kelly smith

I didn’t watch the VMAs last night but what I’ve gathered from social media is:

. Miley was a questionable host
. Justin Bieber’s hair be looking like string cheese
. Miley got her ass dragggggeeedddd by Nicki
. Taylor and Nicki slayed life
. The weeknd is unimpressed
. A$AP Rocky is confused
. Taylor and Selena wanna dance and they dgaf
. Tori Kelly is everything
. Jaden Smith gotta stay hydrated, need dat calcium
. Bieber is back bitches
. Bieber also needs a hug
. Kanye is taking a moment
. Kanye for president 2020


Part of the “Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode” gaming & art show, opening August 30th during PAX. More info HERE.

Artwork by Elise TiffinKyle Fewell, Drew Wise, Matthew Kenyon, Mellisa KingGina Chacón, Nina Matsumoto, Wes TalbottKelly Smith & Winter


Fangamer <3 Attract Mode was one of the coolest shows I’ve been in so far, and the artist lineup was totally insane. It looks like my Bell Tower Corruption piece has sold out??! (although I have a couple left of the original run here, if you’re interested!). But if you’re looking for gorgeous videogame prints, head over to the Attract Mode shop and take a gander at the lovely work of these artists and more! 


Got to love the GB women’s football team.

I dont see how anyone can not love these idiots, they’re great and just perfect.