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Friend, fellow author, and elected official Kelly McCullough on yesterday’s and last week’s events in Congress.  I need to be working, not spending MORE time on politics, but Kelly is wise, and mirrors my own thoughts so well, I had to share.  

Politics isn’t pure, and it isn’t simple.  And it has to look at the long game as well as the immediate win, always at the same time and often in the same hand.

Oh, geez, this book is brilliant!  I’m constantly being reminded of Eugenides while reading this main character.  Aral (the main character) is snarky and clever and anti-heroish (though he swears more violently than Gen - at least in print).  But I am in love with this book.  It’s called Broken Blade by Kelly McCullough, and if you like the Queen’s Thief series, then I highly recommend it.