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but like do you ever think about the actual practicalities of creating the marauders map??? like shit, accurately drawing up just a normal map of a normal castle would take hours upon hours of work, especially for four teenagers who have like…… no idea what they’re doing. they basically taught themselves to be cartographers, for fun, when they were teenagers…… if that isn’t the most nerdy af thing you’ve ever heard idk what is.  add to that the fact that its Hogwarts with moving staircases, hidden corridors, secret passage ways behind tapestries and portraits, disappearing doors….. thats like…. a ridiculous amount of work, and thats not even taking into account all of the complicated magic they had to research and learn in order to track people and to disguise the map and to have it insult people on their behalf. not only did they have to explore every inch of the castle whilst taking notes, they must have spent countless hours at the library reading and sketching and researching,  and then there’s the whole casually becoming animagi thing. YEAH they were like… Raucous Youths who were forever getting into trouble and showing off and pulling stupid pranks and generally being the Marauders™ but they must also have had like….. a ridiculous amount of single-minded determination and stubbornness and just unwavering devotion to helping their friend/getting away with shit and honestly. its a terrifying combination. 

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Hcs about the marauders hair?

James Potter:

  • Well fuck.
  • It’s soft, and curly, and thick.
  • It’s usually really messy (more so after sleeping or sex) and he’s constantly running his hands through it to keep it that way.
  • It’s great for tugging on and he always makes sure to tug and run his hands through it whenever Lily is looking his way
  • It’s very dark brown but gets some nice honey highlights in the summer from flying around on a broom all day long.
  • In the rain it gets even more curly

Sirius Black:

  • It falls just to his chin and he’s always pushing it back and out of his eyes.
  • Sometimes for Quidditch he even throws it up in a tiny bun at the top of his head (feat. Remus DYING)
  • In the rain it curls up around his ears and he’s constantly shaking it out.
  • Wonderful for playing with or running your hands through but very select few are allowed access. (Remus Lupin and… well, Remus Lupin. Maybe Lily.)
  • It’s jet black and frames his face and complements his tan skin beautifully.

Remus Lupin:

  • Ugh.
  • Sandy brown and shorter in the back and thick and curly in the front
  • Always messy from where he tugs at it while he studies
  • Has beautiful reddish honey highlights
  • It gets very frizzy in humidity but that somehow only makes it better and makes Sirius all flustered as he watches Remus attempt to flatten it infant of the mirror only in his underwear every morning
  • Sometimes when he’s studying he pushes it all back off his forehead and leaves it there revealing a scar above his eye from that time Sirius and James were practicing summoning spells in third year.

Peter Pettigrew:

  • His hair is… limp and full of betrayal.
  • Sorry.

harry potter characters and the major arcana / luna + the moon
the moon card is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry; at its very best, the moon is a card of genius, of mental breakthroughs, astonishing creativity, powerful magic, and intuition. it is historically linked with magic and portents, and its mysteries are eternal. it is also associated with illusions, and what is seen by its light is not necessarily real.


Character Aesthetics →  Harry Potter

It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.