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Percy is the lead singer of the rock band Heroes of Olympus, and their first big gig is opening for superstar Annabeth Chase's world tour.

I love this. I love it. I want to write this whole series.


This isn’t Percy’s first show. He’s been on plenty of stages, knows how to work a crowd, manages to sing and pluck at his guitar and make faces at his bandmates all at the same time, but God only knows how he managed to score such a perfect gig. Really, sharing a stage with his best friends, playing the kind of music they could only dream of while practicing in shitty garages in high school? Travelling the world? Opening for Annabeth Chase?

“You’re going to do great out there.”

Percy nearly jumps out of his skin. He turns, and there she is, standing just behind him side stage next to a small table with bottles and bottles of water. She’s just as tall as he is with those boots on, and her hair shines gold and orange and purple in the flashing stage lights. They’ve been through meetings and press and rehearsals together for the past few months and still, his tongue feels swollen in his mouth just looking at her.

“Uh, hi. Hey,” he says, almost yelling over the booming intro music. “Yeah, thanks–you too?”

She grins. It’s a sharp, toothy thing. The announcer, a crazy guy called Coach, hypes the crowd up for the Heroes of Olympus, and from the other side of the stage, his friends walk out to applause.

Annabeth reaches for his arm before he can join them. “Don’t be nervous. You’ve got this.”

“Cool, thanks, I wasn’t until just now?”

“Sure you weren’t,” she says. After a beat, she tugs on his wrist and pulls him into a hug–the full-body kind, arms around his shoulders, chest against his, hips and thighs and knees knocking together–and Percy hugs her back because he just–really needed a hug, actually. He tucks his face into the curly mass of her hair and feels her heart pulse fast and even against his. Ba-bum. Ba-bum.

“Knock ‘em out,” she says, squeezing one last time before pulling away. “And watch that high C in ‘Elysium,’ huh?”

Percy laughs as he steps back, walking backwards so that he can toss a messy, stupid salute her way. He knows the moment he steps onto center stage. The volume of everything shifts–the crowd, and the intro music, and his own breathing loud in his ears–and when he turns to wave hello to everyone, he–trips. On his own feet. In front of, like, thousands of people, and their cameras, and by extension probably the world?

Piper’s eyes go wide behind her drums. He can’t look at her. When he reaches his mic stand, he knows his whole face is aflame.

“Sorry,” he says, reaching for his guitar. He nods his head back toward side stage. “Annabeth Chase just gave me a hug.”

The crowd goes wild. Percy feels the roar booming in his chest and knows exactly how they feel.


Inuvember Day 3: Sango!

I recently noticed I’ve been watching lots of stuff with Sango’s english VA, Kelly Sheridan, so I drew Sango in their outfits!

The Future: Fetal Consciousness, Family, & Faith

I started this thinking I just had little tidbits to add to an array of other metas for this episode that I’ve read and really enjoyed, but it seems to have basically become its own thing (yay, me, writing meta).  Hopefully somebody reads it and cares? Maybe? Eh, maybe not, I’m really not sure what I’m doing here on Tumblr. But look at me making some original content (it’s really a blue moon thing).

To clarify, I’m not disagreeing with really anything I’ve read, but rather these are thoughts inspired by what I’ve read and also some, “Yes, but let’s also think about this,” or “Oh and did you know?” and of course, “Didn’t anybody else notice _____?” Full disclosure, at one point in my life I was seriously considering becoming a Doula.

Fetal Consciousness

I’m a mom. I’m also really, really into natural childbirth and giving babies and kids the best start possible, so I birthed my son on my knees, unmedicated, like the stubborn Taurus that I am. In the months leading up to his birth I practiced hypnobirthing techniques, attended classes, and read a shit ton of books. One of my favorite topics to study during this time was fetal consciousness. Most of their awareness is mediated by the mother’s reaction to her environment via the language of hormones. For example, if the mother tends to get upset, agitated (releasing stress hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and exhibiting physical changes like racing heartbeat, heavier breathing, shallow breathing, and the like), when speaking to a particular person, the baby associates that person’s voice with negative feelings and can be born with an aversion to that person. Bottom line, fetuses know what’s up, to a certain extent in their own limited way, and especially the closer they get to term. So yeah, it’s totally reasonable to assume that baby “hates” Dagon as much as any fetus can hate someone, because she keeps upsetting his environment and flooding him with very negative, uncomfortable feelings via his mother’s reactions (by the way, how are we sure it’s a male child?).

Obviously, the further along a fetus is, the more consciousness it has (more senses are on line, more cognitive function, etc.). So, according to Sam’s calculations the Nephilim gestation period is about 23 weeks, rather than 38 weeks (the medical community uses 40 weeks, counting from the mother’s last period usually, but she’s not pregnant those first two weeks, unless her cycle is really a mess). Basically conception is LOTUS 12.08 on 12/8/2016 (they’re clearly going with this for simplicity’s sake) and the due date is this season’s finale, 5/18/2017. So, if the baby still has trimesters, the first 8 weeks is first trimester, the next 7.5 weeks is the second trimester, and the last 7.5 weeks is the last trimester (more time is usually given to the first trimester because of the false two weeks at the beginning and just to be cautious; whatever, this is how I’m doing it, my meta, my rules).

So, Kelly is 3 weeks from being due and therefore more than half way through her third trimester (3 weeks to go out of 7.5 weeks). Or the human pregnancy equivalent of about 35 weeks pregnant (in the idiotic 40 week pregnancy schedule, because remember the first 2 weeks aren’t real *sigh* this makes me crazy) or 5 weeks away from being term in a human pregnancy (technically 3-5 weeks from term, because once you hit 38 weeks, they’re like “any day now is fine!). This baby is just about ready to pop, lungs are bit behind, but would probably be fine landside, with proper care (might needs some time in an incubator or other lung support), with no super major risk (definitely not ideal, but not terrible). So when Dagon makes fun of Kelly for believing that baby saved her, I think she’s wrong.  Even before doing all this math, it rang untrue to me. The baby doesn’t really need Kelly anymore, he’s supernatural, he’s almost to term. So why did he save her? I have some ideas, we’ll get to those. Kelly feels it was care or love or something equally benign or positive. But I really don’t think it was to save himself. Though it is nice and comfy and safe in there, so that could be a motivator; again on a very rudimentary level. Like: “ack, home is failing! Bring home back online!” and this child just happens to have the power to make that so.

Infants have no sense of self. Mom and baby are one to baby. Baby is hungry = the whole world is hungry. Mom takes care of baby = Mom is the whole world. It’s really basic. It’s all senses and need and relief when needs are met. And sheer terror when they are not. Babies are wired for survival. They just scream and cry until they get what they need; or burn out and give up when they don’t get what they need in a reasonable amount of time, and that’s horrible and fundamentally changes their brains in really bad ways. They’re cute as fuck, so we care and don’t kill them or leave them to the wolves. They can root around for a nearby nipple and flail, but that’s about it at the beginning. So I don’t think this baby has any diabolical plans. It just wants to feel good and avoid pain. So, think of everything you see it orchestrate through that lens: feel good/avoid pain. Basic. Fundamental.

But what if the baby is supernatural? Or has supernatural powers, but in all other ways is still just like a human infant? This gets tricky. Is this child human+powers or something else entirely? Our good guys seem to think human+powers, but Dagon seemed to think the child would be pure evil, utter destruction, especially with proper support and guidance (“I’ll be there, right by his side, to nurture him, love him, help him to kill … everything.”) Or maybe the suggestion that the baby needs guidance in being evil is actually a crack, maybe it’s not a given.

You, Me, Baby Makes Three (or Family, Family, don’t forget this show is all about Family)

Lucifer mocks Dagon. Apparently they were supposed to be an evil little family once the baby is born, raising up the little hellion together to wreak havoc.

However, the baby seems to be orchestrating an entirely new family unit: Kelly (if she survives or if someone is able to revive her, which seems plausible), Castiel, and baby. This is an obvious parallel. Not sure if Kelly will make it, especially since in the parallel Lucifer is pretty clear he really doesn’t care about Dagon and hadn’t actually intended to come through on his (implied?) promise (surprise, surprise, father of the lie and all that, why does anyone trust him?).

So, getting back to fetal consciousness: How much is the baby really aware of? How is it choosing it’s actions? I personally still default to the basics: feel good/avoid pain, beyond that is all speculation and I’m not seeing a ton of evidence for much more. That baby fucking hated Dagon for upsetting Mommy which upset its peace. 

Baby Power Up #1: Womb brought back to life so baby doesn’t have to leave happy place sooner than necessary, even though baby could probably survive just fine on the outside by now. 

Baby Power Up #2: Kelly has vision of Cas killing Dagon. 

Baby Power Up #3: Cas does indeed kill Dagon; nuisance to baby’s peace managed. AND Cas has mystery vision of the future (So what else needs to happen to keep baby happy/feeling good or help baby avoid pain? I don’t know, maybe wipe out baby-daddy, since he’s part of the “evil family” model that’s upsetting Mommy/womb environment).

Castiel & Kelly

I think Castiel really resonates with Kelly when she tells him about her suicide attempt (or foiled success as the case may be), because it’s something he himself has struggled with. She seems VERY intuitive. Like she is aware of exactly what to do to get his attention. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing (she’s pregnant and motivated to do whatever she needs to). I’m just identifying a gift that she seems to have. I also think she genuinely likes him and feels bad for running out on him in December.

The Pulse: When the baby brought her back it was felt in heaven. This was some major power. I’m assuming it was somewhat like what was felt when the baby was conceived. Like an earthquake rippling through the angelic/heavenly realm and felt by the angels.

Kelly insists that the power that revived her felt, and IS, good. I’m inclined to trust her instincts. Pregnant women are on it. They KNOW things like the true animals that they are. There is nothing more blatantly animal than carrying a child in your womb and it helps you tap into power, intuition, senses, and knowledge you had no idea you had (and then you give birth and it’s like you’re a zombie, going from Radiant Goddess to sluggish wet-nurse with aphasia overnight, but that’s another story). Bottom line, I believe her, whatever brought her back, did it for un-evil reasons (though perhaps selfish/self-involved reasons, because that’s what fetuses and infants are, little balls of need and pure id). Of course I could be wrong, but this is my gut feeling at this time. Castiel, like Dagon, insists that the baby needs Kelly alive, see earlier in this post for why I think this logic is bogus. Kelly responds, “Maybe” to appease him and still maintain her doubt. I’m with her. But then she babbles about some “plan” and no, I don’t think so. This is all chaos. Lucifer is chaos. And God has left the building. There are no plans anymore.

Which brings me to …

Castiel’s Faith: Lost & Found

Cas takes the Plan bait and says Nope. There was a plan, I thought there was a plan, it was all just manipulation, none of it was real, we’re all just winging it, some worse than others (i.e. I suck, I cannot get my shit together, what am I even doing?). And fundamentally I’m on board with his whole little speech here (except his self-deprecation, that guy just really needs a vacation and foot rub, and maybe to do some ayahuasca or get laid or something). But yeah, no big plan, no special roles, she was just there and it just happened. I know this to be so, because this is what the show showed us in the first third of the season. Lucifer was just going crazy and creating chaos to create chaos. Totally off script and rudderless. Then boom: baby; and Lucifer pulls an “I meant to do that!” sort of thing.

Cas has been free floating for a LONG time. Angels are suppose to live in devotion to God and a special purpose and pretty much all of that got blown out of the water for him back in season 4 & 5. Since then he’s tried to make good. Tried to hold shit together. Tried to protect his humans. But often he makes things worse and he’s basically a wreck at this point. Angels need a north star. In Destiel fanfic world, Dean is Castiel’s north star. Like, Cas took his faith and devotion in God and redirected it to Dean. This does help explain some of his behavior over the last few years, but textually I think what we’re seeing in this episode is that that either wasn’t enough, or wasn’t really happening (but something else was, in my opinion, I’m not nuking Destiel here, just the Dean=God/higher-purpose for Cas idea, which is a good thing, bear with me). One last thing: remember he never got his time with God. Lucifer did, but Castiel didn’t. And Cas totally deserved it. You know that trite saying about a “God sized hole” inside of people …

Cas lays out everything the child will need if he is indeed not inherently evil, but rather just a morally neutral, but superpowerful child. Kelly pulls that “feel him kick” move (she’s brilliant, well played); this is pure magic and Cas is beguiled. Kelly gets her vision and now has a clear plan. Cas thinks she’s going along with his plan (which is actually Joshua’s plan, I’m assuming, but whatever). The Winchester’s share their new alternate plan. Meanwhile Kelly’s got her own thing going on and she totally makes it happen. Pregnant women are badass. As I’m writing this I’m realizing my total appreciation for how Kelly was written in this episode. Someone really knows pregnant women.

(When she goes to drive the Impala, I’m thinking “hope she knows she needs to press the gas a bit when she turns the key in the ignition.” Ah, old cars.)

Okay, so in the car they have the talk about faith (her faith in him, him saying don’t have faith in me, broader faith in the plan). Theme:FAITH! In case you missed it. And her “You will,” to his, “I wish I had your faith.” Ack!

Dean is right, “He’s so desperate for a win right now, he can’t see straight.”

Also, it must feel good to have Kelly express such faith in him, even if he thinks she’s totally misguided.

When the power travels from the baby to Kelly to Cas at first his eyes light up blue (normal for him) and then switch to the color of the baby’s power, yellow. This feels significant. Like his Angelness was necessary to activate the level of power needed to take out Dagon. (Later, when asked “What was that?” He replies, “That was me, but it was also *looks at Kelly’s baby belly*” so yeah, it seems both were necessary) Then he calls it a miracle when he halts Dagon, the same word Kelly used to describe being brought to life. The world miracle is inherently religious. This is all part of the “faith” narrative. Then holy fire burns up the bad guy. Very Biblical, yadda yadda yadda.

Remember at the beginning of the episode Dagon calls the baby a God and later makes a reference to Mary/Jesus. Last year God/Chuck took a leave of absence. There’s a God shaped hole in everything now really. So is this baby a new god? The new God? Castiel’s new God? While Cas is also being setup to be that God’s father figure? Wait, is Cas Joseph? This is some weird, convoluted shit. And I like it; because complexity is my jam. As is subversion of all thing Biblical and/or Christian. (Does that make the Impala the donkey? * snort-laugh * ignore me, I’m an idiot)

“I’ve been so lost. Not lost anymore. And I know now that this child must be born with all his power … I have faith.” * insert ominous “dun-dun-duunnn” music here * Cas is calm, clear, has back some of his earlier-in-the-series coolness. This freaked me the fuck out. I came away from this episode really, really, really unsettled and worried out of my mind. Though after doing all this analysis and 3 rewatches, I’m feeling a bit more optimistic. I probably shouldn’t be, but I’m really good at bullshitting and I seem to have bullshitted myself right into optimism. Well done, Rachie.

Initially I was worried that Cas had been totally hijacked and the baby probably really is evil or is at least going to lead to “very bad things.” Now I’m not so sure. But I’m still worried he’s been hijacked and that this means irreparable damage to the his relationship with the Winchesters, and of course in particular to Dean, because whether you ship Destiel or not it’s clear that his primary relationship is with Dean and that Dean is the most effected by Castiel’s various shenanigans (watch the fucking camera and their faces; I really don’t know what else to say … are you blind or willfully ignorant? And again, I’m not insisting Destiel, but just that there is something inherently different and “more” about Dean & Castiel’s relationship, than Sam & Castiel’s. Though maybe that’s just because Dean has become the emotional center of this show and Jensen has skills that go way, way beyond what you expect from an actor on this sort of show).

This season feels like a sneak attack. There have been ups and downs and hints of bad shit to come, but nothing has really felt particularly high stakes. The guys go to secret prison, but they’re the stars, so we know nothing terrible will come of it. They make and then break a bad deal with a reaper, but then there is no clarity about what the repercussions will be, so we don’t worry about that much now. But this. Messing in deep fundamental ways with the second most important relationship within the show (after Sam & Dean), feels really scary to me and I welcome the shock, surprise, worry, because: about time and well done. But please, please, don’t let this be horribly terrible in the end. Don’t shatter this forever. Let this be the deep dark before the bright light.

Okay, last thing, for fellow Destiel shippers, remember earlier when I said it’s a good thing IF Castiel does not in fact make Dean his North Star and finds something else to believe in? Because that’s fucking unhealthy in a real relationship. So, if he can find purpose that isn’t all hyper-focused on one person, while still maintaining a mature, deep, loving relationship with that other person, then THAT’S GOOD. But who am I kidding? These guys be healthy? Destiel be canon? Hahahahaha *laugh hysterically and runs wildly into the night* *whispers: “keep hope alive.”*

Marvel in The Golden Era of Hollywood

Tony Curtis as Tony Stark

Marlon Brando as Steve Rogers

Jack Lemmon as Bruce Banner

Paul Newman as Thor

Janet Leigh as Natasha Romanoff

Anthony Perkins as Clint Barton

James Dean as Peter Parker

Montgomery Clift as Bucky Barnes

Sidney Poitier as Sam Wilson

Natalie Wood as Wanda Maximoff

Gregory Peck as Vision

Gene Kelly as Scott Lang

Elizabeth Taylor as Peggy Carter

Clark Gable as Howard Stark

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Now I wonder if they plan on making it that Cas actually new what was going to happen to him because of what the nephilim showed him. That would be an interesting scene to have with Dean finding out Cas went through with it despite that outcome, just for "paradise" which was probably just Dean and Sam safe and not hunting honestly lol.

I honestly do not think so.

Because like Mary trying to push her personal idea of what her boys should want (a world free of monsters where they don’t have to hunt) on them despite them actively not wanting that for themselves, I think Cas doesn’t actually want that idea of Jack’s paradise, and he damn well knows DEAN doesn’t want that. He’s known Dean doesn’t want that for years

So why was Cas convinced by Jack’s “vision of the future?”


Seriously, the only way any of this makes sense is if Cas is actively not making his own choices right now.

There’s a lot of things at play right now. The idea of faith vs free will is primary among them. Peace and freedom, you can’t have both, and Dean would pick freedom every damn time. Cas… didn’t. Not because that’s not what he would choose if GIVEN a choice, but Jack took his choice away with one touch in 12.19.

Exactly like the twig dolls in 12.20– still “themselves” except when needed by the witch who controlled them. And very UNLIKE what Mary became under the MoL’s brainwashing, where they’d entirely locked who she was inside a little box where she hid herself away because it was easier than to face what they’d turned her into.

So when it comes to small things (like buying a ridiculous amount of diapers for a kid who will never be a baby, or reading 74 books on childrearing, or taking a doula class) he’s still “himself,” but when it comes to the BIG THINGS (like the weird rift in space/time that Jack opened up for some reason), he’s definitely not reacting the way “regular Cas” would– to the degree that I’ve seen theories floating around that it must be some AU Cas who came back through the rift and not even “our Cas” at all.

But we don’t need that sort of ridiculous outlandish (and utterly narratively pointless) theory to explain this behavior at all… if we all just accept that Jack has been sock puppeting Cas since 12.19.

Which is the entire POINT of this whole freaking arc.

Sorry… it’s just… to me, none of it makes any sense if Cas has CHOSEN to do ANY of this.

He stumbled over the recollection of that initial “vision” when Kelly asked him to tell her about it again in order to comfort herself. Like it didn’t feel real anymore, and he needed to convince himself of it again. Kelly took his hand again (like she did in 12.19, which we then saw a flashback to, which looked like Cas being completely “possessed” down to the glowy yellow eyes), as if enforcing that “vision.”

ONE TOUCH of the nephilim and Cas pulls a 180 on EVERYTHING he was working for, his entire motivation to spare Dean from having to kill the nephilim switching over to doing everything in his power to save the nephilim, without even trying to explain it to Dean– the person he’d previously cited as the one he’d been sacrificing everything else for…

I mean… gah. Sorry. I just don’t see where they’re going with this AT ALL if Cas isn’t being controlled (at least to a degree, like the twig people) by Jack.

Sorry, this has sort of evolved into a major pet peeve of mine over the last few days… :P

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You mentioned earlier that none of Cas's actions make sense if he was making his own choices. I absolutely agree and that's one reason why I firmly believe that we will get our Cas back. His arc started with him choosing free will over orders (and thus pain and uncertainty over paradise). If THIS is how they kill him off (without free will/only following orders from someone else), it would be the biggest atrocity this show has ever committed. I'd honestly stop watching if that is what happened.

RIGHT?! I mean, all of 12.23 ended exactly where everyone’s story STARTED, only flipped around a bit…

Sam’s story began in 1.01 with him in a nursery (as a newborn) with a yellow-eyed demon “infecting” him with demon blood, and 12.23 ended with Sam standing over a yellow-eyed demon newborn… like they took all the story elements and just shuffled the deck.

Dean’s story began in 1.01 as a small boy being ordered to carry Sam outside as his house burned down around him having just lost his mother, clinging to the only family he had left, becoming both mother and father to Sam, and losing every tether to “normalcy” in his life. And in 12.23 it ended with his mother he’s just had that moment of confession and forgiveness with lost to him again, but instead of running outside to escape the fire with baby Sam, adult Sam runs INSIDE where the windows are glowing like fire, leaving Dean kneeling over Cas– the one unresolved bit of his story. Lampshaded by the fact that Dean said they’d work everything out because they always do, but that they needed to get Cas (and Kelly) to safety before Lucifer found them.

(That, as much as anything else in 12.23, leads me to believe that Dean WILL get to have that conversation with Cas.)

Cas’s story began in 4.01, having raised Dean from Hell on Heaven’s orders, storming into that barn and getting stabbed in the heart by Dean, showing off his wings as proof of identity, his only mission to inform Dean that God had plans for him… and in 12.23 stabbed in the back while acting on orders (he’s good at following instructions >.>) and on “faith.” His “proof of identity” also being his wings, only now instead of shadow they’re scorched on the ground.

The “faith” is the key here. 

(sorry I’m distracted watching 10.16… oh dear… :P)

At first Cas was only given orders by Heaven on an as-needed basis. Early in his story he only seemed to know just enough to keep Dean where Heaven needed him to be. It was clear in every one of his episodes in s4 that he was uncovering the truth as the Winchesters were, and that he likely only discovered the truth– that Heaven was ORCHESTRATING the apocalypse rather than actively trying to prevent it– until 4.20. Up until The Rapture, Cas had believed in Heaven’s mission, believed that they were trying to prevent Lucifer from being released.

But after 4.20, Cas had been “reprogrammed” to believe in Heaven’s ACTUAL vision of the future, post-apocalypse once Lucifer was defeated by Michael and the Earth was restored as a paradise… which sounds horrifyingly like what Jack has shown him in this vision of the future…

The hesitation Cas showed when recollecting that vision to Kelly in 12.23 felt very much like the hesitation he showed in 4.21 at freeing Sam from the safe room and from luring Anna to be captured by Heaven again… Like some part of him doubts that mission, but almost as if he felt he had no real choice in taking those actions… And remember how s4 ended… with Cas sacrificing himself to try and prevent Lucifer from being freed, and here at the end of s12 he sacrificed himself in order to lock Lucifer away in that other world. Sorta like he did in 5.22 as well, but all turned inside out again, because he’s acting on Jack’s will this time around instead of Heaven’s…

I mean, the entire story is all there in fragments.

Dabb took the entire history of the show and smashed it all on the ground and is using the pieces to make a new collage. It’s all right there, but the new picture is only partially complete. Which is why speculating on what it’ll all look like in s13 is nearly impossible.

But ALL those elements are still there. They’re just composed of different fragments of the story all glued together in a new way.


kellyvision <3 


this is my favorite KellyVision :)

Alex G, Elvis Depressedly, RL Kelly, Four Visions, The Bilinda Butchers and Foxes in Fiction are gonna be playing our LA showcase at a venue called Artshare. We’ll post more information / an event page / ticket stuff shortly. We’ll also be selling limited compilation tapes made specifically for this showcase with unreleased songs by each band / person playing.

Photographed / designed by Brian Vu.