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I didn’t think to post this here the other day, but here is ANOTHER SHOUT OUT for romance!!! @kellykirstein and @for-the-love-of-clod are two amazing SU cosplayers I have been following for months and Kelly finally asked Clod to be hers!!! they’re precious and give me tons of hope that I can do the things I want to in life and that someone can love me for all that I truly I am someday! <3 this is the first picture I ever saw of them and I fell in love with their cosplays immediately and have been waiting for the day they made it official. they bring me so much joy and tons of smiles, and I can’t wait to see the endless joy and smiles they will bring to each other! <3 congrats again you cloddy Barn Mates!!!


Lapis Trapezuli is Lapis Trapezuli is one the amazing cosplay version of Lapis Lazuli created by the wonderful @kellykirstein I wanted to draw Clod as well, but I will do it later (because the paper sheet wasn’t big enough) OvU
Gal, if you see this, I want to tell you you are very cool! I actually opened myself an Instagram account so I could see your amazing pictures xD
And thank you for doing what you do :)
I might try to paint it someday •×•
I already posted this on Instagram, but I’m trying to reuse my Tumblr account, so here we go!


If you’ve never seen The Good Place and you’re curious if it’s something you might like please watch this video

another cosplayer who I love a lot - the wonderful @kellykirstein as Bob from Steven Universe! Her cosplays are so gorgeous and she’s a really great person in general

COSPLAYER Q&A: Sunday, Oct. 12 from 11:30am - 12:30pm in the Virginia

Finally learn the answer to the age old question “what body paint does Kelly Kirstein use?” Bring any and all cosplay questions.

Hosted by @for-the-love-of-clod & @kellykirstein

Full schedule available at

Last day to buy tickets is OCTOBER 5. There are no sales at the door.

Judging by how full of joy and love it makes me to see other people in love, I’ll probably never be able to sustain a relationship myself. I would simply explode.