kelly's 'yikes'

how long he’d been standing in the window, dash truly wasn’t sure. time had managed to stand still, blue eyes fixed on the familiar face, the tugging at his stomach both unnerving and almost at home. the morning he’d woken up to the note. the ignored texts. the confusion. the pain. the feelings. they were all rushing right back and he felt stuck. it wasn’t until he watched the male at the register reaching for his wallet that dash was finally pushing through the doors, long legs carrying him over before he was swiftly cutting him off and handing the barista ( who was now offering dash quite the confused look ) his credit card. ‘ it’s on me, ’ dash was quick to cut in, giving a quick nod before the guy was finally taking the payment, allowing his eyes to linger toward the male beside him. it was confusing. he wanted to to be upset, angry, but that had never been in his nature. instead, he felt relief. there had been a fear within him that he just might never see kelly again, and that thought was one that just never quite sat well with him. ‘ you busy right now? ’ dash was finally asking as he mindlessly reached for his card, scrawling out a signature on the line. ‘ i’d love to catch up. ’ @kcllyi