Fashion Week Pop Quiz

By Jauretsi

Whew. We all survived Fashion Week…most of us did at least. Today is Fashion hangover day, so we asked four industry pro’s who attended the best of the best this week to give us their take on the Luxury storm that just passed. Meet the indomitable crew (left to right):

• Kelly McCauley, CFDA (Director of Communications)

• Joey Jalleo, The Standard Hotel (Director of Special Projects)

• Lysa Cooper, Stylist (Rihanna among others)

• Nikki Ogunnaike, Glamour (Online Style Editor)

(1) What was the event you “let your hair down” the most this week – (i.e. took Advil the next morning)?

Kelly: I let my hair down (and there is a lot to let down) at Rebecca Minkoff’s after-show party at the Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel. From the Democratic National Convention straight into… [MORE] Fashion week, DJ Cassidy brought us all back to the 90’s.  Best track of the night: Terence Trent D’Arby “Wishing Well”.  Enough said.

Joey: The opening of Chez Andre at The Standard, East Village. Haven’t had that much fun since Boom Boom opening in 2009

Lysa: Never took my hair down cause the parties were all a bit tame/lame.

Nikki: The Proenza Schouler after party which I hit with the rest of the fashion team.

(2) What Designer collection blew you away the most?

Kelly: I was truly blown away by Zac Posen’s show. Everything about it was magical.  The veranda of Avery Fisher Hall, Etta James on the soundtrack, and dresses that only exist in dreams. 

Joey: Prabal Gurung’s show on Pier 57. The music, the clothes, and the army of girls marching out at the end. All breathtaking. 

Lysa: Zero by Maria Cornejo

Nikki:Practicality wise: Jenni Kayne. Bright dresses and short suits are so my jam Fantasy wise: Oscar de La Renta: I’m not quite the Oscar girl but I definitely appreciate OTT (over the top) well made gowns and cocktail dresses

(3) Favorite restaurant you ate at this week?

Kelly: Jack’s Wife Freda on Lafayette. The peri peri chicken and chopped salad are the perfect balance of protein and green.

Joey: I didn’t eat at all this week.

Lysa: Family Recipe on Eldrige. 

Nikki: Not a restaurant but I did spend a lot of time at the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge, haha. I spotted many an interesting celeb there including former rapper Mase and former ANTM cast member, Jay Manuel.

(4) My most comfortable fancy shoes were…

Kelly: Alexander Wang’s Carmen heels in black and purple. I wish I had worn them every night.  

Joey: My Cole Haan Lunar Grands. You can climb Everest in those!

Lysa:  Ric Owens high tops

Nikki: My Nike Dunk Wedges! They’re fancy because of the way cool red Liberty print.

(5) First moment I plan to relax post-fashion week is ….

Kelly: Korean body scrub at my favorite spa in Tribeca booked for Saturday morning.  I’m addicted.

Joey: TODAY. Heading out to the country to fall asleep and wake up two days later. 

Lysa: right after the Fashion shows in Paris…October 4th…haha

Nikki: Right this very moment!

(Photo: All photos by BFA)