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So for any extreme ‘OC’ fans and any extreme ‘OC’ and ‘New Girl’ fans, listen to this:

Our very own Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher) will be playing Schmidt’s (Max Greenfield) father on ‘New Girl’. Why does anyone care? Because Greenfield killed it as young Sandy in the iconic flashback moment of Sandy and Kirsten meeting for the first time. A great casting nod to our beloved Orange County :)

Enjoy the beautiful scene above once more and of course regularly listen to Youth Group and all of the brilliant music. 


While Huck stationed herself at the door to greet party guests, Amber and Cora kicked off the evening with a drink.  Much to their surprise, Huck’s ex, Jackson, approached them at the bar.

“Cora! Amber! What a surprise!  Amber, I hear congratulations are in order.  I’m really happy for you!”

“Thanks, Jackson.  I know we haven’t really kept in touch since–”

“Since your friend cheated on me with my sister? Yeah, but that’s not your fault.  I really am happy for you.  This round’s on me.”

“Bartender, make it a double,” Cora said without missing a beat.


When Amber went to pay a visit to Cora, Mason and their two-week old twins, she found Cora on the couch, apparently half dead.

“Go away,” Cora grumbled.  “Let me die in peace.”

“Scoot over,” Amber replied.  “How’s it going?  You know Lucius and I are happy to help you guys however we can.  He’s really good with kids.”

“I know, I know,  but I think we’re finally settling into a pattern.  You didn’t tell me that having kids was this hard.”

“Well, I didn’t have two of them at the same time.  That’s just crazy talk.”

“Tell me about it.  It makes me appreciate what my mom went through when we were l–” Cora stopped as the sound of a baby crying floated down into the living room.

“I’ll go check on them,” Amber told her.  “Why don’t you relax for a few minutes?”


“Let’s get this party started,” Huck announced to Amber.  “C’mon, let’s play a round: you and Cora versus me and Brigitte  Losers buy the winners a drink.”

“Is this going to be one of those things you’re super good at and I end up owing you like 500 drinks?”

“Only one way to find out,” Huck replied with a wicked grin.

It turns out Huck was just bluffing.  Both she and Brigitte were terrible at bowling.

“You little son of a bitch ball!   Why don’t you just go home?” Brigitte screamed at her bowling ball.  “That’s your home!  Are you too good for your home?!?”


Amber took a deep breath to steel herself.  “I just… I’m marrying an immortal half-demon today.  Me.  That’s kind of crazy?”

Gyselle stepped back and took Amber’s hands in her own.  “Is it Lucius’ past that troubles you, or your own?”

“Mine, or the lack thereof.  I mean, he’s beautiful and powerful and freakin’ immortal and here I’m–”

“The thing he loves most in this world,” Gyselle finished for her.  “I understand your concerns–in fact, originally I warned Lucius not to fall for you.”

She sighed and continued, “My brother strives so hard to be as human as possible–he even resists using the abilities he inherited from his father out of fear of becoming more demon-like, as Alaric and I are.  He surrounds himself with human things–art and music and poetry–but he had nothing of his own.  And now he has you, and your precious Xavier.  Yes, you will grow old, and you will die when my brother will not, but he will always have your love, and Xavier’s, and Xavier’s children, and so on.  You have given him a priceless gift, whether you know it or not.  I may not understand my brother’s desire for this human lifestyle, but I do understand that you make my brother happier than I have ever seen him in over one hundred years.  You are as worthy of him as he is of you.”

“Wow,” Cora whispered to Huck.  “Thank the Llama she’s here.  I would’ve just punched her in the shoulder and told her to buck up.”


Huck and Brigitte continued to bowl throughout Cora and Amber’s performance.

“Hey,” Cora leaned in to whisper to Amber, “Do you think that Brigitte likes Huck?  I mean, y’know, likes Huck?”

“Let’s hope not.  That would be the scariest couple I’ve ever seen.  They would probably go around terrorizing people.”


“Everybody, can I have your attention?  Can I get the lights back on and turn the music down a little, please?  …Thank you.  Guys, I just want to take a few minutes to publicly thank Cora.  She’s been my best friend almost ever since I left Appaloosa Plains, and she’s been there for me through thick and thin.  I know it’s her job as maid of honor and all, but let’s all give her a big round of applause for putting together this party.”

“Thanks guys!” Cora answered as she joined Amber at the podium.  “I couldn’t have done it without Huck.  By the way, management has asked that you remove your stripper.  I repeat, Huck, please remove your stripper.  He is making the other patrons uncomfortable.”

“And now, Cora and I will perform a special little number for all of you.  We put our heads together and tried to come up with the perfect song to summarize our friendship…”


The Supermarket Scene - aired vs unaired pilot versions of Big Time Audition

…seeing the unaired pilot without Kendall still gives me the creeps… ;P

Part of my Big Time Rush vs “All 4 One / Brand New Day / Go Big Time” comparo series :)