Never Be The Same: Part 4

Sirius: *shifts in his sleep, his breath catching* *settles back into a steady rhythm, his chest rising and falling calmly* 

I’m sorry.

They’re gone Sirius. I’m sorry.

They’re gone Sirius. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry…-sorry-s-sorry I’m-s I’m-

They’re gone Sirius. I’m sorry.

Sirius: *cries out, thrashing violently in his sleep* 


Sirius: *jerks awake, throat raw from screaming* 

Sirius: *freezes, focusing on Remus as he struggles to gain control of himself* 

Remus: *slowly lays back down, eyes fixed warily on the shaking man across from him* 

Sirius: … *whispers* You can always feel when they’re coming. It gets cold… the air. It’s hard to breathe.  

Remus: *holds his own breath, worried Sirius will stop speaking* 

Sirius: They made me relive it… That night. Over and over and over again. *stares through Remus, his eyes wide and unblinking* Every day… year after year… 

Sirius: I can’t… breathe… 

Remus: *softly* We can’t go outside Sirius. 

Sirius: *chokes* I need air… *tries to pull his arm out of Remus’s grip* 

Sirius: *Dangerously* Let go of me. 

Remus: *tightens his grip* You’re out Sirius. You’re free. You’re never going back. Please, let me help you. 

Sirius: ……. Help me?

Sirius: *shoves Remus violently, snarling* I’m not out, Remus. I can’t get it out of my head. *chokes back a sob* I’ve relived their deaths so many times- 

I wasn’t allowed to forget. It’s never going to go away. *starts gasping, clutching at his chest* I th-thought maybe, now, without the dementors breathing down my neck, maybe I could…. but their faces… aren’t going away- 

It’s so goddamn cold… all the time. 

Sirius: *sobs* … I’m so fucking cold. 

Remus: *lurches forward* 

Remus: *voice trembling* … I wasn’t there for you Sirius, and I will never be able to make up for the last twelve years… 

But I’m here now, Pads. 

*quietly* Please… Don’t shut me out. 

… Please. 


Proud: Daddy!Sirius x Reader


Request:Hi! I know you are not taking request at the moment but I just needed to get this idea out of my chest/brain haha What about an imagine where Sirius is besides his wife while she is giving birth to their son and meanwhile the rest of the marauders (Jily and Harry survived and Remus his with them, Peter can die after what he did to them) are outside waiting for them and to check on them and finally a very proud Daddy!Sirius introduce them to their baby? :3 I just LOVE the way your write! Thanks!

Warnings: Child Birth ! ! ! Also, I changed the prompt to it being a girl instead of a boy, cause, c’mon, Daddy Sirius & his baby girl. 

Also, Y/N/P = Your Name Preference

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Sirius winces as another one of Y/N’s screams echo off the four walls of the white room, he squeezes her hand tightly, wishing he could do anything to make the pain end for her. He looks down at his wife, a few stray baby hairs from her messy bun stuck to her face from the sweat, the way her teeth are grit together tightly, the crushing feeling of her hand digging into his.

 “C’mon, baby, you’re doing so well. You’re so close.” He mumbles, brushing a wet cloth across her forehead with his free hand.

 “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. And you really had to use that nickname?” She whimpers, her head laying against the pillow with a dramatic huff as she whines. 

Sirius chuckles slightly, moving the cloth away to press a kiss to her forehead. 

“Push, Mrs. Black!” The nurse that is stationed at the end of the table encourages, her head darting back under the sheet over Y/N’s legs. 

“There we are,  love. Just a few more. You can do it.” Sirius mutters,shuffling closer to her. He puts the cloth aside and brushes his hand across her forehead, trying to calm her. 

Y/N grimaces, lifting her head from the pillow and sucking her cheeks in between her teeth and biting down hard as she pushes, her hand squeezing Sirius’ tightly. She lets out a huff, her eyes droopy as her hand shakes slightly. 

“Doing so good, my love.” Sirius encourages, pressing his lips to the back of their joined hands.

 “One more big push, Mrs. Black.” The nurse’s voice drones.

 “I-I can’t. I’m sorry, I just- Sirius please.” She fumbles, her head lulling towards the side as her hand releases his and pulls him tighter by his shirt. The nurse throws a frantic glance at Sirius who gives her a look, not to push Y/N. 

“Love, come on now.” He mutters, brushing a hand over the crown of her head as she buries her head into his shirt.

 “Sirius- I can’t. It hurts.” She whines, her voice cracking at the end. Sirius feels his heart pang, as he leans down and kisses her head. 

“I know baby, I’m so sorry. But you’ve got to push for me okay? Just one more and we’ll have our baby.” He coaxes, trying not to think about the fact that Y/N is shaking against him. 

She’s breathing unevenly into him, but he feels a distinct nod. 

He pulls away and lowers her head back to the pillow, “ Look at me. One more, baby. For me.” He whispers, kissing her forehead. 

She closes her y/e/c eyes, and nods meekly, before mustering all the strength she has in her body and with a final groan, pushes. Sirius grips  her hand tightly and a few seconds later, a new piercing cry feels the room.

“Hey, Moony, watch this.” James mutters, bouncing a gurgling Harry on his lap. 

Remus looks up from his book, watching.

 James turns the child around in his lap, putting a hand on his small back to keep him in place as he pulls out his wand with the other. “You wanna fly, Harry? Yes you do, just like your dad, huh?” He cooes, as he points the wand at his giggling son. 

“Prongs I don’t think-” 

“Wingardium Leviosa!” James casts, and Harry is immediately up in the air, giggling and curling his little fists as he floats across the room from his dad. “Look at him, Moony! A born quidditch player. I bet you he’ll be the best seeker of his age.” James says, beaming. 

Remus looks at James through his glasses, frowning, ‘Prongs, you’re literally floating your infant around in the air with a wand.” 

James rolls his eyes at Remus, “Sorry, Lil.” He mocks.

 “You better put my son down this instant, Potter, or you will be.” Lily says, entering the room with a carton of to go tea mugs. She glowers at her husband as Harry flies by her head, reaching for her. 

James’ eyes go wide as he brings Harry back over to him. 

Lily hands Remus his cup of tea before setting the tray down and smacking James across the back of the head. 

“Ouch! Not in front of the kid, Lil!” He protests, rubbing his head. 

Lily rolls her eyes and takes Harry from his lap, “Which one’s the kid again?” 

Sirius chuckles from behind them, causing them all to turn. 

“Sirius! How is she?” Lily asks immediately. “She’s great, Lily, and so is our daughter.” He replies, grinning as Remus groans, fishing a few galleons out of his pocket and shoving them into James’ waiting hand. 

“Well, let’s meet her then.” James says, hopping up from the chair.

Sirius pushes the door open and smiles immediately upon the sight of Y/N, their new baby gurgling in her arms. “Hi guys!” She greets as their friends rush over to meet the little girl.

 Sirius walks over next to Y/N, kissing her forehead and reaching down to scratch the baby’s shirt. “Oh, she’s beautiful Y/N.” Lily gushes, smiling down. 

“Well, she is her mothers’ daughter. ” Sirius mutters, winking at Y/N. They all laugh and Remus grins, staying at the end of the bed.

 Y/N looks up, smiling slightly at her best friend. “Remus, come closer, I think your goddaughter would like to meet you.” She whispers, smiling. 

Remus’ eyes go wide and Lily elbows James as his jaw drops open. 

“M-me?” Remus asks, glancing between Y/N and Sirius.

 Sirius beams, nodding and taking the baby from Y/N, “Yes, you Moony. Meet, Y/N/P.” The others all gush over baby Y/N/P as Sirius makes his way back over to Y/N, taking a seat next to her and taking her hand. 

“Hey, Black.” She mutters, causing a smile to erupt on his face, the first words she had ever said to him.

 “Yes? He asks, cocking an eyebrow at her in amusement. 

“We did good, didn’t we?” She asks, eyes wandering back to their friends. 

“Sure did, my love. Sure did.” Sirius says, before leaning forward to kiss her.

Dating Remus Lupin would include:

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  • Cuddling all the time
  • Long Romantic kisses
  • Short kisses on the cheek
  • The Marauders calling you ‘Mrs. Moony’
  • Hogsmeade dates where you two either get chocolate or new books
  • Worrying every full moon despite that Sirius promised that you could kill Peter if there was even a new bruise.
  • James trying to convince you to help ask Lily out
  • Being the mother person for all the Marauders
  • Being the little sister for the Marauders
  • Trying to surprise him by becoming an animagus
  • Him finding out and trying to stop you from becoming an animagus
  • Doing it anyway
  • “Oh shut up!’’
  • Finding out you share Patronuses
  • Him always being able to fix/solve your problems and give advice
  • “Chocolate is the universal cure for al problems, it’s scientifically proven, i swear y/n.’’
  • Bad yet amazing puns
  • The Marauders pulling their worst pranks on everyone who insults you
  • Stealing all his jumpers.
  • “We could just buy these, you know.’’
  • “Yeah but it isn’t the same.”
  • Kissing and cuddling all day before a full moon.
  • The Marauders teasing you but also thinking you’re the best person on earth for their Moony.
  • Him being the literal best boyfriend to have ever been on this earth.

So One Time in Canada…

Those included are as follows @grittysugar @thejokingwallflower @cranbersher @foolishkia @crtwigs

I really enjoyed working on this. My work wasn’t meant to match perfectly those of the original artists. I don’t think it could ever be as good. T'is an homage to a group of admirable, creative individuals. They have since rejuvinated my passion for art and animation. They reminded me that while it’s a lot of hard work, you can still have fun while making it and meet awesome people along the way!

Trivia: I had to adjust Gritty’s outfit as it was too close to looking like Yandere Simulator. crTwigs’s ghostie friends were actually conceptualized before she updated her profile pic, so when I saw the new one, I thought, “Ooh, This will work out perfectly!” Making Cran took the longest. Fitting, no? :P *NattCatt wasn’t there, but I felt like she deserved to be, so *boop!* I gave her a cameo of sorts.

Support them where you can be it patreons, merch (at cons or online shops), sharing their video links to those who may be interested, etc. Many of you smart noodles may know this, but for those who don’t– their work takes a long time, so be kind, be patient and don’t re-upload their animations and monetize them.

  • Peter:I saw Regulus talking to Snivellus. Seemed pretty friendly.
  • Sirius:Excuse me?
  • Peter:Yeah. They were laughing at something.
  • Sirius:NO BROTHER OF MINE - [storms out of Gryffindor Tower]
  • James:Well, that was a bit of an overreaction.
  • Peter:Yeah. Especially since I lied.
  • James:You lied.
  • Peter:Yep.
  • James:Regulus isn't talking to Snivelly?
  • Peter:Nope. Sitting at opposite ends of the table, actually.
  • James:So he's going to storm over to Slytherin table and make a scene for no reason?
  • Peter:Yep.
  • James:You devilish, perfect little bastard.
Jumpers- Remus Lupin

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Pairing: Remus Lupin x Short!Reader

Characters: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 556

Author: Charlotte

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“Got anything on the victim?”
“Not much, she was an A student, worked part time as a waitress, saving money for college, however a week ago she withdrew a large amount of money from her bank account. Pretty much all of it.”
“That’s interesting… why would the goody two-shoes need that much money all out of sudden?”
“Her father John Martin passed away two days before she took the money, I assume she was arranging his funerals, but we’re still checking the details.”
“A troubled teenager and a girl who just lost her father… there must be some kind of connection between the her and Abigail.”
“They didn’t know each other, at least we have no prove that they ever met before.”
“We should look into it more thoroughly.”
“There’s no need…”
“Excuse me?”
“I think I know the connection.”
“He’s recreating Carrie’s life… she was a troublesome teenager, just like the first victim, she lost her father not before her eighteen’s birthday.”
“Just like Evie…”
“He’s after her. Alright, listen everybody, we’ve gotta find him before he finds her. Kelly, go check in with Spencer and see the autopsy results, we need anything that can point to Boyd’s location.”
“Got it, boss.”
“Where’s Carrie?”
“Right here!”
“Remember the devil…”
“What’s going on? I don’t like that look on your face. I know that look.”
“Then you know what I’m about to say.”