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Then don’t ask me to bring you any more sensitive materials from police investigations.

Mine To Protect Masterlist

A Chicago PD/Fire and Law & Order: SVU crossover fic.

Summary: Thirty-four year old Anadrextra “Rex” Granger, is starting over in life. The horrors of her past will no haunt her no more. She moved to Chicago, opened her own business and she’s making new friends. But sometimes the past won’t stay buried. Can Rex count on a handsome but gruff sergeant to keep her safe? And will she let him?

Hank Voight never expected to meet anyone so late in life, especially after losing his beloved wife. But when he meets the mysterious owner of the new cafe near his precinct, he’s immediately drawn to her, and her sad eyes. All Hank wants to do is protect her and give her a reason to smile again. If she will let him that is.

Notes: So this is set around the time of the 1st episode of Chicago PD and Season 2 episode 11 of Chicago Fire, right before Gabby goes to the Fire Academy. And it will continue on from there, eventually crossing over into Law and Order SVU.

Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 (coming soon)

Chapter 3 (coming soon)