kelly schmidt


So for any extreme ‘OC’ fans and any extreme ‘OC’ and ‘New Girl’ fans, listen to this:

Our very own Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher) will be playing Schmidt’s (Max Greenfield) father on ‘New Girl’. Why does anyone care? Because Greenfield killed it as young Sandy in the iconic flashback moment of Sandy and Kirsten meeting for the first time. A great casting nod to our beloved Orange County :)

Enjoy the beautiful scene above once more and of course regularly listen to Youth Group and all of the brilliant music. 


Grabbing her noodle bowl, Amber followed Cora in the direction of Planet Honey Pop, although they were stopped by a man who seemed to know Cora, and who seemed to look like The Ladies Man.  As he greeted Cora with a wink and a sly grin, Amber stood behind him and made a face.

“Hi Mr. Jang,” Cora said, and Amber thought she sounded a little reluctant.

“Well hello there, sunshine. I’ve been meaning to stop by and see you. It’s time for an oil change.  Will you be working on Tuesday?”

“No, sir, but I’m sure any of the mechanics on duty can help you out.”

“You know I like it when you do it.”

Cora sighed.  “My boss already told you that you’re not supposed to single me out, Mr. Jang.  Good-bye.”  She stepped into the bar, but Amber stayed outside and sized up this Mr. Jang.

“You’re kinda creepy, aren’t you?” she asked him. Looking down at his hand, she added, “Does you wife know what a weirdo you are? Should I tell her?”

“Whoah, now, sweetheart, don’t be like that.  You girls don’t know how to take a compliment these days.”