Tomorrow: screenwriter David Milch talks about Luck, his new HBO drama inside the world of horse racing. Milch also created Deadwood and co-created NYPD Blue.


Accepted (7):

  • MIT (EA)
  • University of Pennsylvania (as a Benjamin Franklin Scholar)
  • UC Berkeley (early)
  • UCLA
  • USC (full-ride finalist)
  • University of Washington Seattle
  • University of Oregon (Honors College, full-ride finalist, $15k/yr scholarship)

Waitlisted (1):

  • Harvard

Rejected (2):

  • Stanford
  • Princeton 


I will be attending MIT’s CPW April 7-10 and UPenn’s Quaker Days April 11-13 so if you’re going to either, let me know and we can meet up! I’ll be committing sometime in mid- to late April.

I’m staying on Harvard’s waitlist but I searched up the statistics and apparently the acceptance rate is less than 3% so I’m not going to keep my hopes up.


In all honesty, MIT and UPenn were my second and third choices. I don’t say that just because they were the schools I got into, but because I visited both and loved the spirit there (I was trying to look for the post I made a few months ago stating this, but the closest I could find was this).

I wanted to get into Harvard/Princeton for prestige.

And the truth is, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten into Stanford/Harvard/Princeton. Because I didn’t work all that hard in high school. I took two free periods when all of my friends had none sophomore and junior year. I didn’t do the IB Diploma, which requires more work than I was willing. I didn’t study enough for standardized testing (and I don’t mean this in a humblebrag I got high scores without trying way but just as a statement). I turned in late assignments constantly, I didn’t go to class sometimes, and I wrote so many emails asking teachers to round me up a letter grade. I napped during lectures and discussions, I’m known as a slacker. 

But that’s okay, because the Kelly Writers House at UPenn is badass. I always wanted to volunteer at the high school math tournaments if I ended up going to MIT. 34th Street is the coolest magazine. And can I go wrong with either Philly or Boston? I don’t think so :) 

Plus, I mean, I got into MIT and UPenn. I am so, so lucky to have these options, and I can’t wait for college.


Here are a few of our favorite entries from our annual Edible Books party, a program where students and other KWH-afiliated folks get to make edible versions of books (as you can see, often based in puns). The attendees then vote for a variety of categories like Most Literal, Most Literary, and Best Pun to see who will take home glory and food-related prizes.


Shifting the Gaze: Women in Music Panel at the University of Pennsylvania, Kelly Writers House.

This was a really amazing, albeit scary, experience. As a writer, I’ve never felt confident as a public speaker—I am only able to truly understand how I feel about anything through the written word. It was fear that pushed me to moderate this panel with these bosses who took it to the next level with their personal truths, the ambiguity of equality, and the work we shouldn’t have to do in the music industry.