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Mocambo opened in 1941, and became an immediate success. The club’s Latin American-themed decor cost $100,000. Along the walls were glass cages holding live cockatoos, macaws, seagulls, pigeons, and parrots. With big band music, the club became one of the most popular dance-till-dawn spots in town.
In 1943, when Frank Sinatra became a solo act, he made his Los Angeles debut at the Mocambo.
In the mid 1950s, Ella Fitzgerald became the first black performer at the Mocambo, after Marilyn Monroe lobbied the owner for the booking.
The club’s main stage was replicated on the TV series I Love Lucy as the “Tropicana” Club.
The Mocambo closed in 1959. The site is now a parking lot for a Burger King restaurant that features artwork from the interior of the original building.

the high school au
  • root is the loser with braces who trips over everything
  • she’s captain of the computer science club
  • (she beat harold out last year after a long and brutal campaign)
  • (she’s real proud of it)
  • shaw’s on the football team and seduces root literally just by. being alive
  • root was low-key crushing back when they were in middle school and shaw was still awkward and clumsy and wore basketball shorts every day
  • then she glo’d the heck up
  • root’s walking by the practice field one day and shaw takes off her helmet. whips her hair
  • root’s HOPELESS
  • harold is root’s rival-turned-friend and also her lab partner
  • he enlists the help of /his/ crush, john, who happens to be shaw’s best pal
  • everyone and their mother knows harold’s got john wrapped around his finger
  • except for harold, who despite having serious game is an oblivious gay loser
  • shaw and john go to their 8th grade dance together at shaw’s mother’s insistence
  • john was pining over harold the whole time and shaw refused to dance with him
  • her mom wouldn’t even let her wear a TUX
  • she danced with kelli lin though so it was fine
  • root cried in the bathroom
  • sam “bad with emotions and uncomfortable in a dress” shaw found her
  • she pat her awkwardly on the shoulder
  • “uh, you good, root?”
  • root’s still screaming about it to this day. SAMEEN SHAW KNOWS HER NAME HOLY SMOKES
  • root doodles their names in her math notebook for like seven months
  • sameen groves
  • sameen groves-shaw
  • root groves-shaw
  • mrs. root groves-shaw
  • anyways. back to high school
  • john tries to get the scoop on what shaw thinks of root, but she just shrugs a lot and deflects
  • “root? she’s okay i guess”
  • john enlists the help of shaw’s pals carter and zoe then, but they can’t get anything out of her either
  • the kid’s a stone wall
  • they know she had a crush on kelli for awhile there, but they only went on one date and shaw hasn’t mentioned her since
  • they all start placing bets on whether shaw’s into root or not
  • unbeknownst to root, obvs
  • then
  • THEN
  • shaw gets nominated for homecoming queen and she’s PISSED
  • she’s not a girl and it’s lame as hell
  • martine “piece of shit” rousseau stuffed the ballot box
  • she and shaw have been rivals since their elementary school days
  • shaw corners root after practice one day–root was staying late in lab and they end up in the parking lot at the same time
  • “you’re gay, right?”
  • such tact
  • root just about passes out
  • shaw’s like “i need your help pissing a bunch of people off. help me get homecoming king and i’ll get you a date with whatever girl you want”
  • root’s in love and whipped as hell so of course she agrees
  • after the ballot-stuffing incident the vote is now electronic
  • harold hacks it in no time
  • and if he makes root queen to sam’s king, well.
  • the boy’s got game
  • shaw high-fives root onstage once it’s announced
  • pulls her into a quick bro hug
  • harold’s grinning like a smug idiot and john cant help himself
  • gives him the smooch
  • they’re both giddy idiots the rest of the night and maybe slowdance
  • root and shaw have to have the first royal couple’s dance
  • root can’t dance to save her life
  • shaw’s barely better
  • it’s a grand ol’ silly ol’ time
  • they all get pizza after and shaw gives her a ride home
  • shaw drops her off and says “so about our deal…..give me a name and it’s done”
  • root just kinda sadly shakes her head
  • the gay nerd
  • “it wouldn’t work. she’s way way out of my league”
  • she makes to get out of the car but shaw grabs her arm
  • “c’mon, root, tell me. you got the pick of the litter. tell me, please”
  • she can’t say no to PLEASE
  • and a HAND on her ARM
  • she just stares helplessly and has to look away when she says “uh, sameen shaw”
  • shaw stares for a second and kisses her on the spot
  • she pulls back and grins like an idiot
  • “i was hoping you’d say something like that”
  • root probably needs an inhaler

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ZOO | 2.05 | Allison + Mitch

When a snake flicks its tongue it’s gathering particles through its Jacobson’s Organ.