So that big character piece I did for the Mass Effect coloring book from Dark Horse? I went ahead and colored it myself :)


Eliminating the term “north” from North Dakota is an important state issue and the President feels it should be resolved on a state level. While the President is sympathetic towards the cause and understands the large economic ramifications of this name change, he feels the issue is not yet ripe for national attention. The President wishes you well on your endeavors and thanks you for your support.

Their coffee is disgusting, but the fortune will have you licking your lips.  

fitness tip: pretend that you are a newsie running through New York while on the treadmill

“Who will protect him when you’re gone? Who is strong enough to keep him from evil influences, keep him on the righteous path?” Sorry, just… excuse me. I’m having Dad!chester feelings. Don’t even tell me Sam Fucking Winchester wouldn’t make the most awesome dad. Sam “It’s your choice” Winchester is totally up to the challenge.


Picquery: If you see Percival Graves, can you give him this message: You used to be a man! You need to get your house in order! Look, I love you like a brother, but, right now I hate you. Like my brother Lavondrious, Who I hate!

(Parks and Recreations; season 3, episode 4: Ron And Tammy: Part II)