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The Story We Need to Write

Now that this is done, I’m taking requests. I might not do all requests because I might think I’m not the right person to write them. If that ever happens, I sincerely apologize. I also did not proofread this, at least the end.

Part 1

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lenasdayoff pt 12 -  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

Alex Danvers was the complete opposite of her sister, Lena mused as she watched the DEO agent glance around the coffee shop, eyes scanning quickly past each of the patrons.  Lena waved, nudging the mug towards the second chair at her table.  

It was the first time she’d actively sought out Alex, going as far as asking Kara to pass along her phone number, so that Alex had the freedom to contact Lena when she was comfortable with the idea.  Honestly Lena was terrified that she’d overstepped, spending the entire evening prior working up the courage to ask Kara to bridge the communication gap.  

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Davey learns Crutchie’s real name, but that’s not the only thing he learns.

// This story contains references to child abuse. If that kind of content makes you uncomfortable, proceed with caution! //

AO3 Version

“So, I’ve kinda got a question,” Davey asked, wondering silently how he wound up playing cards with the King of Brooklyn and the King of Brooklyn’s (best friend? Boyfriend? Davey didn’t know) , on some random Tuesday night in the middle of summer.

“You always do, Mouth,” Spot said, while Race asked, “What is it?”

“So, what’s with the whole nickname thing? Like,” Davey glanced around the dim room, wringing his hands together. “Why do some of you guys go by nicknames ‘nd some don’t?”

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davey x reader college au headcanons

still working on the fanfic, just wanted to get these out today because i have a lot of feelings and ben fankhauser is the love of my life

-The first time Davey sees you is in Intro to Government, the first class of your first day at university

-He’s a political science major, with focus in English

-He was very nervous about starting college. He had been on campus for a week already but besides his art major roommate and the rest of the guys in his dorm hall, he didn’t know anyone. You on the other hand, were excited to meet new people and have a fresh start

-You were both so nervous because you had heard the professor had a reputation for being a hardass that the two of you had gotten to the building before was even unlocked

-You introduced yourself to him, and he could barely do anything but smile and nod. You were the cutest person he’d ever seen in his life !!

-Not wanting to stand for the 20 Minutes, you suggested the two of you sit down on a nearby park bench

-He followed you, super confused

-like, here was the most beautiful person he’d ever see, and you actually wanted to talk to him and sit next to him


-As you two begin to swap stories about high school and your hometowns, you start to see just how much you have in common

-You offhandedly mentioned your favorite book character, and he could of married you on the spot because it was his too

-he couldn’t help but notice how you played with your hair and how you grinned as you laughed like the most perfect ball of sunshine had been made into a tiny little human

-and you couldn’t stop watching the way he moved his hands when he talked or how his eyes sparkled when you mentioned literature

-The two of you could have stayed on the bench talking for forever, but the professor arrived and thus began your first class

-the minute class was over, you asked him if he’d like to study some time together for this class, as you know it would probably be the hardest class of your semester and he immediately agreed, admiring how on top of everything you were

-Studying for the first test involved hesitantly correcting each other and trying your hardest to eat properly and take perfect notes

-but one test quickly became multiple tests, and then it was every Thursday night

-Now it was deciphering scribbled notes and seeing who could intake more caffeine a day, yelling over each other trying to formulate answers to the homework

-It became you sprawled out on his bed listening to him recite essays and speeches that gave you goosebumps because damn that boy could write

-and him hosting Netflix nights when you just needed to relax, letting you cry into him when the stress was just too much

-Jack came in multiple occasions to find you two laying besides each other trying to keep distance between your hands and his, laughing about how yall should just hook up already. You both laughed, but you were both blushing

-Jack and the gang love you btw, the first time they met you they were searching the library for Davey, and tried to pull him out of his studies to go to a party

-when they finally find the secluded area you two were sat, the boys were shocked at how “Daveys study date” was actually gorgeous and funny and a great addition to the group

-Davey had refused to go because “Jack who in their right mind throws a rager on a Thursday night”

-But you convinced him to go hang out with his friends and he only went because he brought you along with him

-the boys liked to make fun of you for being as big of a nerd as Davey, but your wit could match Jacks and it was obvious how happy you made Davey so you began to hang out with the gang

-The first time Davey got an F on a test, he just stayed in his dorm the rest of the night just staring at the ceiling mad at himself for not doing enough

-Jack texted you because nothing he was doing was helping, and so you trekked across campus, hands full with Daveys favorite snacks from the dining hall and your favorite book that you had picked up from the bookstore for him

-You walk in to find him laying on his bed just staring at nothing

-so you just kinda hop on up and not saying anything, wrap your arms around him and put your head on his chest

-You stay like that for a moment, worried you might be crossing a line, but eventually he pulls you closer and wraps his arms around your waist and closes his eyes, breathing deep into your hair

-the two of you stay like that in silence until you both fall asleep

-because that’s how the two of you were, you didn’t need to talk. You understood each other more than yourselves. You were each other’s biggest competition but even bigger supporters. You were best friends who were in love and that was fine enough for the both of you

-when you woke up, you met his eyes and they were so full of love you could have died right there in his arms

-He quietly said thank you, and you responded by snuggling into his neck. The two of you stayed like that until morning, just making sure he felt loved. And boy did he feel loved.

-So now cuddles are a very common thing between you when one of you has a bad day. Or a good day. Or any day really

-you two were so close now that personal space wasn’t really a thing. You finished each other’s sentences, it was like you were psychically linked at some points and you knew things about him that no one else did

-in conclusion you two were in love and im emotional

this sets up my requested fanfiction that will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned for that! thank you for reading and please request!!

Sweet Treats, Now Gimme The Deets (Jake x F/MC)

Title: Sweet Treats, Now Gimme The Deets
Fandom: Endless Summer
Prompt: For the anon who requested “This is girl talk, so leave” (JakexMC) from @choicesimaginesandmore!  (I hope this satisfies your request!  I had a lot of fun writing it 💖)
Word Count: 1282

Summary: Quinn, Michelle, and M/C didn’t know it would lead to this, but somehow a plate of desserts got M/C accidentally sharing her potential interests in a certain pilot.


The sun sets, painting the mysterious atmosphere of La Huerta glorious shades of purples, pinks, and oranges.  A cool breeze sweeps through the abandoned Celestial, which has recently been taken over by ten college kids, an oh-so-optimistic tour guide, and a disgruntled pilot.  Another day has passed since they’ve landed on the island, and they have yet to discover any new leads.  As the days go by, they grow more tired.  Determined, but still tired.  

It’s important to treat yourself after a long day’s work.  Thus, the entire gang has chosen to hang by the pool – whether they be sipping a beer by the hot tub, playing water games in the pool, chatting by the bar or lounge chairs, they’re all having fun forgetting the situation they’re stuck in.  They were all enjoying the outdoors, all except…


“Oh. My.  God.”

“Tell me about it.”  

Seated together in the hotel’s restaurant is you, Quinn, and Michelle, murdering the plate of chocolate-coated strawberries in front of you that Quinn found in the kitchen.  “This is the best thing that has happened to me since we landed here.  Thank you, Quinn,” Michelle moans through the strawberry she stuffs in her mouth.
“Of course!  Everyone can use a little something sweet.” The redhead says giddily.

“Seriously, though – mmph, these are so good – If I were to die on this island, I could die happy now.” You join the others in devouring the platter.  

“Desserts always make me happy,” Quinn continues, “I think it’s the best way to treat yourself after a long day of struggling.”  

Michelle gulps down her food quickly, so she can open her mouth to speak.  “I know that feeling,” She points at Quinn, referring to what she said.  “When I spent countless nights applying for med schools, Sean would occasionally stop by my house with these mini macaroons, and we’d eat them together while we caught up with each other days.”  Her eyes gleam with reminiscence as her mind wanders off to the memory of her ex-love.

Quinn clears her throat.  “How are you feeling since the breakup, Michelle? That is – if you don’t mind me asking. I know it must be hard.”

Michelle’s blonde hair bounces on her shoulder and she leans back on her seat. She sighs deeply, and closes her eyes for a short moment.  “It still hurts,” She mumbles wearily, “I regret how it ended, everyday. But –“ She sighs again, this time to clear her thoughts, “I did what I did.  And I have to face the consequences.  Which…is why I shouldn’t be stopping him – indirectly - from pursuing other people.”  

Her eyes shift to you.  You return her eye contact for a bit, not knowing why she’s looking at you that way.  Then it hits you.

“Oh! Um, thanks Michelle.”  You give her a small smile.  “But, I’m not interested in Sean.”  

“You’re not?”  She raises her eyebrows as you shake your head, a little surprised.  

Quinn pipes up, “I bet I know who M/C likes,” She beams.  “It’s the pilot, isn’t it?”  

“Quinn, I do not…” Now you’re beaming back.  You don’t want to admit to your new friends that you’re developing a little crush on Jake McKenzie, but you don’t want to lie to them either.  The thought of being near him, talking to him, exchanging quick glances with each other, makes your heart flutter.  

“Ohmigod, M/C’s totally trying not to blush right now.  Is it Jake?”  Michelle lights up excitedly, “It’s Jake, isn’t it?”

“What’s Jake?”

The three of you spin around to see the man of the hour, scruffy five’o’clock shadow and all, strolling over to your table.  His dog tags bounce off his chest each step he takes.  “Speak of the devil…” You mutter underneath your breath.

“Hi Jake,” Quinn gestures to the plate on the table.  “Chocolate-dipped strawberry?”  

“Don’t mind if I do,” Jake snatches one from the platter and pops it in his mouth with no hesitation.  “You never answered my question.  What’s Jake?”

“Oh, nothing.  We were just talking about you.” Michelle answers coyly.  You suppress the urge to shoot her a look.  

“I don’t blame you, there’s plenty about me to talk about,” The pilot smirks. “Anyway, I was just wondering if I could steal Princess here for a walk around the hotel.”  

“What makes you think I want to go on a walk with you?” You raise your eyebrows in retort.

“What makes me think you don’t?”  

Jake’s grinning at you, and you can’t help but grin back.  “Touché,” You mindlessly lick your lips.  “I’ll join you in a bit.  Meet you on the benches?”

“Cool.” He’s about to walk away, but notices the side-eyes and smirks Quinn and Michelle are secretly throwing each other. 

“…Am I interrupting something?  It looks like Pippi and Maybelline here are trying to eye-fuck each other.”  

“We’re not the only ones eye-fucking each other on the island,” Michelle teases, which she in return gets a giggle from Quinn, and a nudge from you underneath the table.  

“Oh yeah?  Care to share the deets?”  Jake raises his eyebrows in amusement and reaches for another strawberry.  “This is one of the calmer days on this island. If one of you kids is pining over someone, now’s the time to fill me in.”  

Quinn shoots you a quick glance, before resting her head on her hand and smiling innocently at Jake.  “We’ll tell you later.”

“Why not now?”  

Because, we’re in the middle of Girl Talk™, and somebody is invading our sesh.”  You smile at the pilot smugly.  “So, Jake, this is the part where you leave.”  

Jake lets out a little snort and playfully raises his hands up in defense. “Alright, alright,” He announces as he takes a few steps back.  He makes eye contact with you, a look of determination and expectancy.  “Meet you on the benches, Princess.”

“See ya.”

As soon as he strides away, you snap your head back to Michelle and Quinn, who are both biting their lips and raising their eyebrows at you.  “I hate you both,” You say teasingly.  Quinn tries to stifle a giggle, and you shoot her a look. “What?”  

“He wants to ravish you so bad.”  She responds giddily.  

“Oh my god,” You roll your eyes in denial, but can’t help to smirk at the whole situation that just went down.  

“Oh, he so does,” Michelle sips her glass of water slyly, “And you should go for it too.  Sex with older men is usually great – and Jake looks like someone who would definitely have you quivering and moaning so loud the entire hall can – “

“I – okay.  This is my cue to leave.” You feel your face growing hot and gently push yourself up from you seat, “Great talk you guys - but - I have walking duties to attend to.”  

Walking duties,” Quinn airquotes and winks at you.

“Walking duties – without the airquotes.”  




You glance at the two of them amusingly - and they return the same look - once more before turning around.  “I’m gonna go.” You declare and strut away. “See you later!”  

“Make good decisions, M/C!” Quinn chirps.  Their giggles grow more faint the further you walk away from them, and closer to the pilot. 

You don’t know this yet, but that moment of bonding between the three of you will last in your memories for a lifetime.



 “Hey, Princess,” Jake calls out as he sees you walking out of the Celestial.  “You gonna fill me in on who’s been mentally stripping the other off?”  

“Oh, you haven’t noticed?” You tease, “Sean’s been giving you the look ever since we hopped off your plane.”  

Jake looks dumbfounded for a second.  “I hope to god you’re joking.”  

“I don’t know what goes on in Sean’s head.”  

she came up the hill again. like she did the last twenty years. even my dad stopped coming after three years.

god, she’s at least thirty-seven now, but you couldn’t tell. her raven black hair shows no signs of waning and her eyes still bring and brown. she still has those rings under her eyes, and one might find it has an imperfection but it’s a trophy of work. she’s still beautiful.

she still is grown. like theirs years that’s been added to her face and the way she walks. i’ve noticed that for about five years.

she stares down at the stone and tears stream down. it hurts to see her like this. so damaged. so hurt. and it injures me how i am the reason why she’s here. our love is the reason why everyone’s here. the red engraved stone and enjoined football printed stone with a rainbow flag flying out of it. all because of her and i.

she crosses her arms and starts to shake. how i want to hold her when she does this every year. how i wish i could tell her i still loved her. how i yearn to embrace. how i wish i could say that the pain but delight she brings every year. pain that i caused this distress and delight for my personal pleasure of seeing my darling.

but i now hover behind the small stone. watching her a foot away but a bullet way too. the others seem to watch her too. chandler was visited too. so was ram and kurt, but much more shorter then her and i. they all seem sad too. a state of sadden youth that lasts infinity.

she stands there for minutes. pain, anger, and thousands of more emotions past of her face as she does. i can’t imagine what she’s thinking. what’s she feeling. i can guess it’s a mix of anger and nostalgia. still angered of me and my scheme all those years ago. nostalgic like anyone who visits a grave.

she stays there and looks up the sky, but my eye contact. she stares through me and blinks away to tears. she drops the letter like she always does. a letter i can’t read for i can’t pick it up. i hope it’s something poetic and funny. maybe a gift card to 711. i can only dream what’s inside like a kid of christmas shaking their gifts.

she leaves after an half hour passes and embarks down westerburg high hill. she leaves from the graveyard and i watch her car leave. wishing she gets to her home safely and hopes that she doesn’t come back. I can’t stand her weeping.

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61: "Why don't they just kiss already?" With Jackcrutchie ??

61. Why don’t they just kiss already?

Les didn’t understand a lot of things. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He understood a lot of things, he just didn’t understand teenagers. They made things so complicated all the time. They had feelings, then they didn’t, it was so confusing. He thought he understood though, when he saw the way Jack looked at Crutchie. It was clear to see that those weren’t brotherly feelings and Crutchie looked at Jack the exact same way. They had to be dating or something. He asked Davey one night, on their way home after a night of cards at the lodging house.

“Davey, since when is Jack datin’ Crutchie?” Les asked, clinging to his hand as they walked.

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It’s so hard for me to see past your beauty. Yeah mostly, all I could get out was a laugh.

Tori Kelly, “Eyelashes”

I headcannon Trini singing this to Kim the day they finally get together.

They met by accident in campus, with Kim’s eyes burning with anger after seeing his dickhead boyfriend with her bitch bestfriend, and Trini with eyes on the ground like she usually does. Kim couldn’t care less that she bumped with another person, mumbling a quick half hearted apology but not even sparing a glance. Trini, on the other hand, was pissed off at first but when she sneaked a peek on Kim’s face, she knew she was smitten. It sucks that she didn’t get to know the other girl, but she’s kinda used to not being seen.

Fast forward a couple days. The universe kept having the two bump into each other. Trini still not having the guts to ask Kim her name, and Kim, who’s just returning from a post-breakup slumber, starting to notice the other girl.

Trini finds out Kim’s name eventually after seeing her face in the school paper. Having no care about the social hierarchy, she just found out that the girl of her dreams is actually school celebrity Kimberly Hart. Welp. There goes all her chances.

They got paired in a class. Trini spent all their moments together stumbling through sentences, what with all the gay panic ensuing whenever Kim so much as looks at her.

Kim secretly loved that she’s making Trini so flustered. The girl is so different. She’s a little weird. Definitely not like other girls. And Kim’s hooked.

Home (Newsie x Reader)

Originally posted by pontmarius

  • Part: (2/??)
  • Warnings: None

  • Let me know what you guys think? Do you want me to continue?

You woke up to Jack shaking your shoulders.

“Hey, kid, wake up, time t’ get t’ work. Here’s some clothes, had some of da fella’s find anythin’ that didn’t fit ‘em, hopefully they will fit ya. Wouldn’t want ya freezing out here today.” Jack said.

“O-okay. Thanks. I’ll get ready.”

“Be quick. We’re gonna wanna get a head start so I can teach ya how t’ sell properly.”

“T’ sell properly? What’s there to it? It’s just newspapers.”

Jack chuckled, “Just go get ready.”

You climbed down the ladder from Jack’s “penthouse” and went into the lodging house gaining yourself looks from all the boys. Jack followed you down, “Boys, stop it. She is here for the same reason the rest of us are.”

“No, its nothing Jack, it’s just, she’s a goil, like you said, but…a beautiful goil.” Romeo said with a smirk.

Jack glared at him, and meanwhile you blushed.

“No he’s right, Jack.” Race said.

“Oh, shut it, boys. These papes ain’t gonna sell themselves. Get to it!” Jack shouted. Jack nodded at you, signalling you to go finish getting ready.

You ran off to go get changed. Did they all really think I’m pretty? You keep thinking to yourself. I wonder what Jack thinks? No, stop it (Y/N), You just met him. You are only here to work. Once you finished getting ready, which only took you about five minutes, you scurried back to Jack.

“So, Jack, how’s this work? How do I sell properly, as you call it?” You ask, as Jack starts leading you to Mr. Weisel to buy your papes.

“Well, First you gotta buy your papes, I’d start with 20 since it’s ya first day. You see, the trick is to make da headline seem more interestin’ than it is, it’s all right improve da truth a little.” Jack explains as he buys his papes, then you buy yours.

“So, does that man, Weisel, buy back whatever we don’t sell?” you question.

“Hey, kid, don’t even try that I tried to ask that my first day, nope. You just eat ‘em.” Davey chimed in.

“First off, my name is (Y/N), not kid. I’m not a kid. Second of all, that’s completely stupid, you just lose money then if you don’t sell them all.”

“That’s exactly what I said!” Davey

“So, then, how can I make sure I sell all these papes?”

“Well, miss! You can pretend to be a sick orphan like I do! It works! And sometimes they pay you a little extra money!” Les piped in excitedly.

“That just might work…I’ll try it now!” you whispered to Les, then you walked over to a woman passing by. “Excuse me miss, would you care to *cough* buy a pape from a poor orphan? *cough*”

“Oh, my! You poor thing! Of course, here keep the extra!” The woman said as she handed you a nickle.

You ran back over to the boys, and hugged Les. “Thank you so much, Les, It worked! Any other tips boys?”

“Nah, I think you got it! You seem to be a natural born newsie.” Jack said through a chuckle.

“Well, let’s get going then! We ain’t got all day. I got papes to sell, and money to make!” you yelled and began skipping down street.

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Corn maze, Jacrutchie? (If you want to) (you're amazing and so funny and so good at spot and Jack and you're such a good writer and asdfghjkl)

[Thank you so much! I really don’t think I’m funny but I try. You’re the amazing one!]

5. Corn Maze

Crutchie was lost. Not only was he lost, he was also very tired and cold. He’d been wandering around the corn maze for over an hour trying to find his friends. His hands felt slightly numb and his jacket was with his friends, it had been warm when they started out into the maze and Romeo had put it in his backpack along with Crutchie’s phone. Crutchie had been distracted for just a second, he had stopped walking to look around, and when he looked up his friends were gone. He came to a crossroads and debated for a moment, before turning left. He turned and stumbled slightly, his crutch catching on a stalk of corn that was sticking out. Strong arms caught him, preventing him from falling.

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Going to go for the Newsies on this one, purely because I can remember them better than the Jacobs. Apologies in advance for the bad attempt at accents and characterisations- it’s my first Newises fanfic. Either way, enjoy.

“Are you sure we should be doing this?”

Jack sighed, his irritation at the repeated question beginning to show, but did his best to not seem disgruntled by Davey’s nervousness. It was Davey that had suggested telling the Newsies about their emerging relationship; he had been excited at the idea, happily telling Jack they could act as a real couple and Jack had readily agreed, knowing that the boys at the lodging house wouldn’t mind one bit. Their relationship had been a secret since a month after the strike, when Jack had foolishly kissed David on his fire escape, only to be surprised when he was held firmly around the neck to keep him in place. From then on all interactions had been behind seventeen closed doors, 100 security guards and countless measures to make sure they weren’t caught.

“O'course we should Davey! And hey, what youse worrying ‘bout anyway? All the boys like me enough that they wouldn’t even dream a hurting youse.” His wicked grin and relaxed manner didn’t seem to help David, who stood pale and sweaty outside the door to the bunk room.

“Yeah, but I-”

“Would you calm down Mouth? I know these guys, rather well if I may say soes, and I know they ain’t gonna do nuttin bad.”

“Look, I understand but-”

Too late. Before David could complain anymore, Jack propelled him into the room, shackled their hands together in a tight grasp and calmly shouted to all and sundry that him and Davey were together and any problems could be solved with his fist. Davey flushed dark red, his shoulders hunching; Jack could practically hear his mind screeching in embarrassment. There was silence in the room; even the beds seemed to stop making noises - well, there is a first for everything. All the boys just stared at the two in open mouthed shock. There was some nervous shuffling (or rather a lot from David) and Jack began to wonder if he hadn’t overestimated the Newsies attitudes.

Davey began to pull away from Jack, embarrassment and fear causing him to retreat, when the silence was broken by a very loud and obnoxious voice.

“Pay up suckers!”

All the boys groaned at Race’ triumphant voice. They should have known better not to bet against when the two would finally tell them.

Endless Acting (pt 1)

This fanfic based on @zahranamazis AU of Endless Summer being a famous TV show, it was a awesome au, Laura, legit!

Also, some note for character/actor name as:

Jake=Jacob Asher (lame, I know)

Diego=Daniel Purcell

Estela=Eleanor Holt

Quinn=Charlotte Sylor

Sean=Shawn Kline

Michelle=Aisa Garcia

Lila=Naomi Ervin

Aleister=Cameron Justice

Grace=Amelia Roberts

Craig=Joshua Sioong

Zahra=Fatimah Amal

Raj=Aryanathan  Chirayu  Daksh

I hope you enjoy and read the fanfic! (and also there is some old pb game ester egg)

((Estela, Michelle, and Lila))

“Do I need to punch Naomi off the window?”

Eleanor ask, worry on her voice or either angry on the result of the script. Being as Estela Montoya was really hard of her, since she never acting—never been on action show before. Holding a spear, making own stunt, heavy make up… Eleanor experienced it all now. Naomi on the another hand… it was orppsitive from it.

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Change of Address- Kelly Severide x Reader Imagine

Originally posted by fyeahchicagofire

“Squad 3, you have a change of address: 463 2nd St, Carmichael High School”

Kelly froze.

Capp noticed and motioned for Severide to get his gear on since his team was ready to move.

“Hurry it up Cruz! That’s Y/N’s school. She was called in to sub for another teacher.” Joe nodded and focused on driving carefully but as fast as possible to get to the scene quickly. Kelly took the drive to call Y/N’s cell phone hoping she would answer and be okay.

“Voicemail. Dammit!”

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ohmygodohmygodokayso- 49. Why does it hurt so much? and 78. I can’t…I can’t lose you. with Jackcrutchie if you dont mind! (hit me with that aNGST if you dont mind mydude!!!)

[I am still working my way through the prompts, I promise if you sent one I will get to it! My homework load is light tomorrow so I will be able to get a lot of writing done. I hope this is angsty enough for you anon ;) also this ended up being like ten pages, I don’t know how.]

49. Why does it hurt so much?

78. I can’t…I can’t lose you.

Jack didn’t get sick. He was always the one taking care of everyone, making sure that if someone was sick they got what they needed and had enough money to stay in the lodging house if they couldn’t sell. He was so strong, seemingly invincible. Until he suddenly wasn’t.

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The scene we didn’t see

“Damn sell-out.”

It was the first thing Race said when he opened the door of the lodging house. It wasn’t like Race. It wasn’t sarcastic or clever. It was simply hurtful. He would have slammed the door in the boy’s face right then and there if Katherine hadn’t been standing next to Jack. Still, Race didn’t address him, but instead Katherine. “What’s he doin’ here?”  

“He’s here to apologize.”

Thank God for Katherine, Jack thought. She was his rock. His ace. He reached down and held her hand tightly.

She returned the gesture with a reassuring glance and a soft smile.

Race yelled over his shoulder into the lodging house, “Hey fellas, the traitor’s here.”

Jack winced. He felt a squeeze of his hand, but when he turned to the young woman, she wasn’t looking at him this time. Her eyes were set on Race, glaring.

Race pretended not to notice. The boy crossed his arms, “Well Jackie-boy, let’s hear it.”

By the time Jack and Katherine were through the doorway, all the boys were gathered. Some of them sported expressions similar to Race’s. Then there were the boys who just looked disappointed in him. The worst of these was Davey.

Davey. This time jack didn’t have the support of the other boy. Davey was the one who always knew what to say. Now, Jack was on his own. “I… uh… I wanted ta say…”Jack inhaled deeply. The words still would not come. What if he couldn’t face them? His gaze drifted to Katharine. No, he had someone who believed in him. Jack could do this.

“Look, what I did, it was wrong. I thought I was protectin’ yous guys. The thing is, abandonin’ ya wasn’t the way to do that. I’m sorry. I know now that we’s a family. And a family sticks wit’ each other. We protect our newsies brothers and dey protects us.

“Why should wes trust yous after ya stabs us in the backs?” a voice shouted from the small crowd of newsies.

Jack opened his mouth, but another voice answered for him. “Because Jack may be impulsive and stubborn and quick-tempered and way too proud-”

“Is there a second half to this sentence, Dave?”

Davey rolled his eyes. “But he’s not a liar.” Davey grabbed his friend’s shoulder. “I’m with you, Jack.”

Race scoffed. “An’ what about the money, huh? Ya still got that wad a cash in your pocket.”

Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out a stack of bills. “Here, take it. I didn’t do it for da money.”

“Don’t you got a train headin’ out west ta catch.” The blond was still bitter and far from ready to trust their leader.

“Santa Fe can wait. But the strike- the strike happens now.”

He’s Cute

Warnings: Swearing, that’s it

Not a request but it was fun to write. I hope you like it! 

Being Spot Conlon’s younger sister was a bit of a hassle. When ever you walked into the room the words being spoken came to a sudden halt. I mean, it’s not like you cared too much right? Right??? You knew Spot didn’t trust you on your own since you were still far younger than him, which is why you were shocked when he sent you, by yourself, to check in on the Manhattan newsies. 

“Is this some sort of prank?” You stood there in uttered shock. Spot never let you go anywhere by yourself, let alone someone else’s turf. 

“I bein’ serious here, Y/N. You otta check on em’ Manhattan boys. They a trouble bunch o’ kids.” You ran to your brother and hugged him harder than a cobra. “Geez! You gotta firm grip there Y/N!” You laughed letting go of him.

“Ya’ won’t regret this!” You saluted to him and turned on your heel preparing for a new, fun a adventure. You took off down the street, feeling the wind whip your hair behind you. Being free was a fantastic feeling you never erase from your memory. You’ve never felt this way before and you swore it was feeling you’d never be able to recreate it. Before you you knew it, it had started to get dark. You hoped you would be able to still be able to tell where you were going in the dark. You knew you could follow the signs, but what if you got lost along the way because you took a wrong turn or didn’t turn at all? What if you died out here? What is you went back to Brooklyn and Spot never let you go on your own again? What if he-

“Lost?” You whipped around to see well dressed boy who looked to be around your age. The boy seemed to notice the shock on your face. “I’m David Jacobs, but you can call me Davey.” He stuck his hand out for you to shake. You slowly took his pale, soft hand and shook it. “And you are…?”

“Oh! I’m uh-I’m Y/N Conlon. Sorry.” Davey’s smile grew even wider. 

“So you’re the famous Y/N Conlon Spot talks so much that we’ve all been dying to meet.” You blushed at his words. Damn. He was cute. You shook the thought from your head and stood up taller. 

“Yeah. I needs ta’ find the Manhattan Lodgin’ House. Can ya’ help me?” Davey took your hand and nodded.

“I’m headed there myself.” You gave him a confused look.

“You ain’t a newsie, what a’ ya’ doin’ there?” Davey chuckled.

“Actually, I am a newsie. Only I have folks and an education, that’s the only difference. I’ve been tutoring the other boys, but it’s not really working too well.” You snorted.

“Yeah. These boys are to stubborn for there own good.” Davey stopped in front of a large white building that seemed to be very old, judging by the chipped paint and design.

“Here we are.” He pushed the door open and led you inside. “Hey guys! Y/N Conlon’s here!” He shouted. Not even 5 seconds later a swarm of newsies had gathered around you.

“Look, I’m just here ta’ tell Spot how ya’ guys is doin’. I can’t stay too long.” You heard a collective ‘Awww’ from everyone. Just then a rather strong looking man tore through the crowd to get to you. He stuck his hand out for you to shake and smiled at you with a warm smile that made you heart melt and butterflies form in your stomach. You took his hand and shook it firmly despite your weak knees.

“Jack Kelly, at ya’ service.” He winked at you which made your face turn red as a tomato. You were about to open your mouth when he spoke up. “I already know who you are.” You heard Davey clear his throat behind you.

“Well, Y/N, You can tell your brother that we’re doing fine. Me and Jack need to sort somethings out.” He smiled at you and lead you towards the door. “Hope to see you again.” He said rubbing circles on the back of your hand with his thumb. “I really enjoy your company.” You felt your face heating up at a rapid pace. “Y-yeah…” 

“I’ll miss you too!” You heard Jack say behind you as he wrapped you in a hug which only made your blush grow. 

“I gots ta’ go.” And with that you ran from the building. Damnit! Their both cute!