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So I have a “Facebook friend” who was celebrating and having a good old day chatting on Facebook about how the Muslim ban was a good idea. Today, she’s upset that her tires got slashed and she was stranded hours from her house because she had a Trump poster in her backseat. Now she’s upset that she’s been left stranded somewhere because of her views. I’m just like, gee isn’t that just terrible to be left stranded in an area because your views don’t mesh with others?

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Freaking loved the next part, I honestly just love this Hogwarts AU, you should make it a bigger series! Fantastic job!!! ❤❤❤

Awh, I’m glad you liked it!!! I do have some Hogwarts AU headcanons:

  • Jack walks Davey back to the Ravenclaw tower after the Yule Ball and kisses him goodnight and Davey has to grin into his pillow for at least half an hour because he’s just so happy about how the evening went. Little does he know that Jack is grinning in his own dorm room, doodling sketch after sketch of Davey in dress robes so he never has to forget that image.
  • Hogsmeade dates to Honeydukes; late night picnics in the owlery; stargazing on the shore of the lake, paddling and splashing each other in the water. Davey is in love with every single date, because Jack is always by his side. He could spend the day watching Jack practise Quidditch and he’d be happy.
  • Sometimes Jack will take Davey for a ride on his Quidditch broom and they both go along with pretending it’s a good idea in spite of Davey’s fear of flying because he hangs on to Jack’s waist for the entire thing.
  • Asking each other if they’ve taken any Felix Felicis becomes a running joke in their relationship. Davey will ask if Jack slipped any of it into his tea on the morning of their one year anniversary; Jack jokingly checks Davey hadn’t taken any before they say ‘I do’; the day they adopt their daughter they’re both convinced they must have drunk an entire flask of the stuff without realising because she’s the most perfect thing.

Ben Platt on Kelly & Ryan!

In the Newsies groupchat
  • Race: WELL the years start coming and they don't stop coming
  • Spot: and they don't stop coming
  • Jack: and they don't stop coming
  • Crutchie: and they don't stop coming
  • Romeo: and they don't stop coming
  • Albert: and they don't stop coming
  • Elmer: and they don't stop coming
  • Finch: and they don't stop coming
  • Specs: and they don't stop coming

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Omg that felix felicis fic is amazing, are you going to do a sequel to it??? Like nervous and awkward dancing and even though Davey thinks Jack is So Cool™ and Has It Together™ Jack is actually a mess and can't dance for his life

I should have seen this coming… :’)

Davey took his time to get down from the Ravenclaw tower. There was a chance, no matter how slim, that this was all a joke and that the entire Hogwarts student body would be in the entrance hall to laugh at him for daring to believe that Jack Kelly, the most sought after boy in the school as far as popular opinion went, would actually spend the evening by his side. But the Felix Felicis surely meant this was really happening – he had luck on his side for once.

Stopping at the top of the stairs, just out of sight of the entrance hall, Davey self-consciously brushed his hands over his dress robes to smooth out any lingering wrinkles. They were his father’s, since his family couldn’t afford a new set, so they were a little worn but he still appreciated having any at all and they were plain and inoffensive. They weren’t going to wow Jack, but they’d be fine for one evening.

Taking a deep breath, Davey stepped round the final corner and started down the steps, scanning the gathered crowd for Jack. When he found him, he stared. He couldn’t help it – the bottle green robes, clearly new and specially tailored to fit Jack criminally well, were gorgeous and he wanted to find somewhere private he could push Jack against a wall to appreciate them. His mouth went dry at the thought and it made him forget his feet, stumbling over a step and grabbing the banister to stop from tumbling all the way down to the hall.

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He was so nice. Honestly, he walked up to me out of nowhere at Billboard awards, and no one does that. Like, in country music they do in the states, but in pop music people are very like too cool for school most of the time. So I thought it was really–he’s such a nice gentleman and he was so kind. I wrote a song for them on their first record and so it was really nice, he came up and thanked me and he was just such a gentleman.
—  Kelly Clarkson on meeting Harry at the Billboard music awards in 2015.