aquarius- Creed/ Robert California

weird, crazy, does what he wants, refuses to conform, doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him

Pisces- Toby

self-sacrificing, prefers to blend into the background, low self-esteem, struggles with rejection, can’t seem to find his place in the world