remus lupin / the soft material of an abundance of sweaters brushing against your skin, words from novels pouring out of your mouth before the crackling fire, your lips skimming along purple bruises, glasses perched on his nose with the scratching of a quill against parchment, cheeks painted a blush pink, & and the sound of a click as a Polaroid picture is being taken



Request: hey! i was wondering if I can request an older Sirius Black where you guys haven’t seen each other in years and you join the Order and see him at a meeting, you two used to date in Hogwarts and then he was sent away and they lost all contact, she had trust issues because of it but as soon as they see each other, it’s right back to like when they were younger. witty and sarcastic banter, flirting, etc. btw, I’m also a ravenclaw and horned serpent :) Thank You!! –Anon

A/n: Ayy, fellow housemate :)

“Remus, what’s with that smile?” You asked your old friend as the two of you made your way up the drive of 12 Grimmauld place, of all the places that Dumbledore chose to hold the first meeting of the Order and he chose here—it baffled you.

“You’ll see” Remus replied, glancing over at you smiling. You scoffed at him, rolling your eyes and quickening your pace slightly to get out of the cold and into the house. Once you entered the building you quickly realised that the temperature inside wasn’t that different to the one outside, “jeez why is it so cold in here” you complained trying to pull your thin jacket around more.

“You should’ve brought a thicker jacket then” a familiar sounding voice said from behind you causing you to freeze. Slowly you turned around, your eyes wide and already beginning to fill up with tears as you stared at the man in front of you. The same man who held and loved you those many years ago, the very same one who was sent to the harsh prison that is Azkaban, you always believed him to be innocent but never thought you would ever to get see him again.

“Sirius?” You whispered still not fully believing what you’re seeing and hearing.

“It’s me, (Y/N/N).” He confirmed, opening his arms to allow you to run into them where the two of you hugged and allowed the built up tears to fall.

“I’ve miss you so much,”

Sirius and Remus both then filled you in on what had happened and who was really behind Voldemort finding Lily and James’ safe house, and all throughout the meeting you and Sirius picked up right where you had left off while not leaving each other’s side.

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Once again, Albus Dumbledore changed the course of Remus Lupin’s life when he tracked him down to a tumbledown, semi-derelict cottage in Yorkshire. Delighted to see the Headmaster, Remus was amazed when Dumbledore offered him the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.”