kelly schmidt


So for any extreme ‘OC’ fans and any extreme ‘OC’ and ‘New Girl’ fans, listen to this:

Our very own Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher) will be playing Schmidt’s (Max Greenfield) father on ‘New Girl’. Why does anyone care? Because Greenfield killed it as young Sandy in the iconic flashback moment of Sandy and Kirsten meeting for the first time. A great casting nod to our beloved Orange County :)

Enjoy the beautiful scene above once more and of course regularly listen to Youth Group and all of the brilliant music. 


The Supermarket Scene - aired vs unaired pilot versions of Big Time Audition

…seeing the unaired pilot without Kendall still gives me the creeps… ;P

Part of my Big Time Rush vs “All 4 One / Brand New Day / Go Big Time” comparo series :)